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Détruire l'ennui: Paris anarchopunk radio show

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by crustybeckham, May 1, 2012.

  1. crustybeckham

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    Jan 22, 2012
    "Détruire l'Ennui" - destroying boredom in French - is a 90 minutes radio show broadcast by Radio Libertaire, the radio station of the French Anarchist Federation.
    The main topic of our show is DIY punk-rock in all its forms and variety. We play many different styles of punk music, with a strong emphasis on anarchopunk. We play bands from all over the world and from any (punk) decade.
    The show happens the second, the fourth and the fifth sundays of every month from 8:30PM to 10PM (that is the French time, for people living in the US take between 6 or 10 hours).

    On our blog (http://detruirelennui.blogspot.fr/) you will find some of our glorious past shows to download or to listen to on podcast (because we are extremely up to date). To give you examples, the anti-elections special and the anti-work special can be found on the blog. To illustrate what "Détruire l'ennui" is about and how perfect our music tastes are, let me show you a playlist of a regular show of ours :

    1. Blutsurz « Schweigen » (Germoney)
    2. Pax Vobiscum « Unknown » (UK)
    3. Pro Patria Mori « But a child » (UK)
    4. As Mercenarias « Policia » (Brazil)
    5. Misery « Homeless but not helpless » (U$A)
    6. Rage Against Society « We don’t believe » (Malta)
    7. Subculture « Animal rights » (Malta)
    8. Olethro Rigma « Paranoia » (Greece)
    9. Kalazaar « Survival world » (Turkey)
    10. Wardogs « Anad » (Indonesia)
    11. Detox « The West is not the best » (Lebanon)
    12. Poster ITI « I hate mosques » (Turkey)
    13. Total Komplet « Resistance » (Israel)
    14. Beghlerass « Lahmar » (Algeria)
    15. Adaptasia « pro doma » (Kazakhstan)
    16. Verbalni Delikt « Protiv napretka » (Croatia)
    17. Hocu Necu ! « Nogom u muda » (Serbia)
    18. Aurora Cyrkalo « Nyugalom » (Hungary)
    19. Critica Radicala « Razboiul cal » (Romania)
    20. Earth Citizens « Apathy » (Switzerland)
    21. Wartoys « Macht & mythos » (Germany)
    22. Hiastus « Your future » (Finland)
    23. Visions of War « Disgusting tribes » (Belgium)
    24. Rotozaza « Instruments of terror » (U$A)
    25. Destino Final « Donde estan » (Spain)

    Top notch or what?

    But radio shows are not the only amazingly great things you'll be able to find here. Indeed, to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the radio station (the show has been going for 6 years I think), we have made 22 punk compilations with bands from all over the world. Each volume is dedicated to a particular region of the globe, for instance there is one with bands from Greece, Turkey and Cyprus.

    These compilations are not meant to be exhaustive. They are meant to be cd's to be distributed in order to share punk knowledge and hopefully trigger some curiosity on the listeners' part. The selection of tracks have been difficult since they are cd compilation and 80 minutes is not much to introduce a scene. Therefore, some good bands are missing, but I hope the result is still pleasant and a good introduction to badly-known punk scenes.

    These compilations are available from the blog of the show (http://detruirelennui.blogspot.com/) for download. In the files you will find the songs (obviously), but also a complete tracklist with the names of the songs, of the bands, the record from which it is taken and the year of recording. The scans of the covers are also included so that anyone can burn his or her own cd's and make a proper looking compilation.

    These are not meant to be sold at a fixed price at all, in case someone would like to sell them to support a worthy cause. The idea is to sell them for a donation ("prix libre" in French).

    Finally, if you notice any mistake in the names of the songs or the year or whatever, please let me know. In fact there are a couple of mistakes, but nobody is perfect, even us and God knows we're pretty close to perfection. Any comments are of course strongly recommended.

    Up the punx!


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    Nov 13, 2009
     United States
    Very nice work CB...checking it out.
  3. crustybeckham

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    Jan 22, 2012
    Updates on the Détruire l'Ennui front. The last two shows have been uploaded.

    In order to attract you to our radiophonic awesomeness I shall present the playlists of the aforementioned shows.

    On the 13th of may:

