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Contropotere - Nessuna Speranza, Nessuna Paura Lp - 1989 (Italia)

Discussion in 'International anarcho-punk downloads' started by QuarantinedDog, May 30, 2010.

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    May 24, 2010


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    Track List:

    1. Urizen
    2. Inquisitor
    3. Demoni E Dei
    4. Rovine
    5. Disumana Res
    6. Non Indietreggiare
    7. Nessuna Speranza, Nessuna Paura

    Contropotere's first LP, from 1989. They were from Naples.
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    Nessuna Speranza Nessuna Paura
    Release Date : 1989

    Include 12 inch by 24 inch folder poster/lyric insert.©Contropotere 1989 ℗Attack Punk Records

    Contropotere Biography

    Contropotere was an Italian anarcho punk experimental band originally formed in 1985 by members of Elettrokrazia from Naples and [a=Link Lärm] from Padova. The first demo tape 'È Arrivato Ah Pook' was recorded in 1986 in the province of Venice. In 1988 Contropotere released their first album, 'Nessuna Speranza, Nessuna Paura' on Attack Punk Records from Bologna.
    Since the late 80's the band is based in Naples.
    In 1994 released their last album, 'Cyborg 100%' with the moniker CP/01. Disbanded around 1996.

    Band members: Lucia Vitrone, Ciccia, Anja Mayer, Cesare Minardi, Marco Ricci (3), Lavinia D'Elia, Andrea De Marco, Riccardo Penta, Valeria Maselli, Adriano Casale, Alessandro Papes
    Band ex-members: , Hajo Greif, Enrico Maria Papes, Ciro Greco, Andrea Sarzo, Andrea Preiss, Vladimir I. Ul'Janov, Bob De Simone, Jahila Maselli

    Contropotere were a crust/anarcho punk band. Formed in 1986 in Italy through the meeting of B.K.Bostik, Lucy Vitrone and Ally (Alli) Papes. They have been inactive since 1994.

    B.K.Bostik Casale and Lucia Vitrone, Neapolitan arrived from Berlin after having lived us and played for different time (they were already a band). To Berlin you/they had already met Cjzj (Caesare Minardi) that will enter the Contropoteres nell '' 88. Ally (Alli) Papes played in the Link Larm, a band in Padua and he/she lived in a commune "Sour Punx."And it is really in Veneto that him incothey meet and they immediately work to the first Demo Tape " Arrived Ah Pook "that sees besides the historical trio (B.K.Bostik, Lucy Vitrone and Ally (Alli) Papes) to the guitar Billy De Lorenzo and to the lower part Andrea Sarzo-Herschelmann (before guitarist of the Link Larm). In the 88 with "Any Hope.Any Fear", produced by the Attak Punk Record of Helen Velena, they will work in study with the mythical Gaetano Pellino that it will actively participate and creatively to the elaboration of the cocept (you see introduction of "demons and gods").In that LPs they will participate besides the historical trio (B.K.Bostik, Lucy Vitrone and Ally (Alli) Papes) to the guitar there is Ciro and to the lower part Cjzj Minardi (other historical component) that it won't play the lower part in the two following jobs but they will leave very material creative and experimental that will be elaborated by the others (you see Hurra-Gan) and it will return bassist-guitarist-percussionist in the job of the CD "cyborg 100% "in the '94.In that moment Caesare Minardi and Ally (Alli) Papes will give form to an already initiated job time before.A job of sonic experimentation and rhythmics that the two will continue after the C.P.with the project "META ".Nel '91 LP "Il seme della Devianza".This time besides the historical trio (B.K.Bostik, Lucy Vitrone and Ally (Alli) Papes) we find Valeria Maselli to the lower part and to the guitar Andrea De Marco (a car for the rhythmic precision and also because it will be him to bring the line tekno-logic nell 'last CD of the '94 "Cyborg 100%,and it will be him that it will continue for a few times, after this last job that ri-united all, with Bostik and Lucia and two dancer, that line (and they will also make a Demotape).In the '92 formation remains the same one of the preceding one for the exit of the EP "Only Wild."The Contropotere travel and they live together, for a long period in Naples, to the Stella, in the district health, in a great apartment (in that period they are nine and a child (Jahila) more present friends always) where in the underground they have a room tests and a laboratory.They are also years of Tour in Italy and in Europe and the concerts performance they become developing the concept more and more "Social Uniformity Precostituita "between a passage and the other and with the collaboration of Performer.The Performance U.S.P.nel'91 will be filmed and introduced on support VHS.(There are some parts of the video in the small assemblage that is found in this page under "Video."After a troubled two years of transformations, inside and external, in the '94 go out "CP01/Cyborg 100% "with B.K.Bostik, Lucia Vitrone; Ally (Alli) Papes, Cjzj Minardi, Andrea De Marco, Valeria Maselli, Lavinia D Elia, Anya Mayer, Riccardo Penta.Photo of the moment.L' union-Ri-union and the separation.The experimentation in action and the action after the experimentation.The line of sonic experimentation and rhythmics of Alli and Cjzj.The new line Teckno-logic, Cyber of action of Andrea Demarco and B.K.Bostik.And' the duality.Two Lines are compared without meeting in defined way.And' the moment to effect the transformations concerning the intimate of every one.In This job we are in many, all participate and every one will develop a passage.From this the multiform job is born, every passage almost a world to itself.You husk that once manifested you/they must develop and to understand him from if same for then to eventually be shared.Individuality that owes autoscoprirsi and auto express him before being able to return to work all togheter.They have collaborated in the time and in various forme:S.E.M.Papes, Pietro Bertozzi, Kleister, Marco Ricci "Lino" and others. Contropotere is every one of us.The power to transform us, to come into contact with our part more True, more intimate, more powerful person.To transform us to be able to transform.To pass from what risks becoming a simple game, a possibility without potentiality, in something serious, less spectacular perhaps, less recognizable and catalogabile as the spirit that continues and it animates...the power that every one of us has as potential of transformation.Every form to be able imposes.Easy to be authoritarian to the outside of us.Difficulty to be with ourselves.Difficult because the correct street.The power on if same is the first footstep toward the change.The transformation through our transformation.The self-discipline that becomes management of own power.That natural power as a lightning that doesn't recognize external authority to itself, but it recognizes that every to be able is balanced to the other, that every living being is connected to the other....in a delicate equilibrium.The reality, further to be a fascinating mystery is very hard and Raw / the life that we live is a stage on which all recite a part looking for the more possible than to be comfortable.Two realities that seem distant.... they are woven in continuation.Reality and pretense.Purpose and spontaneity.To find the power to change the things and if same means not to succumb to that law of duality anymore.We are not forced to suffer but it is powerful if we voluntarily do that for an objective or simply to increase the power on ourselves To remember the raw reality and who before us has also fought up to the death (violent) to transform the cruel game that a certain to Be able has created for checking the human power with the authoritarian power practiced in all the ways, is physical, both mental and emotional.The power that we have against the ignorance,tha violence and the weakness that from space and energy to the authoritarian impositions and the control it is One.And' the wind that blows through the arteries of the game.Perhaps we are more alone, less "gratified "from the outside...but it is only an impression.We are not alone.We are in many...and they would be enough of it less if we had the power in ourselves .All in mask?The difference stay in the who knows to bring and even it chooses and the proper one for the game, with in heart the liberty of everybody..... and who not. "We will have Care to Realize all of The obsession Of the Reality' has declarate Absurd. The only thing that the punishment is worth to be realized is what we consider to be impossible". Evolution.

