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Coitus - Fucked Into Oblivion Discography - 2009 (UK)

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    Disc 1


    Click on the link above to download the file

    Disc 2


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    Track List:

    01. Intro/Fucked Into Oblivion
    02. Submission/Domination
    03. Panic Screams
    04. Nuclear Fade
    05. Escape From It
    06. Vacuum
    07. Strength Thru Violence
    08. Arbeit Macht Frei
    09. King Strange
    10. Stone
    11. No Shame
    12. On Course To Nowhere
    13. Commando (Ramones)
    14. Black Bart
    15. Real Cold Fear
    16. Black Frames
    17. Distant Desire
    18. Spineless/Broken Ice
    19. When We Depart...
    20. Up The Punks (Bunch O'C*nts)

    Track List:

    01. Unknown
    02. Darkness On Streets
    03. Total Collapse
    04. Mind Right ?
    05. The Mire
    06. Forward Blade
    07. Silo 5
    08. We Despair
    09. Like Vermin
    10. High Speed Assault
    11. Outsider
    12. Generation Of Ghosts
    13. Mindsores
    14. Squeeze The Trigger
    15. The Cream Of Human Garbage
    16. The Hated Flesh
    17. Real Cold Fear
    18. Soul Destroyer
    19. I Love Livin' In The City (Fear)
    20. Dirty Little Old Man

    20th Aniversary 2CD Retrospective! To mark the 20th anniversary of the inception of the band, Coitus release a fully remastered, 40 track double disc retrospect cd through Underground Movement.
    Initially formed in 1989 amidst the sqautter/Punk scene of North London, the band saw several members pass through the ranks including Pete “Lippy” Lyons, formally of Antisect, Martin Tyan, later to form Screamer and Pato Duffy, now sadly passed away. The band settled on the stable line up of Skinny-Bass/vox, Alien Drums/vox, Mik Guitar/vox and embarked on a chaotic journey, which saw the band tour all over the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe, releasing several recordings along the way. Coitus finally split in 1996 but have been sporadically reforming since 2000 and will play a handfull of live dates to support this release.


    Fucked Into Oblivion (Complete Discography 92-96)
    Release Date : 2010

    Remastered at Cosmic Studios 2009.Disc 1: Tracks 1-1 to 1-14 'Submission/Domination' album. Self released 1992. Tracks 1-15 to 1-19 'When We Depart....Let The Earth Tremble' EP. Self released 1993. Track 1-20 recorded in a toilet.Disc 2: Track 2-1 taken from the '[r=2420361]' split 7" with [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/1749413-Losers-The-4]The Losers[/url]. Released on [l64193], 1

    Coitus Biography

    Initially formed in 1989 amidst the squatter/punk scene of London,

    Band members: Keith (13), Mik Useless, Alien (12)
    Band ex-members: , Skinny (6)

    Coitus is the name of more than one artist:
    1) punk / crust
    2) electro-industrial

    Initially formed in 1989 amidst the squatter/punk scene of north London, the band saw several member pass through the ranks including Pet 'Lippy' Lyons formerly of Antisect, Martin Ryan later to form Screamer and Pato Duffy now sadly passed away.

    The band settled on the stable line-up of:
    Alien - Drums Vocals
    Mik - Guitar Vocals
    Skinny - Bass Vocals

    They then embarked on a chaotic journey which saw the band tour all over the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe releasing several records along the way. Skinny left the band in 1995 and was replaced by Keith from Dread Messiah and coitus finally split in 1996.
    Members went on to play in several bands including The Restarts], Screamer and Coldwar.
    The band have been sporadically reforming/wanting to kill each other since 2000, Skinny passed away at the end of 2009.

    You can check some of their music and video on http://www.myspace.com/coituslondon


    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Underground Movement

    Underground Movement was started in 2000 as Toxic Records by Ian Lawless (a long time contributor to the Irish underground metal and punk scene) and John Toxic of Toxic Promotions, later changing name to Underground Movement to avoid confusion with the promotions agency. Currently run by Ian Lawless (2).


    Health Hazard

    Concrete Sox

    The Restarts

    Guided Cradle

    Fleas and Lice
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