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Crusty Art?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CiderPunkJimbo, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. CiderPunkJimbo

    CiderPunkJimboMember Forum Member




    Jun 5, 2011
    I've had a little look round the forum and can't find a great deal on crust art. Stuff thats on albums and gig flyers, such as the skumfest ones, the art is amazing. I would love a tattoo sleeve like that, it would be imense! But alas, I can't afford that right now :( but I would love to get In Crust We Trust on my wrist in that style, I was wondering if anybody could design me something? I know its mostly words, but the style of text (font, if you like) and background to it is what I'm looking. I've tried myself but it's just not looking good.
    If anyone can help me out I'd be well greatful. A brief idea I have, is In Crust We Trust, and either side of it (A) and (E) and underneath that, bigger then those a peace symbol. I have about 4inches by 3inches in between other tats. If you could help me out I'd owe you one, you can knock yourself out with the background style, patterns or whatever is cool... I can afford about an hour and a half in the tattoo studio so nothing too complex is needed.

    Also, on a more general note, does anyone have more art that is on the other crust art thread? Or links to it... I love this


  2. ryan1980

    ryan1980Experienced Member Experienced member




    Jul 9, 2010
    The style of text is an exaggerated old English font. Search the font sites like DAFONT.COM (personal fav.) for ideas.
  3. skulldrix

    skulldrixExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Jul 9, 2011
    Theres John John Jesse, the baseplayer from Nausea, who did the artwork for their albums and some others crust bands. He also is self taught painter.


    If you're taking about that;s articular style of album art all it really is is sketches, doodles, with pen/pencil really.Anything you could find on a school notebook.Comes wit the diy thing it's cheap, and who can really afford paints? Plus the black and whiteness of it fits well with the darkness of the music.
  4. totalcrusher

    totalcrusherNew Member New Member




    Aug 10, 2011
    sometimes at the end of zines they will have an artist spotlight, i'm pretty sure I've seen this in profane existence and slug n lettuce at least...

    Thomas Hooper is a rad tattooer that does occult rad type shit...

    Ratgrinder did the artwork for sanctum, against empire, etc...

    Halseycaust did some inepsy, toxic holocaust, i think..

    Doomsday Graphics is a really rad dude too, check it out

    also that rudimentary peni vocalist I know did all their art and the recent iron lung LP

    HR Giger makes me think of the dystopian apocalyptic world that us crusties love to fantasize about
  5. larzz-smith-1992

    larzz-smith-1992New Member New Member




    Nov 20, 2011
    i find a piece of wood and cover it with tipex and pain i find laying around and even in like old d.i.y/ paint stores round back cover it with various different colours then make my message. reguards to crust im thinking of osibly doing a bulletridden[british more modern yet underground crust] on a piece of wood i'll uplad it when i finish it.
    if anyne does get a spare 10 mins search bulletridden on google it should take you to a mysace page where they make albums available to buy :)