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Crucial Attack - Dutch Distro - Update January 2010..

Discussion in 'Muziek & Counter Culturen' started by crucialattack, Jan 7, 2010.

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    Jan 7, 2010

    Hi Everybody,

    2009 is gone. Good. It was a great year with a lot of nice releases. We had fun. There was also a crisis. We and many others had hard times keeping everything together. Hopefully 2010 is going to be a better year for the hardcore-punk scene here in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. Of course Crucial Attack Records and Distro will continue delivering great records to you in 2010!

    New full length records available in the Crucial Attack Records and Distro webstore;


    ANS - Pressure Cracks – LP - Tankcrimes Records – 10.49
    Texas skate-rock hoodlums ANS are back and fired up with nine more tracks of fast, intense hardcore punk, but this time with more beards and longer hair, but maintaining the love of skating, JFA and The Faction. LP includes digital download.

    Billy Childish & Dan Melch - Devil In The Flesh – LP - Sympathy For The Record Industry - - 11.49 Euro
    Billy Childish is a musician, painter, poet, novelist, and all-around rabble-rousing aesthete from Kent, England. Childish joined his first band, the Pop Rivets, in 1977 and has since then fronted the Milkshakes, Thee Mighty Caesars, Thee Headcoats, the Blackhands, and the Buff Medways, among others ensembles. A student of rock & roll's raw early days, Childish mixes blues, R&B, '60s garage, and occasionally folk and country, and presents it with wild, unhinged abandon and unflappable integrity. A unique and prolific visionary, Childish is a deeply spiritual person who believes in the transcendent power of art; his work also remains fiercely anti-mainstream.

    Black Friday '29 - Black Friday 2009 - LP - 9.90 Euro
    Everything is going to hell and Black Friday '29 are back to make arough and unpleasant statement of life in a dying world. 9 brand new hardcore tracks full of passion, anger and truth. It’s 2009 and Europe’s leading hardcore band Black Friday ’29 are back with the most crucial and inevitable release to date: ‘Black Friday 2009’. A clear and pissed-off statement full of aggression, straightforwardness and social criticism. Musically the band splays their self-created traditional hardcore style even further: heavier, catchier and more extensive than any of their previous recordings.

    Capitalist Casualties / Hellnation - Split LP - Six Weeks Records - 10.49 Euro
    Eleven years in the making, a monument to all-out meltdown thrash. Nine political hardcore blasts from Capitalist Casualties (first recording in nine years) on the Iraq war, environmental destruction and a fish. Twelve brand new, carpet bombing detonations from Kentucky bastards Hellnation: annihilating, catchy and relentlessly pissed off. Now available again on vinyl at the Crucial Attack Webstore.

    Christian Death - Only Theatre Of Pain – LP - Frontier - 11.49 Euro
    Without this record goth as we know it would not exist. Even if that statement turns you off this record is essential. Featuring Rikk Agnew of the Adolescents and DI, he adds a punk rawness to the dark lyrics and general spookiness.

    Cobra Skulls - American Rubicon - LP - Red Scare Industries - 11.90 Euro
    Bilingual punks Cobra Skulls take to the streets with another dose of non-stop melodic punk that steals elements of The Clash, Against Me! and even a little Screeching Weasel to put the finishing touches on 17 tracks of leather jacket-toting punk rock.

    Cro Mags - Before The Quarrel- LP – 9.90 Euro
    The Age of Quarrel was a veritable monster of a hardcore album, seething with vitriol and threat, and shot through with massively chugging metal riffs and galloping drums. Easily the Cro-Mags finest hour, and probably tough-guy hardcore's as well, it was a crossover sensation, appealing both to the tried-and-true punk and hardcore crowd, as well as folks from the metal camp. Case in point, Motorhead elected to take the Cro-Mags on the road with them during the tour for this album. Age of Quarrel hit like a bomb, and despite the fact that a few waves of East Coast hardcore bands had already issued their debuts (Agnostic Front, Minor Threat, SSD, DYS, Bad Brains, SOA), it quickly set the pace for albums to follow. The sounds was brutal, caustic, honest, uncompromising, and musically engaging. Unfortunately for the band, its legacy is often obscured by the bizarre trappings of Krishna thought, and the thuggery of skinhead violence. Before the Quarrel brings the band's highly sought after early demo tracks into the light of day. Essentially little more than raw versions of the album proper, Before the Quarrel nonetheless proves a worthy companion to Age of Quarrel, and a must have for diehards.

