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Culto del Cargo - d-beat/hardcore band from Italy

Discussion in 'Musician Forum & Band Promotion' started by CULTO DEL CARGO, Mar 2, 2014.


    CULTO DEL CARGOMember Forum Member




    Mar 2, 2014
    Italy Italy
    Hey, just a little bit of self-promotion.

    This is “Culto del Cargo”, d-beat/hardcore band from Italy.
    We're active since 2010 and we have released in 2014 our new 7inch EP.

    You can download it for free from our website http://www.cultodelcargo.com
    Feel free to publish it on your website/blog and share it with whoever.
    No copyright.
    D.I.Y. attitude.

    On our website you can find some videos, our next gigs, some stuff in our distro, and the old 7inch (download it and share it too!).


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