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Crow - Death Of Nuclear Arms 7" (Japan)

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by punkmar77, Nov 18, 2010.

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    Crow Biography

    1. A hardcore punk band from Japan
    2. A rock band from Australia
    3. A band from Japan now called Kagrra
    4. A blues rock band from Minnesota, United States
    5. A progressive rock band from the United Kingdom
    6. A musique concrete musician from the United Kingdom
    7. A hardcore band from South Korea
    8. A metalcore band from Colorado, United States
    9. A metal band from Sweden

    1) Crow is the name of a Japanese punk band which features Ironfist Tatsushima, the former drummer of cult Japanese punk band G.I.S.M.. The band was started in the early 80s in Osaka and still exists releasing records both in Japan and in the US (on Prank Records from San Francisco).

    2) The Australian band Crow originated in Sydney in the late '80s, featured songwriter (and later actor) Peter Fenton. They released three critically acclaimed albums (My Kind Of Pain, produced by Steve Albini, Li-Lo-Ing and Play With Love) and a number of EPs but broke up still relatively undiscovered. They were on the "Half A Cow" label originally, before appearing on RA records, amongst others. The band was responsible for the organisation of the soundtrack to the movie Praise, which also featured Fenton in a lead role. Widely respected Australian instrumental band, The Dirty Three also contributed to this project. In June 2007, a reformed Crow began to play gigs again and in 2009 they recorded an new album that was mixed by Jim Moginie of Midnight Oil. The album will be released in 2010 with the first single Ghost at the crossroads released in February 2010.

    3) The Japanese Crow was a previous name for Kagrra, while they were on the "Key Party label". They changed their name and record label by switching over to "PS Company" in mid 2000. Their first release with PSC was in Dec that year. As Crow their sole release, a mini album, Hyakuyae, came out in 1999. They also featured on a DVD and collection CD both titled HAND IN YOUR KEY, along with their 'brother band' Lar~Mia in Jan 2000.

    4) There was also an American blues-rock band called Crow from Minneapolis. Originally named south 40, which had a US top 20 single with the song Evil Woman. The song was later released by black sabbath as their first single. (evil woman (don't play your games with me))

    5) The Whitstable band CROW (Kent) formed in the early 1990's from the ashes of Door Marked Summer. Their rousing brand of Tribal Psychedelic Prog-Rock is tempered with a Hardcore/Crust-Punk edge, and has evolved to incorporate influences from Dub, Trance and Funk. The band have amassed a large following, regularly playing Folkestone's Leas Cliff Hall both as headline and as support to bands such as Girlshool and Here and Now (ex-Gong). CROW split in 1995 following the departure of Mike Ashbee, but reformed in early 2008, after the death of their former promoter Brian Steele.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.





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