    Dangerhouse vol. 1 - Compilation LP - Frontier Records - 11.49 Euro
    Either the A-side or B-side from each of the bands appearing on the long-defunct and most collectable LA punk indie label. With the Bags, X, Black Randy, Deadbeats, Weirdos, Avengers, etc. See the full tracklist at the Crucial Attack Webstore.

    Dangerhouse vol. 2 - Compilation LP - Frontier Records - 11.49 Euro
    Finally available on vinyl (in addition to CD)! More classics from the Dangerhouse label's vaults. Also contains previously unreleased songs. Bands include Bags, Eyes, Black Randy, Rhino 39, Weirdos, X, Avengers, Dils, etc. Yes, it is on colored vinyl. HAPPY NOW? See the full tracklist at the Crucial Attack Webstore.

    Fall Apart - Through Your Eyes – LP - Cobra Records - 9.90 Euro
    Fall Apart from Schaffhausen/Switzerland mix fast Youth-Crew Hardcore, like early The First Step meets Betrayed, and combine it with a very own note and sound. This is 11 tracks of modern Hardcore that packs a punch.

    Graf Orlock - Destination Time Today – LP - Adagio Records - 9.90 Euro
    Destination Time Today is the third installment of Graf Orlock's chronology bending cinema-grind trilogy begun in 2006 and 2007. This new testament to nebulous ideas and bodily harm surveys such time honored themes as presidential assassination, robotic domination, and the pitfalls of pre-historic survival. Aesthetically, Destination Time Today continues a barrage of thrash and incomprehensible anger, while interweaving a filthy compliment of slow and grating depression, all within a two minute framework of ill- imagined social commentary. With a Jan 2009 East Coast tour, and Summer 2009 Euro Tour, Graf Orlock aim to inspire a cynical rebellion so infuriating, they hopefully won't live to witness it.

    Idle Hands - Postponed – Hardware Records - LP - 9.90 Euro
    It contains 15 highly melodic/melancholic midtempo punk rock songs which mix some inspirations from bands like The Wipers, Buzzcocks, Descendents or All with the more relaxed stuff of Jay Reatard.The ideal music for the summer time! If idleness warps the mind, than there's still the heart and the soul. There's plenty of both on this first full-length delivery by the four rockers from Münster and Osnabrück who are also on duty in Missing Shadows and Press Gang. Expectations were flying high up there in Punkrock heaven after the first 7'' ran hot on everyone's record spinner and the boys really managed to increase the density of hits on this non-stop 14-song long big plate that already ranges as candidate for 'record of the year'!!! Powerful bass lines and a dry and driving beat in the best Pegboy meets the Marked Men way in a harmonious alliance with the Statues guitar lines and that fantastic, part melancholic, part cheerful vocal melodies make that an easy decision. From the pounding and revolting opener 'Have hope' to the socio-critical 'Make it better', the alcoholic lament 'Endless war' on the first side over to the catchy 'Waiting for my statue', the somehow slower and cool marcher 'Alloy', the faster self-help hymn 'Officious attempts' right to the perfect and positive closing tune 'New ways2 this record comes straight from the heart and speaks with a mind! To keep things short: The Idle Hands - Postponed LP was released on April, 25th at a blast of a show. 999 copies were made, 50 were sold as a release edition with a different cover at the release show but there were 200 copies on mint colored vinyl. The bandmemembers also do time in Press Gang and The Missing Shadows. So if you want some musical background for a nice mellow summer evening or a laid back car drive listen to this LP.

