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Détruire l'ennui: Paris anarchopunk radio show

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by crustybeckham, May 1, 2012.

  1. crustybeckham

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    Jan 22, 2012
    Et hop! The last two shows have been posted on the blog.

    On the 28th of April, we had Craig from anarchopunk band Kohosh on the show and therefore decided to have a US @punk theme.

    1. A State of Mind "Shit's pride"
    2. Iconoclast "In these times"
    3. Phalanx "We are the ones"
    4. Surrender "There is no war"

    5. Oroku "Death to the sufferer"
    6. Permaculture "Beg for war"
    7. Kohosh "Residual wounds"
    8. Misery "Falling of darkness"

    9. Resist and Exist "Self destruct"
    10. Spitboy "Removal"
    11. Profits of Misery "Poison"
    12. Monuments to Ruins "Ecocide"

    13. Wretched of the Earth "Wendigo"
    14. Man the Conveyors "Binary opposition"
    15. Kohosh "Directionless"

    http://detruirelennui.blogspot.fr/2013/ ... le-on.html

    The show on the 13th of May was the day after The Mob played in Paris and we and little energy to do much which doesn't mean that we had a shitty playlist. Just take a look:

    1. Maniacs "Hardcore punk" (Allemagne)
    2. Fliehende Stürme "Diese Krankheit" (Allemagne)

    3. Adaptasia "Dirt" (Kazakhstan)
    4. Control "Programme" (Bulgarie)

    5. Tercer Mundo "Puto dinero" (Mexique)
    6. Ratas Rabiosas "Odio esta sociedad" (Pérou)
    7. Toxic Waste "Song for Britain" (Irlande du Nord)
    8. The Astronauts "Typical English day" (Angleterre)

    9. Defiance "The time was right" (U$A)
    10. Thisclose "When there's a bill, you've got to pay" (Ecosse)
    11. Stalag 17 "Forgotten victim" (Irlande du Nord)
    12. Primitive Pact "Prisoner" (U$A)

    13. Andy T "Sing a happy song" (Angleterre)
    14. Peacebastard "Global crisis" (Allemagne)
    15. Spite "Crucification" (Angleterre)
    16. Fatum "Falling on the snow" (Russie)

    17. Paragraf 119 "Middelklassejunkie" (Danemark)
    18. Anthrax "Another" (Angleterre)
    19. Another Destructive System "Don't get locked" (U$A)

    20. The Sect "Pretend" (Angleterre)

    http://detruirelennui.blogspot.fr/2013/ ... locks.html
  2. crustybeckham

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    Jan 22, 2012
    I haven't been here in a while...

    So, the show on the 26th of May was a traditional "Kick a copper in the bollocks whenever and wherever you see one" with the playlist that follows:

    1. Eskorbuto "Mucha policia, poca diversion" (Pays Basque)
    2. Lobotomia "Distorçao policial" (Brésil)
    3. Usual Suspects "Boys in blue" (Belgique)
    4. Mob 47 "Polisstat" (Suède)

    5. Paragraf 119 "Intet glemt, intet tilgivet" (Danemark)
    6. Shitlickers "Spräckta snutskallar" (Suède)
    7. The Afflicted "Here come the cops" (U$A)
    8. Atoxxxico "Puerco policia" (Mexique)

    9. Discharge "Terror police" (Angleterre)
    10. Raw Power "Police police" (Italie)
    11. Molotov Cocktail "Police navidad" (U$A)
    12. Disrupt "Cops suck" (U$A)

    13. The Fartz "Police force" (U$A)
    14. Kansan Uutiset "Koira an premji poliisi" (Finlande)
    15. Estigia "Policias de blanko" (Espagne)
    16. Chaos Channel "When the cops go marching in" (Japon)

    17. Bière Sociale "Jusqu'à quand" (Anti-France)
    18. Stalag 13" Black stick, white badge" (U$A)
    19. Rawside "Police terror" (Allemagne)
    20. Hard Skin "Police car chasing you" (Angleterre)

    21. Cry Havoc "Police everywhere" (Angleterre)
    22. Descontrolados "Represion policial" (Equateur)

    http://detruirelennui.blogspot.fr/2013/ ... -caca.html

    Then, two weeks later we had a show about the bourgeois media and how they promote docility and the social peace through plain propaganda and/or mind-numbing technology:

    1. Antisect "Channel zero realilty" (Angleterre)
    2. Passion Armée "No peace" (fRance)
    3. Aus-Rotten "Media blackout" (U$A)
    4. Inferno "Geschoff ohne Hirn" (Allemagne)

    5. Restarts "TV detector" (Angleterre)
    6. La Fraction "Marchands de peur" (fRance)
    7. Antidote "Fuck the media" (Hollande)
    8. Flyblown "Censored for the many by the few" (Angleterre)