    1. Morkhimmel "Endless wall of fuckers" (République Tchèque)
    2. Nuclear Winter "Withered youth" (Grèce)
    3. Weald "Tribe" (U$A)
    4. Hibernation "Trapped" (Grèce)
    5. Fracaso "Politicos" (Venezuela)
    6. Los Rezios "Ellos nos odian" (Pérou)
    7. Restos de Tragedia "Sucia realidad" (Colombie)
    8. Clamor Inexorable "Zona marginada" (Mexique)
    9. Crude n Snyde "Don't conform" (Irlande)
    10. Karma Sutra "Dismantle the lie" (Angleterre)
    11. Reprisal "Systematic slaughter" (Angleterre)
    12. Dead Meat "Noise ain't dead" (Angleterre)
    13. Truncheons "Cashing in on freedom" (Canada)
    14. Final Bombs "War robs all" (Japon)
    15. Realities of War "Orwell nation" (Angleterre)
    16. Shade of Mankind "Pro-life bullshit" (Brésil)
    17. Deviated Instinct "Welcome to the orgy" live 87 (Angleterre)
    18. Antisect "The buck stops here" live 86 (Angleterre)
    19. Axegrinder "Life chain" live 90 (Angleterre)
    20. Misery "Filth of mankind" live 93
    21. Low Fat "Migi nuka migi" (Thaïlande)
    22. Creative Waste "Mind pollution" (Arabie Saoudite)
    23. All Day Night "titre en russe" (Belarus)
    24. Zhulong "Shyryhata" (Kazakhstan)
    25. Caras de Hambre "Brutalidad policiaka" (Panama)
    26. Guerrilla Urbana "Todo bien" (Uruguay)
    27. 2 Minutos "Ya no somos igual" (Argentine)
    28. Anarkia "Eleccion o corrupcion" (Chili)

    World wide punk, right?

    On the 27th of may:
    1. Antiklimax "Et ole turvassa" (Finlande)
    2. Unbroken Bones "Fuck HAARP" (Russie)
    3. Crude n Snyde "All things bright and beautiful" (Irlande)
    4. Beton "Detonator" (Slovaquie)
    5. Robots War "Coracao contra o tempo" (Brésil)
    6. Cancer Spreading "A new dawn's prophecy" (Italie)
    7. Age "Survive" (Japon)
    8. Krang "Death of sound" (U$A)
    9. Deviated Instinct "" (Angleterre)
    10. Freedoom "Babylon burn" (Portugal)
    11. Painajainen "Rakkaudesta huoraani" (Finlande)
    12. Despite Everything "" (Grèce)
    13. Black Sheep "Paradox of birth" (Australie)
    14. Dodsfalla "Anarchy fuck" (U$A)
    15. Desolation "" (U$A)
    16. Decontrol "No torture" (Angleterre)
    17. Geranium "" (France)
    18. Slancer "Only if only" (Angleterre)
    19. Anti "Fight war not wars" (U$A)
    20. The Ex "Map" (Pays-Bas)
    21. Pariapunk "Le dire et le faire" (France)

    If you don't enjoy what we are playing, let's face the truth: you don't like punk-rock. ;)
  4. crustybeckham

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    Jan 22, 2012
    The last show is on the blog! Many crust covers! Awesome British punk music! Free beer!

    1. The Defects "Brutality"
    2. Mayhem "Blood money"
    3. External Menace "Don't conform"
    4. The Enemy "50 000 dead"
    5. Omega Tribe "Time for change"
    6. Toxic Waste "Tugs of war"
    7. Naked "One step forward"
    8. Rudimentary Peni "The rain"
    9. Antisect "Out from the void part 2" (version 2012)
    10. Deviated Instinct "End times"
    11. Prophecy of Doom "Axis (developpment) access"
    12. Amebix "Progress" (live 2009)
    13. Doom "Do you really care?" (Antisect cover)
    14. Concrete Sox "Is this to be?" (Discharge cover)
    15. Glycine Max "Nazis killed" (Hellbastard cover)
    16. Misery "ICBM" (Amebix cover)
    17. Vivisect "Grind the enemy" (Axegrinder cover)
    18. Policebastard "Blasphemy squad" (Rudimentary Peni cover)
    19. Sanctum "Work for never" (Extreme Noise Terror cover)
    20. Fatum "Hades" (Bathory cover)
    21. Horror Vacui "Soldiers"
  5. crustybeckham

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    Jan 22, 2012
    The UK82 special from last sunday has been posted on the blog. Here is the mouth-watering playlist divided thematically:

    1. The Expelled "Government policy", de "Government policy" Ep 1982 (et non pas du "No life no future" comme je l'ai sottement dit à l'antenne...).
    2. Mau Maus "Crisis", de "Society's rejects" Ep 1982.
    3. Uproar "Life on the dole", de "And the lord said..." Lp 1983.
    4. The Threats "1980's" de "Politicians and ministers" 12'' 1982.

    Nuclear war
    5. The Insane "Nuclear war", de "El Salvador" Ep 1982.
    6. Butcher "Grow up not blow up" de "On the ground" Ep 1982.
    7. Dead Man's Shadow "Another Hiroshima", de "Bomb scare" Ep 1982.
    8. Social Disease "World at ransom" de "Today" Ep 1983.

    Voice of the generation
    9. Chron Gen "Chronic generation" de "Puppets of war" Ep 1981.
    10. Attak "Today's generation" de "Today's generation" Ep 1982.
    11. Ultra Violent "Dead generation" de "Crime for revenge" Ep 1983
    12. Court Martial "Youn offender" de "Gotta get out" Ep 1982.

