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Conflict - In The Venue - 2000 (UK)

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by Anxiety69, Nov 21, 2009.

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    Track List:

    01. To Live On In Hearts
    02. The Right To Reply
    03. Someday Soon
    04. A Declaration Of Independence
    05. The Ungovernable Farce
    06. A Piss In The Ocean
    07. Exploitation
    08. The Institute Of Dreams
    09. The A Team
    10. The Cord Is Cut
    11. Barricades And Broken Dreams
    12. Increase The Pressure
    13. From Protest To Resistance
    14. Repatriation
    15. These Things Take Time
    16. Climbing The Stairs
    17. Tough Shit Mickey
    18. Let The Battle Commence
    19. This Is The A.L.F.
    20. The Serenade Is Dead
    21. A Message To Who?
    23. To Whom It May Concern
    24. The Final Conflict

    Recorded live at The Venue, London, England on January 30, 1994.
    Recorded while Conflict was on tour in support of the album CONCLUSION in 1994, IN THE VENUE, originally released in 2000, presents the outspoken British punk band in blazing live form. Highlights of the fast and furious set include frontman Colin Jerwood and his fellow agitators launching into "To Live On in Hearts" and "Someday Soon."


    Release Date : 2001

    Track 1 re-recorded version for [url=/release/1739966]Kamera Records 7"[/url], never given a proper release through approx. 800 copies eventually appeared Nov 83, was due to a year earlier. Tracks 2 & 3 on free 7" with first pressing of [url=/release/698316]The Frenz Experiment[/url] LP (1988). Tracks were not on the CD, though "Bremen ..." was on the cassette. Track 4 Alternative version on [url=

    Conflict Biography

    Post-punk band from Greater Manchester, UK. 1976 to 2018.

    Mark E. Smith was the lead singer, lyricist, frontman and only constant member of the formation. He died on the morning of Wednesday January 24th, 2018.

    Formed in 1976 through a poetry-style collective beginnings, The Fall released around 50 singles, 34 studio albums, and well over 50 live and compilation albums as well as releasing a play 'Hey Luciani' and a Ballet 'I am Kurious Oranj'. They also recorded 24 sessions for John Peel's Radio 1 show between June 1978 and August 2004.

    The band went through numerous personnel changes over the years (with well over 30 different line-ups). From July 2007 The Fall comprised: Mark E. Smith, vocals; Pete Greenway, guitar; Dave "The Eagle" Spurr, bass; Elena Poulou, keyboards; Keiron Melling, drums. In 2014, Daren Garratt became a full-time member as a second drummer but left 9th October 2015. Elena Poulou (Smith's then wife) last gig was 28th April 2016. Mike Clapham joined on keyboards from 23rd May 2017 until their final gig.

    Band members: Mark E. Smith, Steve Evets, Dave Spurr (2), Peter Greenway, Keiron Melling
    Band ex-members: , Simon Rogers, Brix Smith, Elena Poulou, Kay Carroll, Simon Wolstencroft, Martin Beddington, Stephen Hanley, Marcia Schofield, Mike Bennett, Lucy Rimmer, Paul Hanley, Karl Burns, Craig Scanlon, Marc Riley, Steven Trafford, Simon 'Dingo' Archer, Ben Pritchard, Spencer Birtwistle, Dave Bush, Yvonne Pawlett, Julia Adamson, Mike Leigh, Una Baines, Ed Blaney, Adam Helal, Tony Friel, Dave Milner, Nev Wilding, Tommy Crooks, Brian Fanning, Jim Watts (2), Kenny Brady, Dave Tucker (2), Rob Barbato, Tim Presley, Karen Leatham, Orpheo McCord, Daren Garratt, Eric McGann, Thomas Murphy, Jonnie Brown, Ruth Daniel

    There is more than one artist with this name:

    1) a anarcho-punk band from South London.
    2) an industrial metal band from Moscow, Russia.
    3) a Japanese breakbeat artist
    4) a gospel rap artist from Sacramento, CA.
    5) an 80's hardcore band from Tucson, AZ.
    6) Goa trance from Jerusalem

    1) Conflict is an anarcho-punk band originally based around Eltham in South London. Formed in 1981, the band's original line up consisted of: Colin Jerwood (vocals), Paco (drums), Big John (bass), Steve (guitars), Pauline (vocals), Paul AKA 'Nihilistic Nobody' (visuals). Their first release was the EP "The House That Man Built" on Crass Records. By the time they released their debut album It's Time To See Who's Who on Corpus Christi Records, Pauline and Paul had left the band. Conflict later set up their own Mortarhate label, which put out releases by other artists including Hagar The Womb, Icons of Filth, Lost Cherrees, The Apostles, Admit Your Shit and others.

