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Cria Cuervos Recs. RIP OFF (Venezuela)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Josu, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. Josu

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    Oct 25, 2009
    Press: Cria Cuervos Records = Total Rip Off Records

    The punk DIY (do it yourself) is the space where I found the best people in this desolate world. But as elsewhere, there good people and people not so good. The communities of punks around world leave aside the written contracts, professionalism in music scene and we base our relationship on trust and spoken word.

    Some people seem to abuse this quality in the International community of Do it Yourself, one of which is Cria Cuervos Records, label "HTM" in the city of Merida, Venezuela, and who use to help booking shows in the same city.

    Fernando, who carries this label, is a punk with experience in organizing shows in the city, some with good
    results, and some not so good. In the tour the band Llorando en el Desierto (LEED), last year (2009) left the band members alone, with no place to sleep, without food and in total neglect by him.

    In the tour of the hardcore punk band, Tropiezo. I offered the opportunity to him to help me with the tour of this legendary band from Puerto Rico through Venezuela and Colombia, "Muchos Rebeldes, Poca Revolucion " Despite having had an accident prior in the tour of the LEED I gave him the opportunity to be reclaimed himself in this tour and made it very clear.

    Everything was very simple, should raise about $ 50 for the band (For expenses to the next city buses, taxes to cross the border) and $ 172 (1380 Bolivares Fuertes) that should pay all dates in order to cover half of the plane tickets.

    I fully understand that someone can’t raise enough money in a show; It has happened on previous occasions that I could not, for various reasons, get enough money. But the human side always leads in a community that cask for more humanism in a world so gray. Fernando, Cria Cuervos Records, didn’t raise anything.

    Just arrived with the band and Tropiezo to the city of Merida, after driving for more than 12 hours from the city of Caracas, we knew something was wrong. Fernando was in a total state of drunkenness, in quality of organizing a show of band from another country, which is unacceptable. There were about 60 people at least in the show, which we thought odd, since Fernando was calling since our arrival not having enough money cuz the lack of people. But claimed to have all the money product of some jewelry he possessed and would sell in a pawnshop the next day. The show was canceled just when I Tropiezo going to play, product of the violence. Anyway, everyone had paid their cover and money was never returned to them.

    Our need for rest and hunger came over us. We stress about 5 or 6 times to Fernando that we wanted to go and sleep. In his drunk and party mood completely ignored us until final call a friend for a place to stay.

    Lex, Electronic DJ from Merida set a place with great charisma at his home. Is surprising that a person who has nothing to do with the Punk community is much more honest, charismatic and friendly than people like Fernando. Lex let us lodge in his house for 2 nights, ate with him. From here I send a greeting and eternal thanks if you read this.

    Fernando on the other hand, set a meting the day after the show in the bus station at 1 pm. Where we had to wait for 3 hours. And did not bring the promised money. Apologized as always, and arrange another appointment the next day in the Pawnshop. Javier, singer of Tropiezo, and I were surprised to see Fernando exit the bus terminal, laughing with friends. If I as an organizer need so much money, I'd be quite concerned.

    On the evening of that day, Fernando sent a text message to my Cell / Mobil saying that he had pawned the jewelry and that needed to sell about 1000 bolivars (125 dollars) for and sell them out of the pawnshop. The money, he said, should come from us. Of course not fell into his game and we were willing to face him the next day in the pawnshop.

    The next day we didn’t gave him the money and faced him, Not just for playing with us: mainly by abandoning the house of someone we did not knew, didn’t gave us the food he had promised or even company us.

    As we left the place, Fernando said he could get the money for to the process in the pawnshop and to call him later. Tropiezo disappointed, the same day took the bus to Medellin, the next city and they say that is the best shows they have ever played. I stayed in Merida (embarrassed) one more day to see if I got the 172 dollars for the plane tickets I put from my pocket and $ 50 of Tropiezo.

    Fernando and I met later at 4 pm at the center Mérida, and promised to get me the money and put it in 4 parts each week in a bank account (43 dollars per week). That was August 16, 2010, and today after many emails, calls sms messages and found no response neither to me or Tropiezo.

    Fernando, for us (Tropiezo and I) is described as a total Rip Off. Everyone who considers it as you like but we, Rafael Manrique (Cabeza de Vaca Recs), and the band Tropiezo, do not recommend any commitments, trades or booking with this person.

    We wont tolerate more ripoffs in the small DIY community in Latin America. Almost no one trade or tour this lands. And a person like Cria Cuervos Records doesn’t help in changing this.

    Fernando, you're right to reply to this statement, we attempt to contact in various ways, but got no response.

    This same statement was sent mass email to over 500 active contacts of the global DIY scene; your replies will be sent to these emails too, if you do it.

    Rafael Manrique (Cabeza de Vaca)

  2. punkmar77

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    Nov 13, 2009
     United States
    Sounds really fucked up, the only thing I would add to this, is the first time he did it to you, should have been the warning. Tropiezo are a good band and they were a long way from home he should have done a lot more than drink and ignore a touring DIY band. Hopefully he is not allowed to be in that position again.