    13. Instant Agony "Anti police" de "Fashion parade" Ep 1983.
    14. Special Duties "Police state" de "Police state" Ep 1982.
    15. Partisans "Bastards in blue" de "17 years of hell" Ep 1982.
    16. Riot Squad "Police power" de "Don't be denied" Ep 1983.

    Nothing, nowhere, boredom
    17. One Way System "Breakin' in" de "All system go"Lp 1983.
    18. Varukers "Nowhere to go" de "Bloodsuckers" Lp 1983.
    19. Skeptix "Routine machine" de "Routine machine" Ep 1982.
    20. The Fits "Nothing and nowhere" de "You're nothing, you're nowhere" Lp 1982.

    Riots and chaos
    21. Impact "Anarchy" d'une compilation que je n'arrive à retrouver... probablement 1983.
    22. Picture Fram Seduction "Break ya chains" de "Hand the rider" Lp 1985.
    23. Mania "Power to the people" de "Punk dead - nah mate..." comp Lp 1983.
    24. The Actives "Street warfare" de "Kick it down" Lp 1983

    No future society
    25. Cadaverous Clan "Insane society" de demo 1983.
    26. Chaotic Youth "Sad society" de "Sad society" Ep 1983 (et non de la compil "Total anarchy"... Un Alzheimer précoce?).
    27. Clockwork Criminals "No future UK" de "Young and bold" Ep 1983.
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    Jan 22, 2012
    Last sunday was the "grindcore special" and it was a blast (beat)!

    1. Napalm Death "Deceiver" (UK)
    2. Electro Hippies "Scum" (UK)
    3. Extreme Noise Terror "Carry on screaming" (UK)
    4. Sore Throat "Bio-hazard" (UK)
    5. + 6. Agathocles (Belgique)
    7. Fear of God (Suisse)
    8. Death Noise (France)

    9. Warsore (Australie)
    10. Cockroach (France)
    11. Skumdribbblerz (UK)
    12. Rot (Brésil)
    13. Patareni (Yougoslavie)
    14. Scraps (France)
    15. Siege (U$)

    16. Subcut (Brésil)
    17. Mule Skinner (U$)
    18. Antitrust (Chili)
    19. RAPT (France)
    20. Blood I Bleed (Hollande)
    21. Confusion (Colombie)
    22. Existench (Canada)
    23. Arsedestroyer (Suède)

    24. Mass Separation (Malaisie)
    25. Violent Headache (Espagne)
    26. Unholy Grave (Japon)
    27. Vomit Yourself (France)
    28. Lycantrophy (République Tchèque)
    29. Anarchus (Mexique)
    30. Atavistic (UK)

    31. Wormrot (Singapour)

    To be downloaded from the blog.
  7. crustybeckham

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    Jan 22, 2012
    The show of the 22nd of July is now downloadable on the blog. Here's the playlist :

    1. Political Asylum "System of war" (Ecosse)
    2. Nunc Est Bibendum (Paris)
    3. Totalitär "Avslagen" (Suède)
    4. Punk Aid "Fuck the poll tax" (Grande-Bretagne)
    5. Flowers in the Dustbin "Last tango in Vietnam" (Angleterre)
    6. Surface (U$A)
    7. Farcical (Allemagne)
    8. Blyth Power "Ixion" (Angleterre)
    9. Attentat Sonore "Ton putain d'âge d'or" (France)
    10. Segue (U$A)
    11. Earth Movement "Earth punx" (Pologne)
    12. Dahu-Garou (France)
    13. State of Filth "Dirty Protest" (Angleterre)
    14. Oi Polloi "A new light" (Ecosse)
    15. Deviated Instinct "Architect of Misery" (Angleterre)
    16. Truth Decay "oi! oi!" (Angleterre)
    17. Heyoka (France)
    18. Debauchery "Code of silence" (Angleterre)
    19. Dissect (Finlande)
    20. Tortura Auditiva "Esto es America" (Mexique)
    21. Rectify "Scream" (Pays de Galles)
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    Jan 22, 2012
    At last, three new shows are now available on the blog.

    29th of July:

    1. Agent Orange "Too young too die" (US)
    2. Drongos for Europe "Punk rock radio" (UK)
    3. Human Alert "Fuck you" (Hollande)
    4. Hylkiö (Finlande)

    5. The Astronauts (UK)
    6. Anger Artist "Samsara" (US)
    7. Morbid Humour "Oh my god part 1 & 2" (UK)
    8. AOS3 (UK)

    9. Blaggers ITA "The house of fascist scum" (UK)
    10. Witch Hunt "The punk by numbers" (US)
    11. Hit Parade (Irlande du Nord)
    12. Worhats (Allemagne)

    13. Kamikaze Sperm (UK)
    14. Agent 86 (Canada)
    15. Huasipungo (US)
    16. The Restarts "Time-waster" (UK)

    17. Final Blast (France)
    18. Hors-Contrôle (France)
    19. Social Chaos (Brésil)
    20. Fleas And Lice "Up the punx" (Hollande)

    21. Zabriskie Point (France)
    22. Icons of Filth "No fucking choice" (UK)
    23. No Label (UK)
    24. Fifth Column (US)

    25. Crucifix "Annihilation" (US)


    12th of August: a show with a healthy dose of old and new Chicano punk-rock and we even had guests from Madrid for this one.