    Seed Of Pain - Blindfold & Doomed – LP - Cobra Records - 9.90 Euro
    Seed of Pain consists of four young individuals from around the area of Lucerne, Switzerland. We think of ourselves not as of a hardcore band but of a group of angry young men who deal with their demons and fears the way we think we could do best. We have never set ourselves any limitations, be it music-, lyric- nor otherwise. No compromise or trend-following to any scene. Yes, this sounds cliché and outdated, but in times like these we feel it is necessary to say so. Music should be a way to express yourself, no matter what. But with limitations, restrictions and rules you won't create any honesty. Blindfolded & Doomed is the latest release from Lucernes hardest Seed Of Pain. Raging Post-Hardcore built on massive sounds with thoughtful lyrics and a beautiful artwork. It's a must have! Includes a digital download coupon for the entire LP!

    Social Circkle - City Shock – LP - Hardware Records - 9.90 Euro
    Bostonians Social Circkle populate the upper crust of American hardcore punk bands, following up numerous splits and comp tracks with their first full-length, an 11-track romp through mid-tempo tracks that bring to mind the Regulations interspersed with some hyper-fast hardcore tracks conjuring up the speedier moments of Career Suicide. European Pressing on Hardware Records.

    Yuppicide - Demos '88 & '98 – LP - Clusterfuck Records - 9.90 Euro
    NY Hardcore Punk band YUPPICIDE. Born in Brooklyn in 88, died in Brooklyn '99. Yes DIED, as in done. But keep requesting that we do (another) reunion, because it strokes our fragile egos and makes us feel really important. Joe, Steve, and Jesse met while attending art school in Brooklyn, NY. John Lynch was recruited on drums and in 1988 Yuppicide was formed. Yuppicide's songs have consistently dealt with issues of: questioning authority, censorship, and problematic relationships. With lyrics that encompasses various characters (assassins to anorexic teenage girls) Yuppicide has rarely walked the common hardcore path. Their first full length: "Fear Love" (Wreck-Age) was released in 1990,after which they toured through Europe for 7 weeks building a strong fan base that has stayed with them ever since. Their second full length: "Shinebox" was released in 1993 (Wreck-Age), and marked a stylistic progression, aided by the addition of a new drummer: Pete Guinan. By their third full length release: "Dead man walking" (Wreck-Age), Yuppicide had carved out a niche all their own, with songs that had elements of punk, and the power of hardcore, but a style that was solely Yuppicide!


    Anchor - Relations Of Violence – EP - Refuse Records - 4.00 Euro
    4 brand new songs of one of the most hard-working current bands in Europe. This Vegan Straight Edge HC band from Sweden already has done several European tours and recently a North American tour. This new 7' is following their 'The Quiet Dance' full length on Refuse and Catalyst. It's a pleasure to work with them again for an exclusive release on Refuse Records and it really might be their best stuff they've done so far.'Relations of Violence' brings a darker, but also more intenseapproach to what the band has done before. There's still a strong 90's hardcore influence in there, but we can definitely also hear some influences from the best cuts of Swedish hardcore punk history (for example, bands like Anti-Cimex) or recent dark heavier bands like Cursed. It's all served up in original and unique way, sounding like a perfect combination with a powerful impact where message and content is still important - '2009, still fighting to speak our minds, staying afloat when masses are kept down'.