    9. Warning//Warning "Media overdose" (fRance)
    10. Subhumans "Oh Canaduh" (Canada)
    11. Convulsions "Media punx" (Angleterre)
    12. Knock-Abouts "Where is my Vietnam?" (U$A)

    13. Terminus "Propaganda war" (Angleterre)
    14. Lebenden Toten "TV sells" (U$A)
    15. Gloom "TV slave" (Japon)
    16. Heyoka "Ecran noir" (fRance)

    17. Parkinson "Power of media" (Malaisie)
    18. Lärm "TV spots" (Hollande)
    19. Masskontroll "Kill your TV" (U$A)
    20. Rot "Rejecting the media" (Brésil)

    On this occasion, I provided and read a French translation of the Antisect song "Channel zero reality" that you can find in this entry.

    http://detruirelennui.blogspot.fr/2013/ ... -mass.html

    Finally, the show on the 23rd was an antifa special after the recent murder of a young antifascist activist in Paris:

    1. The Oppressed "AFA" (Pays de Galles)
    2. Murdaball "My grandad didn't vote for fascists" (Angleterre)
    3. Active Minds "England didn't belong to you" (Angleterre)
    4. Warcorpse "Dis brutality continues" (U$A)

    5. Silence Means Death "Fascist raus" (Belgique)
    6. Subcaos "Porcos nazi-onalistas" (Portugal)
    7. Flue Sniffers "Ignorance and hate" (fRance/Angleterre)
    8. Eskupitajo "Nazi-onalistas" (Espagne)

    9. Razzia "Neo Nazi" (Allemagne)
    10. Angelic Upstarts "Anti-nazi" (Angleterre)
    11. Desobediencia Civil "Peste neonazi" (Mexique)
    12. Internal Autonomy "Awayday to Auschwitz" (Angleterre)

    13. Demokhratia "Fascislamist (Algérie)
    14. Treti Stupen Tortury "Good night white pride" (République Tchèque)
    15. Wardogs "Ashes of SS" (Malaisie)
    16. Heimatlos "Fascios fora" (fRance)

    17. Homomiltia "Homofobia" (Pologne)
    18. Social Parasites "Fuck the BNP" (Angleterre)

    http://detruirelennui.blogspot.fr/2013/ ... ntifa.html

  3. Ignorance1312

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    Sep 3, 2012
    do you have any download links for "Cop On Fire" albums??
  4. crustybeckham

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    Jan 22, 2012
    I know I'm late but two shows have been posted on the blog.

    The local Parisian bands special of the 30th of June:

    1. Besoin Dead "Artiste inconnu"
    2. Krigskade "Huide mure"
    3. Breakout "We want the truth"
    4. Black Shabbath "Krush"

    5. Blue Void "Slum"
    6. Trashley "Sabbath"
    7. Emma Pils "La vraie menace, crois-moi, elle émane de l'état"
    8. Tulamort "?"

    9. Les Bécasses "House of the living dead"
    10. Jessica 93 "Junk food"
    11. Cartouche ""
    12. Danger "Louder than guns"

    13. RU486 "9 to 5 hell"
    14. Youth Avoiders "Grit your teeth"
    15. Julie Colère "?"
    16. Bière Sociale "Police batards"

    17. Kromex Whal "Oi oi cassoulet"
    18. Lobster Killed Me "Big brother"
    19. Misspent Youth "?"
    20. Abdullah Sheraton "?"

    http://detruirelennui.blogspot.fr/2013/ ... ocaux.html

    And the fanzines special of the 14th of July with top notch experts as usual:

    1. Negative Stance "The fall" (Grèce)
    2. Gorilla Angreb "Kobenhavn" (Danemark)
    3. The Dicks "Hate police" (U$A)
    4. Artless "Crassdriver" (U$A)

    5. Bikini Kill "Rebel girl" (U$A)
    6. Fear Itself "Living hell" (U$A)
    7. Neon Piss "Close the door" (U$A)
    8. Perras Salvajes "Cosa immovibles" (Espagne)

    9. Insurgence "Hawk and the dove" (U$A)
    10. Nation of Ulysses "A kid who tells on another kid is dead" (U$A)
    11. What Happens Next? "Prayer" (U$A)
    12. The Lookouts "Once upon a time" (U$A)

    13. Attentat Sonore "Punx with brains" (France)
    14. Desecration "Sit back and laugh" (U$A)
    15. Born Against "Murder the sons of bitches" (U$A)
    16. The Ex "Gonna rob the spermbank" (Pays-Bas)

    http://detruirelennui.blogspot.fr/2013/ ... ciale.html