    1. 5° Braccio "Occupazione" (Italie)
    2. Generacion Suicida "Parasitas" (US)
    3. Blue Vomit "Non sopporto" (Italie)
    4. The Zeros "Don't push me around" (US)

    5. Niet "Perspektive" (Slovénie)
    6. Huasipungo (US)
    7. Youth Against Fascism (US)
    8. 1984 "Radio niebieskie oczy helevy" (Pologne)

    9. Index "Victim" (Hollande)
    10. Migra Violenta (Argentine)
    11. Los Crudos (US)
    12. Asbest "Family care" (Hollande)

    13. Ilegal "Semilla" (Canada)
    14. Parade's End (US)
    15. Perras Salvajes (Espagne)
    16. Porkeria "Esta muerta" (US)

    17. Death Dealers "Shell Shock" (Belgique)
    18. Cisma (Espagne)
    19. Las Otras (Espagne)
    20. Chicano Christ (US)

    21. Juventud Podrida "Viviendo en depression" (Panama)
    22. Kontraattaque (US)
    23. Private Jesus Detector "Paralyze power" (Belgique)
    24. Los Illegales (US)


    26th of August:

    1. Psykisk Terror "Pa somme jord" (Norvège)
    2. Resistant Culture (US)
    3. Infezione "Terrorismo legalizzado" (Italie)
    4. Anthrax (UK)

    5. Cold Vietnam "Hunt the man" (UK)
    6. Tomorrow's Hell (République Tchèque)
    7. Amen (Finlande)
    8. Cowboy Killers "You're dreaming" (UK)

    9. Virus Insurrection "Exploitation" (UK)
    10. Sin Apoyo (Chili)
    11. Escatologia (Suède)
    12. Holocaust "Freedom now" (US)

    13. Indian Dream "Faster bullets" (UK)
    14. Siervos de Nadie (Espagne)
    15. Weaving the Deathbag (US)
    16. Rampage "Nightmare" (UK)

    17. War//Plague "Corpse in my mouth" (US)
    18. Axiom (US)
    19. Fatum "The brood" (Russie)
    20. Rudimentary Peni (UK)

    21. The Oppressed "Same old story" (UK)

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    Jan 22, 2012
    Yesterday, a show about the 90's British punk scene and the book "Armed with anger". Given the vast number of bands of this era, the next show in 2 weeks will have a similar theme.

    1. Voorhees "Kill yourself"
    2. Ironside "Suffocation"
    3. Stalingrad "Traitor"
    4. Hard to Swallow "Action on"

    5. Coitus "King Strang"
    6. Dread Messiah "Sick world"
    7. Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys "Beer"
    8. Kuru "Breed"

    9. Combat Shock "Eat a nazi"
    10. Eastfield "A friend in need is a pest"
    11. Slum Gang "Back to rags"
    12. Zero Tolerance "Inflammable"

    13. One by One "Lies become truth"
    14. Health Hazard "So much pressure"
    15. Disaffect "Home of the brave"
    16. Substandard "For the kids"

    17. Leatherface "In the ghetto"
    18. Quarantine "Harmless"
    19. Witchknot "Pianist envy"
    20. Pissed Mouth Trollops "Hearthrob of the mortuary"

    21. Throw Bricks At Coppers "Hospitalised by telescopic batons"
    22. PAIN "No leaders for the free"

    23. Spithead "It's time to start spying on your neighbours"

    http://detruirelennui.blogspot.fr/2012/ ... ciale.html
  10. crustybeckham

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    Jan 22, 2012
    The second part of our grand theme: British punk in the nineties.

    1. Wat Tyler "Hops and barley"
    2. Bus Station Loonies "Save our cider"
    3. Chineapple Punx "Braindead"
    4. WORM "Lost your way"

    5. Embittered "This utopian dream"
    6. Urko "Seven ways to die"
    7. Excrement of War "Progress/Regress"
    8. Sarcasm "Idols"

    9. Policebastard "Payback"
    10. Rectify "Turning point"
    11. Piss On Authority "Victims"
    12. Spite "Freedom"

    13. Maggot Slayer Overdrive "Of pyramids and mud"
    14. Aftermath "A dark fantasy"
    15. Nerves "Bits"
    16. Sick On The Bus "I like you"

    17. Jobbykrust "Declaration of independence"
    18. Bleeding Rectum "Swear to the flag"
    19. Scatha "FSD"
    20. Ex-Cathedra "Scared"

    21. Cress "Fear"
    22. Extinction of Mankind "Blood and tears"
    23. PUS "Democracy"

    24. Braindance "Guilty till you're innocent"

    http://detruirelennui.blogspot.fr/2012/ ... ciale.html
  11. crustybeckham

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    Jan 22, 2012
    The last show of Détruire l'Ennui was dedicated to live recordings. Be warned that the sound quality is approximative at times but it's punk, innit? A couple of very rare live versions were played as well (Jesus Chrust, Disaffect, La Fraction, Nausea, Crucifix...)