    Bane - Dublin, 11:58 PM – EP - Hurry Up! Records - 4.90 Euro
    Founded on beliefs that are in short supply within the current underground music scene, Massachusetts' Bane has established themselves as one of the most influential and relevant bands in hardcore today.Freed of any obligations from their longtime label Equal Vision, the new material will be released on various labels throughout the world, all of which will have their own signature title, track list, and cover art for the release. Various photographers were contacted in the different locations around the world where the records will be released, and at the exact minute on the same day, seven photographers took pictures of their city skyline at that moment. For some it was 7:58 in the morning, for others 12:58 at night, but they all pulled it off and the photo they took would be the cover and the title of the release for each territory, Tokyo 7:58 am, Dublin 11:58 pm, Boston 6:58 pm, Perth 7:58 am and to be released by 6131 Records on December 8th - Los Angeles, 3:58 pm.

    Balance/ Hårda Tider - Split – EP - Instigate Records - 4.00 Euro
    Two of the most active hardcore bands from Malmö/Lund area team up for a split where one band decides what cover the other band plays, and vice versa. Balance started out late summer 2007 by 4 Swedish kids deciding to put together a fast and aggressive straight edge band in the vein of Floorpunch, Straight Ahead and Carry On, to name a couple of their biggest influences.

    No Turning Back/ Strength For A Reason - Split EP - Filled With Hate Records - 4.50 Euro
    No Turning Back. What's left to say about these guys? Lots of bands talk about world domination, No Turning Back turned it into reality. They toured relentlessly and I guess by now, they've seen pretty much every corner of this planet of ours. Twice. It's amazing to see how much this band has grown throughout the years. In between all the touring they found the time to record and release this picture disc split 7'. It's just exactly what you expect from the 'Kings of Brabant'. Nothing groundbreaking, nothing fancy, nothing new. Just more No Turning Back. Solid hardcore. And I know for sure that's exactly what you were all waiting for. So there you go, if you liked the previous stuff you can buy this without hesitation. I mean, I could say I still prefer 'Rise From The Ashes' ('Sick World', 'Poisoned Tongues'!) to most of the newer stuff, but nobody cares. A song like 'Brotherhood' could have been on there anyway. It has a great groove and all you moshkids will go crazy on it. No doubt about that.
    There's another band on this piece of wax too. Strength For A Reason. I noticed I kinda lost attention halfway the first song. I gave it a couple of spins and it's not bad at all, but I just can't get into it. Don't know what it is exactly and most of you probably disagree with me. I mean, I looked through our archive and found Duncan's review of their 'Show And Prove' CD from 2003 and he absolutely loved it. To me it mainly shows the weakness of most splits though. You end up listening to your favorite side most of the time. Even when the other side isn't bad at all. The picture disc looks amazing, great artwork done by Rafal Wechterowicz. There are no lyrics though, not with my copy at least. They could have added a lyric sheet or something. I still love to sit down and read those. It's a hardcore record after all.Review by Pim - Asice.net.

    Right Idea - Demo – EP - Refuse Records - 4.00 Euro
    Cleveland Straight Edge! Many of you have already heard this band on their great debut "Our World" 12" on React! Records (repressed now as a 7" on Bottled Up Records in the States). This new Right Idea 7" on Refuse Records contains five remastered songs that originally appeared on their demo. Some of the members of the band have been a part of several sXe oriented bands during the last couple of years including COMMITTED and also NAMES FOR GRAVES - who did a 7" for Refuse Records in 2005. We're excited to work with these guys again and their 7" is a great release that we have to offer to the world. This band has a lot of spirit and brings new meaning to the old school style positive approach. They also bring fast, sharp, direct, hard-hitting, and to the point songs in the vein of Straight Ahead or No For An Answer.

    Sick Mormons - Why Does Shit Keep Falling From... - EP - 4.00 Euro
    Okay, this is the second EP after their Self Titled debut EP from 2008. Heavily influenced by bands like; T.S.O.L., Adolescents, Bad Religion, Dag Nasty, Minor Threat, D.I. , Articles of Faith, Social Distortion, Germs and Agent Orange. These guys from Sick Mormons know how to create a good punk record. Get into it. Already a classic. With members of Gewapend Beton, and the legendary Oievear.

