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CRUDO SOY zine (Chile, Southamerica) #9 contents(2019)

Discussion in 'Music, punk scene & subcultures' started by CrudoSoyZine, May 6, 2019.

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    CRUDO SOY zine it's a HcPunk zine in physical issues and spanish language from Chile, Southamerica.

    Here are the contents of the #9.

    BESTHÖVEN (Dis Punk legendary one man band from Brazil)
    ULTIMO GOBIERNO (Old Classic spanish Raw Punk)
    CHIKARA (International raw Crust project based in Bosnia)
    TOMAR CONTROL (All female old-school Straight Edge Hardcore from Peru)
    CLOSET WITCH (Amazing grind/violence Female fronted from U.S.A.)
    KEMAGORRA (Raw Mince core from Argentina, plus female vocals)
    TALACACTUS (Noisy Powerviolence from Argentina)
    DIÂVOL STRAIN (All female Post Punk/ Dark Wave duet from Chile)
    REDBAIT (Full violence Hardcore Female fronted from the U.S.A.)

    HEROXS DEL 88 (Interview with the director of this documentary that compilates information about the old V.A. Invasion 88, Argentina)

    - UNA MEMORIA MENOR (a history about one of the old premiere Hardcore bands in Chile, Disturbio Menor)
    - EL NACIMIENTO DEL PUNK EN CAMBOYA (translated scene report from the Hardcore/Punk & Metal in Kampuchea, plus a historical/ pollitical introduction)
    - UNA HISTORIA DE PUNK Y RESISTENCIA: LA BATALLA POR UNGDOMSUSHET (a translation from DIY conspiracy about the danish squat experience of Ungdomsushet)
    - POLY STIRENE, DESDE SIEMPRE Y PARA SIEMPRE (compilation of writings in homage to Poly Stirene, singer in X ray spex)

    Vynils (12' & 7')
    Cds/ Pro Cdr/ Cdr
    Zines and Press

    Visit crido-soy-zine.blogspot.com to read some of the contents and interviews of old issues. Dowlnloads of all the previous issues and other news about Pollitical DIY Hardcore Punk.

    Visit fb.com/crudosoyzine2 for make contact and check the information shared from all other punk sites.

    Send a e-mail to [email protected] if you want to distribute copys in your city.

    Stay Punk, Stay Active, Stay furious!
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