    1. Against Me!
    2. Jesus Chrust "Bad science"
    3. Defiance "No future no hope"
    4. Nausea "Clutches"

    5. Disaffect "Storm coming"
    6. Naked "1984"
    7. Amebix "Arise!"
    8. Antisect "Ghost of mankind"

    9. MDC "Chicken squawk"
    10. Anti-System "Why should it happen?"
    11. Subhumans "I don't wanna die"
    12. Varukers "The last war"

    13. Kochise
    14. Icons of Filth "Virus"
    15. Oi Polloi "Linux"
    16. Disorder "Fuck your nationalities"

    17. Crucifix "Prejudice"
    18. Extreme Noise Terror "Deceived"
    19. Sin Dios "Alerta antifascista"

    20. Concrete Sox "Scientific slaughter"
    21. La Fraction "Aussi long sera le chemin"

    http://detruirelennui.blogspot.fr/2012/ ... ciale.html
  12. crustybeckham

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    Jan 22, 2012
    The last show has been posted on the blog. It seems we had a proper international feel on that day.

    1. Psychosis "Bionon tas tonefialti" (Grèce)
    2. Nuclear Death Terror "Crisis" (Danemark)
    3. Giuda "Convinto che qualcuno ti ascolti" (Italie)
    4. Versklaven "Dead dreaming serpent" (U$A)

    5. Wardead "Visions of the end" (France)
    6. Vicious Irene "Desolation" (Suède)
    7. Komatoz "Keltka" (Russie)
    8. Regeneracion "Neoliberalismo" (Mexique)

    9. Chaos SA "Uranium sux" (Afrique du Sud)
    10. Swordwielder "Fields of genocide" (Suède)
    11. Death From Above "Bloody streets" (Brésil)
    12. Contrasto "Nienete per la storia" (Italie)

    13. Disrupters "Napalm" (Angleterre)
    14. Antisect "They came" version 2011! (Angleterre)
    15. Spiny Norman Quarter (Irlande du Nord)
    16. Jimmy Savile's Wheelchair "Jade root" (Angleterre)

    17. Skelptarsis "Psychotic ambitions"
    18. Conflict "Fester" (U$A)

    http://detruirelennui.blogspot.fr/2012/ ... -2012.html
  13. crustybeckham

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    Jan 22, 2012
    The last show was about female-fronted punk bands. Because there were just far too many bands that I could play, I decided to stick to what I know best: UK punk. My partner in crime that night was Mat, who is more into hardcore so I suppose it makes for a pleasant listen.

    1. Dirt "Belfast", "Just an error" Lp 1984.
    2. Hagar the Womb "Armchair observer", "Funnery in the nunnery" Ep 1985.
    3. Lil Runt "New method", "Goodbye burrito bridge" Lp 2005.
    4. Lost Cherrees "No way", "All part of growing up" Lp 1984.

    5. A-Heads "Dying man", demo 1981.
    6. Rutto "Mä vihaan", "Ei paluuta" Ep 1983.
    7. Decadent Few "Blue murder", unreleased LP 1988.
    8. No Statik "Carified, distilled, recomposed", "Everywhere you aren't looking" Lp 2012.

    9. Anarka and Poppy "Nightmare", unreleased Ep 1983.
    10. Ze Revengers "Poubelle la vie", "Nous sommes ici et là" 10".
    11. Rubella Ballet "Unemployed", "Ballet dance" Ep 1982.
    12. Indian Dream "Discarded", "Orca" Lp 1990.

    13. Dan "Blind ignorance", "Mother with child and bunny" Lp 1988.
    14. God Equals Genocide "Those days", "This world is wearin' me down" Ep 2007.
    15. The Joyce McKinney Experience "Walk on your own", "Joyce offspring" Lp 1988.
    16. Daymare "La douceur de vivre", s/t Ep 2003.

    17. FUAL "Never make a statement", "Fuck up and live" Lp 1990.
    18. Agatha "Undefined", "Nothing is static" Ep.
    19. Pink Turds In Space "Indie shit", PTIS / Sedition split Lp 1990.
    20. Deathrats "Give up", "Give up" Ep 2010.

    21. Potential Threat "Animal abuse", "What's so great Britain?" Ep 1982.
    22. Street Legal "Fuck the pressure", Street Legal / Frozen Teens split Ep 2011.
    23. Sacrilege "Blind acceptance", demo 1984.
    24. Allergic to Bullshit "If this is what we're for, this is what we'll get", "What we're for is what we'll get" Ep 2003.