    The Wipers - Youth Of America – LP - 9.90 Euro
    Simply obliterating any conception of the Wipers as a mere punk band, Greg Sage released this follow-up to Is This Real? in 1981 -- a sophisticated, overwhelming response to the evil times marked by the turn of the decade. Broken up into six long songs, Youth of America is a much colder, harrowing experience than the teen angst of their debut. Vocally, Sage comes off as sleep-deprived and forsaken, snarling not only at his own predicament but at the predicament of the entire world. The centerpiece of the album is the title track, a dire ten minutes of paranoia and angst that gave Sage the space to showcase his wildest, darkest playing yet. As bassist Brad Davidson and drummer Brad Naish hold the same hypnotic rhythm for the entire song, the guitar careens and swoops with such a frantic energy, it seems as though it's the only thing keeping Sage alive in the maelstrom of sound. It's a fitting commentary that the exacting, post-punk legends Mission of Burma and squalling, noisy thugs The Melvins both saw fit to cover the track. Jackpot Records have kept to the high standards set by our previous reissues (The Wipers' Is This Real? and the self-titled Beauregarde LP), and Youth of America is pressed on high-quality vinyl at RTI and packaged in a sturdy, old-fashioned tip-on sleeve. The tracks have been mastered from original tapes by Greg Sage himself, and the cover is identical to the original sleeve as issued in 1981.


    Cornered - Hardcore 2009 (black and Olive) - Shirt -– Crucial Attack Records - 10.00 Euro

    On - Light – LongSleeve - React Records - 15.00 Euro

    Bratpack - You're Dead Now Fucker! – Shirt – Crucial Attack Records - 10.00 Euro

    Zines and Books;

    Adult Crash - by Dave Brown – Book - Vicious Circle Records - 11.90 Euro

    This book compiles two decades of photographs from Dave Brown, a local fixture at shows in the Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC area. Along with tons of photos, this book also includes anecdotes about surviving the "adult crash" from John Joseph, Walter Schreifels, Paul Bearer, Brian Walsby, Eric Ozenne, Rick Ta Life, Tim McMahon and more. Plus, a 7" is included featuring Down To Nothing, Kill Your Idols, The Slumlords and Cloak/Dagger.

    Back2Front - Issue #5 – Magazine - 4.00 Euro
    With interviews with bands like; DOA, Citizens Fish, Lobotomies. Story about the rise and fall of anarchy in Russia, unionising of the sex industry, columns and lots of reviews.

    Tales Of Shatou – Issue #5 - Zine - 0.50 Euro
    Interviews with Joshua’s Song en Tigers Jaw and some random talks. 24 pages half a4 sized.

    Maximum Rock N Roll Magazine – Issue #319 – Zine – 4.00 Euro
    For this month’s cover feature/tongue twister we’ve got “Punk On Kuollut, Eläköön Hardcore” a retrospective of the birth of Finnish hardcore! Also in this issue: interviews with early ’80s hardcore legends, The Fix; Pittsburgh hardcore miscreants Slices; the Midwestern-by-way-of-Russian Pink Reason; and Dubai’s first punk band, Gandhi’s Cookbook. We have San Francisco sounds covered with interviews with the Nodzzz and post-punk- and C86-influenced Brilliant Colors. We’ve also got the Messthetical Scrotum Poles, the classic Northwestern punk sound provided by Gun Outfit from Olympia, and some Canadian hardcore courtesy of Positive Noise. All of this plus a Goner Fest photo spread, and of course all the usual columns, news, and more punk rock reviews than you can possibly conceive of!

    Maximum Rock N Roll Magazine – Subscription
    Subscription for 6 issues of punk magazine Maximum Rock N Roll. Your subscription will begin with the issue of the upcoming month and you'll get the MRR every month for a half year for 32 Euro postage paid in the Netherlands or 36 Euro postage paid in Europe. We also provide subscription for a year.

    Thanks for reading!

    Franke and Niels
    Crucial Attack Records