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Crisis - 1997 - We Are All Jews And Germans (Disc 1) [APN]

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    Aug 7, 2009
    Crisis - 1997 - We Are All Jews And Germans (Disc 1).zip
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    06 Bru
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    We Are All Jews And Germans
    Release Date : 1997

    1-1 to 1-3: From the 7" "No Town Hall" (Action Group, NOTH1, 1979) - Recorded 1978 1-4 and 1-5: From the 7" "UK 79" (Ard Kor, CR1002, 1979) - Recorded 1978 for John Peel session 1-6 and 1-7: From the 7" "Alienation" (Ard Kor, CR1004, 1981) - Recorded 1978 for John Peel session 1-8 to 1-14: From the 12" LP "Hymns Of Faith" (Ard Kor, CR1003, 1980) 2-1 to 2-3: First ever studio demos - Recorded 1977

    Crisis Biography

    Crisis is a Punk band from London, UK.
    Started out in late 70s with the rise of the punk movement. They were at the forefront of the political take on punk. Their songs were about the state of the country, the government and anti-Nazism.

    [b]Copyright company is [l1079448][/b]

    Band members: Tony Wakeford, Lloyd James, Clive Giblin, Laura Tanner
    Band ex-members: , Douglas Pearce, Lester Jones (2), Dexter (6), Luke Rendall, The Cleaner, Phrazer, Igor Olejar

    There are multiple acts sharing the name Crisis:
    1. A British political punk band
    2. A metal group from the 1990s lead by Karyn Crisis, signed to Metal Blade Records
    3. A Spanish punk rock band
    4. An American rock band
    5. A name used for the 2008 UK all-star charity single "Consequences"
    6. A 1970's old-time style radio show hosted by Jim French
    7. An English industrial ambient band
    8. A portuguese electronic flame-on band!
    9.A punk band from Vacaville that consists of members from DcOi!, Monster Squad, Pullout etc.
    10. A Christian Rock band from Northeast Ohio

    1. The earliest Crisis was a British punk and post-punk band, formed in 1977 which was active until the early eighties. After the dissolution of Crisis, Douglas Pearce and Tony Wakeford formed Death In June, Luke Rendall joined Theatre of Hate and Lester Jones formed Carcrash International.

    Crisis performed at many rallies for Rock Against Racism (RAR), the Anti-Nazi League (ANL) and Right To Work marches eventually resulting in British music magazine Sounds using the phrase 'Music To March To' to describe their distinctly edgy, controversial and far-left leaning form of Punk Rock. Crisis gained a substantial following in the UK and Europe's punk subculture. In early 1979 the group underwent a major change in personnel with Phrazer, the original lead singer and Insect Robin The Cleaner, the original drummer, being replaced by long time fan and roadie Dexter and Luke Rendall. After performing their last show supporting Magazine and Bauhaus in their home town of Guildford in Surrey on 10th May,1980 the decision was taken to dissolve Crisis. In 2005, the Crisis discography was released on a single CD entitled Holocaust Hymns through Apop Records and in 2008 a recording of their final show in 1980 was released on the Ends! CD.

    2. Crisis is fronted by eccentric vocalist Karyn Crisis, whose schizophrenic vocal stylings (including everything from melodic singing to death-grunts to impulsive squeaks and squawks) simply defied description. Formed in the early 90's, Crisis was also a multi-cultural stew, throwing Pakistani guitarist Afzaal Nasiruddeen, Taiwanese bassist Gia Chuan Wang and American drummer Fred Waring into a musical melting pot of frightening proportions, first put on public display via 1994's 8 Convulsions L.P. Their landmark second opus Deathshead Extermination followed two years later and it's fair to say that its head-spinning songwriting complexity and unmitigated brutality set the underground metal world on its ear, if not much else. The same was true of 1997's somewhat more restrained The Hollowing, but a long silence descended until 2001, when it was announced that the band was finally set for a comeback under a different name, that being Skullsick Nation. This announcement was retracted only a year later, however, and after welcoming guitarist/drummer Jywanza Hobson, Crisis began work on a fourth album. On a side note, Karyn Crisis has also garnered many followers for her work as a leather-smith.

    8 Convulsions (1994)
    Deathshead Extermination (1996)
    The Hollowing (1997)
    Like Sheep Led To Slaughter (2004)

    3. Independent Punk Crisis from Madrid they no longer exist.

    4. There is also a band out of Charlotte, NC called Crisis. They are an independent pop/rock band that has been playing around the area for over ten years now. More information is available at their MySpace music page.

    5. Crisis was used as the name for a UK charity single in 2008 for the national charity of homeless people, of the same name. 'Consequences' featured Paul Weller, Supergrass, The Enemy, New Young Pony Club and members of The Gossip and Babysahmbles

    6. Crisis was an old time radio show which ran from 1973 to about 1978 with repeats. Although not well-distributed at the time, the author, Jim French, has achieved something of a cult status among listeners

    7. Crisis is an English Industrial Ambient band. The band are signed to Syndrom Records. Their first album "Reactor4" was released in 2009. The Crisis project came about in early 2009 after recording the album ‘Reactor4’. Reactor number 4 was the nuclear reactor that exploded within the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Ukraine, in 1986. It was considered to be the worst nuclear disaster in history. The disaster left the city of Prypiat abandoned. To this day the city remains an exclusion zone. The recordings on this album were made to create a soundtrack for the nuclear era, when in 1986 the Western world learned of the disaster.
    (Crisis are not linked to the early punk band of the same name).

    8. A portuguese electronic band, lead by the great vocals of The Nihilist among tuning of Jack Diamond and Cobrawolf. Check'em out: http://www.myspace.com/crisiscrisiscrisis !!!


    9. No information provided.

    10. CRISIS was a Christian rock band from Ohio, formed for the contemporary worship service of the North Eaton Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) which ran April, 1999-December, 2003. The band also toured regionally and released one cd ("CRISIS and Diana Tyler", a 1999 indie project) which featured five full-band tracks, with the remainder of the cd comprised of solo tracks by the group's lead singer/songwriter, and two tracks featuring guest vocalists Toni Harless and Linda Rodak. Within the Christian music arena, CRISIS was heralded for its "true rock band" sound and diverse musical influences which differentiated the group from the typical "religious bands" of that era. The group (lead guitarist Justin Smith, drummer Glen Thompson, bassist Tim Tyler, and vocalist/guitarist Diana Tyler) disbanded in 2003 but Diana continues to write, record and perform.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - World Serpent

    Sometimes appears as l960978

    World Serpent Distribution was formed in the late 80s and was co-owned by David Gibson, Alan Trench and Alison Webster. It began operation by distributing the artist-run industrial & 'apocalyptic folk' labels Durtro (Current 93), New European Recordings (Death In June), United Dairies (Nurse With Wound) and Tursa (Sol Invictus).

    Other similar labels later joined the fold, such as Threshold House/Eskaton (Coil), Conspiracy International (Chris & Cosey) and Biter Of Thorpe (Danielle Dax/Lemon Kittens).

    World Serpent also functioned as a label, although they released very few records on their own. The vast majority of the releases they distributed were on other labels & imprints.

    World Serpent went bankrupt in August, 2004.



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