    25. After the Massacre "A future discarded", "A future discarded to the bonepits" cd 2006.

    http://detruirelennui.blogspot.fr/2012/ ... ciale.html
  14. crustybeckham

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    Jan 22, 2012
    The show of the 11th of November has been posted:

    1. Grossmember "Ecology" (Pologne)
    2. Acoustic Grinder "Stop the Flemish block" (Belgique)
    3. Primitiv Bunko "Opposition" (France)
    4. Money Drug "Scigany za posiadanie" (Pologne)

    5. Pyhakoulu "Krapula" (Finlande)
    6. Dispute "American bastard politics" (Turquie)
    7. Internal Autonomy "Bent" (Angleterre)
    8. 105 Lux "Romantyk" (Pologne)

    9. A//Solution "Mindhunter" (U$A)
    10. Panikos "No return" (Grèce)
    11. Hybernoid "World of ruin" (Angleterre)
    12. Nerorgasmo "Nato morto"

    13. Napalm Raid "Endless walls" (Canada)
    14. True "ICBM" (Croatie)
    15. Outlaw Bastards "Cerdo servil" (Mexique)
    16. Asmodeus "titre en japonais" (Japon)

    17. Hex "Initiative" (Angleterre)
    18. The Assassins "Ronie's bomb" (Angleterre)
    19. Revulsion "Resistance" (Angleterre)
    20. Vex "It's no crime" (Angleterre)

    21. Mania "Shoulder to shoulder" (Angleterre)
    22. Mayhem "Psycho" (Angleterre)
    23. The Crash "Fight for your life" (Angleterre)
    24. Drongos for Europe "Violence" (Angleterre)

    http://detruirelennui.blogspot.fr/2012/ ... -2012.html
  15. crustybeckham

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    Jan 22, 2012
    With a bit of delay, here are the last two shows.

    The show of the 25th of November was about punk compilations.

    1. Cop On Fire "No border due" (Belgique), tiré d'une compilation de soutien aux gens incarcérés suite aux émeutes anglaises de 2011.
    2. Upright Citizens "Swastika rats" (Allemagne), tiré de la compilation Lp "PEACE" (1984).
    3. BGK "Nothing can go wrong" (Hollande), tiré de la compilation Lp "Viva Umkonto" (1987) en soutien à la branche armée de l'ANC.
    4. Diatribe "I'm your leader" (U$A), tiré de "We won't be your fucking poor" Lp (1985).

    5. Napalm Death "Crucifixion of possessions" (Angleterre), tiré de "Bullshit detector volume 3" Lp (1984).
    6. Tears of a Doll "Going further" (France), tiré du Lp "Don't forget the punk of Bangkok" (1990).
    7. Poison Girls "Cry" (Angleterre), tiré d'une compilation de soutien aux mineurs en grève du nord de l'Angleterre "Dig this: a tribute to the great strike" (1985).
    8. Bastards "Ei tulevaisuutte" (Finlande), tiré du Lp "Russia bombs Finland" (1982).

    9. Anti Cimex "Eibon" (Suède), tiré du Lp "Vägra för helvete!" (1983).
    10. Berri Txarrak "Berba eta crudia" (Pays Basque), tiré d'une compilation cd anti-G8.
    11. Ratos de Porão "Realidades de guerra" (Brésil), tiré du Lp "SUB compilation" (1983).
    12. Onward "Break it down" (Norvège), tiré du Lp "Share common ground" (1992).

    13. EU's Arse "Attaco" (Italie), tiré de la K7 "Ahhh Italian hardcore" (1983).
    14. Tozibabe "Nekuga lepega dne" (Slovénie), tiré du Lp "Ljubjana hardcore" (1986).
    15. Inner Terrestrials "The cause" (Angleterre), tiré du double Lp en soutien aux punks d'Aceh (2012).
    16. Global Parasites "Seven seven" (Angleterre), tiré du cd "Angry scene volume 4": a benefit cd in memory of Trogg Contempt" (2010).

    17. Desastre "Dinero" (Colombie), tiré de la K7 "Medellin contra el quinto centenario" (1991).
    18. Active Slaughter "Land of hope and glory" (Angleterre), tiré d'une compilation en soutien aux Norwich anarchists.
    19. Radegast "Prace hory dory" (République Tchèque), tiré de la K7 "Barikady nové fronti 81-86" (1986).
    20. The Assassins "Genocide" (Angleterre), tiré du Lp "Here we go" en soutien aux mineurs en grève (1985).

    21. Anarkia "Desarme nuclear" (Chili), tiré du Lp "Bloodstains across Chile" .

    http://detruirelennui.blogspot.fr/2012/ ... ciale.html

    I had a guest for the show of the 23rd of November, Sacha from Minsk, who talked a little about the scene in Belarus.

    Christmas time:
    1. Hard Skin "Ding dong merrily oi oi", de "Focking skins, focking punks" 10" (Angleterre, 2008)
    2. UK Subs "Hey Santa", de "Hey santa" 12" (Angleterre, 1987).