    In 1983 Steve Ignorant, at the time a member of the band Crass, guested on the band's pro-animal rights single "To A Nation of Animal Lovers." After the dissolution of Crass, Ignorant later became second vocalist for Conflict on a semi-permanent basis. This followed a 1986 gig in Brixton, London wherin he had joined the band on stage for a few numbers.

    The band have always been outspoken regarding issues such as anarchism, animal rights, the anti-war movement and in their support for the organisation Class War, and a number of their gigs during the 1980s were followed by riots and disturbances. The band's 'Mortarhate' logo, originally designed by 'Nihilistic Nobody' is commonly mistaken as a reference to the initials CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), but as quoted directly by paco the drummer for conflict is in actual fact a nihlist symbol. it incorporates two 'A's for anarchy and autonomy, and an 'N' for nihilism. The logo originally appeared around 1980 in Thanatos, a small circulation pamphlet produced by Toxic Graffity (sic) fanzine editor Mike Diboll.

    The band continues to exist today, although their record releases and live performances are sporadic.

    2) CONFLICTCONFLИCT is an industrial death metal band from Moscow, Russia. Band formed in 2004, and finally released first LP, called "PrototipПрототип", in february 2009. http://www.myspace.com/conflictmetal

    3) Conflict is a Japanese breakbeats/downtempo unit name currently on the Soup-Disk/Corde Inc. labels.

    4) Introducing Conflict, a west coast youth evangelist and gospel rap artist from Sacramento, California.

    With such a name as Conflict, most people would assume the title represents violence or war. Well, the name means just that, only in a different context. In such a world as the one we live in, corrupted by lust, abuse, addiction and a lack of sexual integrity, Conflict stands to counterattack society's ideas of morality, with God's divine purpose for His creation.

    With a burden for today's generation of young people, Conflict's vision is to "speak life right into the face of death, and stand as an ambassador of Jesus Christ, to reconcile a love- relationship between God and His creation." Coming from a gang-related past and his father's fatal overdose of heroin, Conflict speaks a common language to young people of the urban culture

    5) Conflict was a hardcore band from Tucson, AZ, together between 1982-1984. Fronted by the female vocalist/bassist Karen Allman, they played with the likes of Black Flag, Minor Threat, Ill Repute, Channel 3, D.O.A., and many more. They put out a self-released EP called "America's Right," then in 1983 they released their only studio album, "Last Hour" (on Placebo Records). They also have 3 songs on the compilation "This is Phoenix, Not the Circle Jerks." The band was known for their biting feminist lyrics in an era when hardcore was highly male-dominated.

    5) Conflict Special Goa/Psytrance Project from Jerusalem, also known as Do-D-Idea.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Cog Sinister

    Record company run by Mark E. Smith, founded 1987, dissolved 5 May 1992.
    The first appearance of the Cog Sinister label was in 1987 when The Fall used it as the imprint for their self-released anthology album "Palace Of Swords Reversed".

    The imprint returned in 1990 when the band signed to Fontana and used Cog Sinister as a vanity label for their releases. When they moved from Fontana to Permanent Records, they continued to use the Cog Sinister brand on their releases.

    Since leaving Permanent in 1995, The Fall no longer used Cog Sinister on their new material. However, since 1997, the imprint has become part of the Voiceprint label group, and is being used for reissues of the group's back-catalogue.


    Icons of Filth

    Chaos UK


    Flux of Pink Indians

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    Re: CONFLICT - In The Venue

    I never hear them,but now is the time to hear classics stuff.