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Discussion in 'Musician Forum & Band Promotion' started by Anton-One, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Spike one of many

    Spike one of manyExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Aug 14, 2012
     South Africa
    Very good. I've never heard of Contempt, but you guys been around since the 80's or what?
  2. Anton-One

    Anton-OneExperienced Member Experienced member




    Jul 30, 2012
    Yes CONTEMPT originally formed in 1984 (I've not been in them so long, I play drums) and have been active since then gigging all over the uk. with a strong anarchist anti authority,anti fascist, pro animal rights (and Human rights), Direct Action kind of message. at the end of last year things really did look like they could've come to a end but into this year we found a new energy and have set off into this year picking up some prime gigs (we played Get on with it 4 anarcho punk festival in Brighton the the other saturday with Zounds, RDF, and many other Conflict were supposed to have played but ddidn't turn up....but thats an whole other story) and we've got some good gigs on the horizon playing a local hunt sabs benefit with Omega Tribe the end of this month. things are starting to look back on track.
  3. punkmar77

    punkmar77Administrator Staff Member Admin Team Experienced member




    Nov 13, 2009
     United States
    I heard all about the Conflict scandal, and to tell you the truth I had no idea about that particular song... so disappointing..
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