    Papi time:
    3. Subhumans "Parasites", de "Demolition war" Ep (Angleterre, 1981).
    4. Oi Polloi "They shoot children", de split Lp avec Toxik Ephex (Ecosse, 1987).
    5. The Iconoclats "In these times", du Flipside Ep (U$A, 1984).
    6. Doom "Relief", de la Peel Session de 1989 (Angleterre).

    International time:
    7. Unutrasnji Bunt "Ujedinimo se", du split K7 avec Agitator (Serbie, 1996).
    8. Kalashnikov "Laederhalse", du s/t Ep (Danemark, 1984)
    9. Moskwa "Anarchia", du "Studio 84" Ep (Pologne, 1984).
    10. Runt "New age", de "Go the whole hog" Lp (Australie, 1996)

    Post-punk time:
    11. Rubella Ballet "Mummy", du "Arctic flowers" 12" (Angleterre, 1985).
    12. Blue Cross "Disconnect", du "Mass hysteria" Lp (Canada, 2011).
    13. Passion Armée "Détruire l'ennui", du s/t Lp (France, 2010).
    14. Horror Vacui "I like it when a soldier dies", du "In darkness you will feel alright" Lp (Italie, 2012)

    Belarus/Russian time:
    15. Contra la Contra "Putin ubijca", du "Ni slova o politike" Lp (Belarus, 2002).
    16. Human Power "Disgust", du s/t Ep (Belarus, 2004).
    17. Chernozem "Visel'iy marsh", de "Pordarok dlya samogo slabogo" cd (Russie, 1995).
    18. Fatum "Back to caves", du "Skverna" Lp (Russie, 2011).

    End of the world time:
    19. Forgotten Prophecy "Ατέλειωτος Δρόμος", du split Lp avec Mushroom Attack (Grèce, 1990).
    20. SDS "Death rain", du split Lp avec Misery (Japon, 1991).
    21. Apocalypse "Armaggedon", de la "Into the dark" demo (U$A, 1987).

    Latino time:
    22. As Mercenarias "Me perco", de "Cadê as armas?" 12" (Brésil, 1986).
    23. 2 Minutos "Ya no somos igual", du "Valentin alsina" cd (Argentine, 1994).

    http://detruirelennui.blogspot.fr/2012/ ... -2012.html
  16. crustybeckham

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    Jan 22, 2012
    The last two shows are da blog!

    13the, January, 2013:

    1. FUK "Smash up the kitchen" (Angleterre)
    2. Kawakami Nightmare "Death is waiting for you" (Ukraine)

    3. Chatterbox "Forgotten heroes" (Suède)
    4. Lunatic Fringe "Who's in control" (Angleterre)
    5. Sect "Money" (Espagne)
    6. Confusion "Morality" (Colombie)

    7. Adelitas "Arizona illegal" (U$A)
    8. Conflict "I've had enough" (Angleterre)
    9. Born Against "Born against" (U$A)
    10. Thatcher on Acid "The new thing" (Angleterre)

    11. Putrefaction "Mouth of the furnace" (Irlande)
    12. Blood Sucking Freaks "" (Angleterre)
    13. Tuco Ramirez "" (Hollande)
    14. Deportation "Deportation" (Hollande)

    15. Atentado "Alarmas" (Espagne)
    16. Parabellum "Momo" (France)
    17. Burning Kitchen "Impact" (Suède)
    18. Feed Your Head "Your kingdom is calling" (Angleterre)

    19. The Uprising "What chance rebellion" (Angleterre)
    20. The Execute "Your eyes" (Japon)
    21. Blood Feast "Think about it by yourself" (Japon)
    22. Nox Mortis "Your life" (Angleterre)

    http://detruirelennui.blogspot.fr/2013/ ... -2013.html

    30th, December, 2012 "End of the world" special!

    1. Nausea "Extinction"
    2. Flux of Pink Indians "The fun is over"
    3. Discharge "Doomsday"
    4. Special Duties "CND"
    5. Onslaught ""

    6. Doom "Black monday"
    7. Amebix "Drink and be merry"
    8. 20 Minutes de Chaos "Un monde parfait"
    9. Final Conflict "Apocalypse now"

    10. Zyklome A "Abort all war"
    11. AOA "Aftermath"
    12. Vex "Sanctuary"
    13. Axegrinder "Final war"

    14. Subhumans "Dying world"
    15. Filth of Mankind "Final chapter"
    16. Tervet Kadet "Searching for the end of the world"
    17. Misery feat Ste de Extinction of Mankind "Four horsemen of the apocalypse"

    18. Varukers "No escape"
    19. Antischism "End of time"

    http://detruirelennui.blogspot.fr/2013/ ... in-du.html
  17. crustybeckham

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    Jan 22, 2012
    Two new shows on the blog:

    February, 10th: America Latina special.

