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Code 13 - 2000 - 1994-2000 Discography (CD)

Discussion in 'Non-punk anarchist music' started by izlude7980, Jan 28, 2010.

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    Jan 27, 2010
    Hardcore, Thrashcore, Crust Punk


    Code 13 - 2000 - 1994-2000 Discography (CD)

    1. Doomed Society
    2. Into The Whilwind
    3. Poison Society
    4. Manufactured Identity
    5. We Will Fight Them In The Streets
    6. Off The Pigs
    7. Spokesman For No-One
    8. The Future Is Futile
    9. Darkness At Noon
    10. Dog Kontrol
    11. Dog Killer
    12. Cities Will Burn
    13. Put The Banner Down
    14. Last Of The Mohicans
    15. Hardcore For The Kids
    16. Stay True
    17. In For The Duration
    18. Shady Acres
    19. This Means War
    20. Send More Cops
    21. Birth Of Retribution Is Anger
    22. Armed To The Teeth
    23. In Your Head
    24. Club Scene
    25. Why We Fight
    26. No Exit
    27. Lucid Illusion
    28. Serve For Country
    29. Rage Against The Mainstream
    30. Days Of Rage
    31. The Die Is Cast
    32. No One In Innocent
    33. Death Squad El Salvador
    34. Degenerate Art
    35. Resistoleros
    36. Paean
    37. Give The Kids What They Want
    38. Mondo Aggro
    39. Criminal Empire
    40. Free The Unabomber
    41. Two Fisted Tales
    42. Worldwide Hardcore Pride
    43. Red Dawn / Fuck The Geto Bird
    44. World War Three
    45. Mohawks And Moustaches
    46. The Crash Out
    47. Propaganda Control (Nota)
    48. Da' Real Deal (NYC Antidote)
    49. Shadow Of Fear
    50. Mall Rat Girl (Unreleased)

    Didn't see any downloads for this band so I thought I should upload this. I hope there's nothing bad on why there's no Code 13 downloads. There's an international band with that name but this isn't it. :S


    Complete Discography 1994-2000
    Release Date : 2000

    Includes all the 7" tracks, compilation tracks and one unreleased song: the entire studio output from 1994-2000. This was the first CD produced and released by Havoc Records.First pressing, 2000: 3000 copies Second Pressing, 2002 : 2000 copies Third pressing, 2006: 2000 copies

    Code 13 Biography

    Code 13 is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based hardcore band formed by ex-members of the defunct band [a=Destroy!], including [l=Havoc Records] founder [a=Felix Havoc].

    Band members: Felix Havoc, Trevor Trend, Mitch Useless, Tattoo Shane
    Band ex-members: , Nathan Smith, Criminal Shane, Josh Blast, Dave Defective

    There are at least two bands by the name Code 13:

    1. Code 13 is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based hardcore band formed by ex-members of the defunct band Destroy. All of the group's albums to date have been on the Havoc Records label.

    Formation and History In the words of member Felix Havoc:

    After Destroy broke up I hooked up with Tattoo Shane and Trevor Trend and began jamming with a series of drummers. We put up an ad at Extreme Noise and attracted Criminal Shane on drums. Code 13 was an attempt on my part to move past the grind and metal influence on Destroy back to a more old school hardcore sound. Still, Code 13 is not a retro-80's band by any respect, although the 80's influence is there, many of our songs clock in at speeds undreamed of in '82.

    Code 13's music is hard for me to describe because we mix several different styles. I'm not saying we're particularly original or groundbreaking, but our music was far from generic as well. Simply put, we didn't all listen to just one style of music so our playing wasn't rigidly influenced by one style either. We mixed sing-a-long 80's hardcore like early 7 Seconds and Youth Brigade with fast-core like Dropdead and a touch of early DRI, straight edge hardcore, Swedish HC/ Japanese Thrash, 80's anarcho-punk and some grind/power violence for a fast and powerful punk sound. Lyrically I'd have to say the individual versus society and issues of social control predominate.

    The name Code 13 comes from the police radio code for "officer down" and as you can guess our lyrics were heavily anti-police and authority. For a while four out of five of our shows were broken up by the man, but hardcore survives on the underground and so did we. At the time I felt like the hardcore/punk scene was too complacent and needed some really radical thrashing punk to bring band the anger and energy. I went out of my way to write radical, aggressive lyrics to go with the music. We stirred up no small controversy, posing with automatic weapons and singing about shooting cops. One anarchist squat in Paris actually wouldn't let us play because we were "too militant" I knew we were doing something right then.

    Felix Havoc
    Tattoo Shane
    Trevor Trend
    Criminal Shane (drums)


    2. Code 13 is a Seminola, Florida nazi-band who, formed in 1998, only ever released one album (Blood Sweat Beer) before splitting up in 1999. Their album was released on Hatefront Records, a sub-label of Final Stand Records. In 2009 the band reformed and is now touring again.

    Gideon (vocals)
    Davey (1st guitar)
    Brian (2nd guitar)
    Paulie (bass)
    Tobias "Toby" (drums)

    This Code 13 band have a MySpace page: www.myspace.com/430955504.

    Both bands take their name from the police dispatch code "officer down".

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Havoc Records

    Independent punk / hardcore / grindcore label from the United States founded by Felix Havoc.
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    woot twin cities hardcoore
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    Nov 9, 2010
    The Florida "oi!" band Code 13 are actually a White Power band. I love how they left that out. Hatecore/RAC is NOT oi! and never will be.

    The Minneapolis (Real) Code 13 fucking own, though.