    Contropotere Discography
    È arrivato Ah Pook (Demo) Autopruduzione, 1986
    Nessuna speranza, nessuna paura (Lp) Attack Punk, 1989
    Il seme della devianza, (Lp) Skuld, 1991
    Solo selvaggi (Ep) Skuld, 1992
    1 Track "Attacco Al Visus" On Bradford 1 In 12 Compilation
    CP/01 (Cyborg 100%) (CD) Autopruduzione, 1994

    here is a video of contropotere performing live
    contropotere myspace page.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Attack Punk Records

    One of the very first punk label in Italy. It existed during the early 1980s.


    Initial State




    Peggio Punx
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    Jan 22, 2012
    The link is working again. Odd yet brilliant crust punk, reminiscent of Amebix, Nausea or Antisect but also more psychedelic, hippyish stuff.
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    Aug 11, 2017
    Kansas, United States United States
    New to the site, came here specifically for this download. This band has been on constant rotate on my YT playlist. Going to have a look around here for more amazing music. Thanks for uploading this!
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    Great band.. Their demo pre this album is great ( e arrivato ah pook demo '86 ) as is the album they did 'Il seme della devianza' Lp in 1991.. Superb live had the pleasure of seeing them in Italy 1988 & got to play with them in Italy the following year when my old band toured there before we split up!! Also got to visit them in Napoli..
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    Contropotere - E' Arrivato Ah Pook! (Full Demotape) 1986
  6. Lardy Cox

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    Contropotere - Il Seme Della Devianza

  7. Lardy Cox

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    The van they toured in with all their gear & Uri & Zen the 2 German Shepherd Dogs..
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  9. Lardy Cox

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    Noticed they'd been gigging again recently.. Anyone out there get to see 'em??

    last album they did in a different direction..
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    Aug 11, 2017
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    I've check that album. Way different, but still really good!!!
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    It has some "goth" vibes to it.. Industrial sounding.. I played it for my fiance, she loved both albums. But def enjoyed 100% more. She used to be into goth shit back in high school...
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    Link broken again...

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