    1. Axion Protesta "Educados para esclavos" (Argentine)
    2. Solucion Mortal "Imperialista" (Mexique)
    3. Indigestös "Punx insubmissas" (Brésil)
    4. A//Narcolepsia "Yo no quiero reconcitio" (Venezuela)

    5. Psicosis Social "Llatayman kutipusaj" (Bolivie)
    6. Apatia-No "Politica electoral" (Venezuela)
    7. Agente Laranja "?" (Brésil)
    8. CxH "?" (Colombie)

    9. Ingobernables "Bienvenidos al desarollo" (Colombie)
    10. Adictxs al Orgasmo "Lucha por la libertad" (Argentine)
    11. Fallas Del Sistema "Musica para la resistencia" (Mexique)
    12. Sistemas de Aniquilacion "Pseudo infierno" (Pérou)

    13. Juventud Podrida "Los demones del Norte" (Panama)
    14. Migra Violenta "?" (Argentine)
    15. Tom Crust "Escuadrones de la muerte" (Chili)
    16. Rash "Dolor de ser" (Mexique)

    17. Drömdead "En este pais" (Venezuela)
    18. Los Dolares "La condena" (Venezuela)
    19. Ruido de Odio "La naturaleza" (Equateur)
    20. DHK "Lima de mierda" (Pérou)

    21. Actitud Subversiva "Los de siempre" (Porto Rico)
    22. Infesto "Educastracion" (Colombie)
    23. 200 Muertos "Cerdo genocidio" (Paraguay)
    24. Autodefensa "Pojos del sistema" (Bolivie)

    25. Fuerza X "Guatemala pais de la eterna corrupcion" (Guatemala)
    26. Lxs Mugres "La policia no sirve para nada" (Mexique)

    27. Dios Hastio "Escarnio" (Pérou)
    28. Brotes de Libertad "Enseñadxs" (Uruguay)

    29. Neurose Urbana "Torturas de 64" (Brésil)
    30. Anfo "Human sacrifice" (Pérou)
    31. Horror Humano "Internacional situacionista" (Argentine)

    http://detruirelennui.blogspot.fr/2013/ ... -2013.html

    February, 24th: "fuck the food the industry" special.

    1. Nikmat Olalim "Milk children" (Israël)
    2. Riot/Clone "What do you have to eat me?" (Angleterre)
    3. Contravene "In the name of convenience" (U$A)
    4. Icons of Filth "Success on a plate" (Pays de Galles)

    5. Dirge "Bootiful" (Angleterre)
    6. Destroy! "We're strong because we eat our spinach" (U$A)
    7. Conflict "Meat means murder" (Angleterre)
    8. Anti-System "Wot not meat" (Angleterre)

    9. Sanctus Iuda "McMurder" (Pologne)
    10. Satanic Malfunctions "Appealing carcasses" (Angleterre)
    11. Citizen Fish "Flesh and blood" (Angleterre)
    12. Crimenes de Guerra "Mcnocidio" (Mexique)

    13. Bornsick "McDonald eat shit" (Italie)
    14. Asfixia "Una opcion, un deber" (Espagne)
    15. Ripcord "Ignorant" (Angleterre)
    16. Subcaos "Guerra ao McDonald's" (Portugal)

    17. Powerage "Eat wheat not meat" (Afrique du Sud)
    18. Active Slaughter "V" (Angleterre)
    19. Flux of Pink Indians "Sick butchers" (Angleterre)
    20. Atrocity "Animal fate" (U$A)

    21. Haywire "Meat is shit" + "Deathcycle" (Angleterre)

    http://detruirelennui.blogspot.fr/2013/ ... ciale.html
  18. Harrison

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    Nov 11, 2009
  19. crustybeckham

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    Jan 22, 2012
    Last week's show was meant to be an "anti-Thatcher" special (which it partly is) but turned into a "punk songs about famous people" special. A bit of an odd topic, I agree...

    1. Chaos UK "Maggie"
    2. Burnt Cross "To hell with Thatcher"
    3. Septic Psychos "The Thatcher"
    4. Inner Terrestrials "Barry Horne"

    5. Chumbawamba "The police has been wonderful"
    6. Active Slaughter "Labour lied, Barry died"
    7. Alternative "Thatcher fuck off"
    8. Wat Tyler "James Whale"

    9. Stalag 17 "Party talk"
    10. Poison Girls "Another hero"
    11. Toxic Waste "Listen Margaret"
    12. Kontraataque "Gobernador nazi"

    13. Toxik Ephex "Maggie"
    14. Conflict "Carlo Giuliani"
    15. Hard Skin "Still fighting Thatcher"
    16. La Société Elle a Mauvaise Haleine "Sarkozy"

    17. Ripcord "Thatchula"
    18. The Stains "John Wayne was a nazi"

    http://detruirelennui.blogspot.fr/2013/ ... ciale.html
  20. Rebellious twit

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    Jul 21, 2012
    if i understood french i would like to listen to it, now i have a question i have no knowledge of punk rock podcasts or radios with english speaking hosts could anybody link me anything if something like that exists? :ecouteurs: