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Citizens Arrest - Colossus (Discography) - 2009 (U$A)

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    Track List:

    1989 Demo:

    01. Serve And Protect
    02. Start Again
    03. Fortress
    04. Dixon Instrumental
    05. Grand Mall
    06. I Won't Allow
    07. Pressure's On
    08. Woodstock
    09. Death Threat
    10. In The Distance
    11. A Light In The Darkness
    12. Serve And Protect
    13. In The Distance
    14. Fortress
    15. A Light In The Darkness
    16. Woodstock
    17. Without Peace

    Compilation Tracks:

    18. Death Threat
    19. I Won't Allow
    20. Existence
    21. Pain
    22. Pressure's On

    Collosus LP:

    23. Utopia
    24. Briviba
    25. Touch And Go
    26. Number
    27. Through The Mist
    28. Suffer Now
    29. C.D.R.F.
    30. Activate
    31. Pain
    32. Agony God
    33. Paper Cuts
    34. Burst Of Silence


    Colossus: The Discography
    Release Date : 2009

    Remastered at Winterdark Studio, 2007.Gatefold sleeve, double sided A2 poster, 12"x12" 'zine, reverse board jackets, and 160g vinyl. Recorded material here includes their first demo (tracks A1-A10), "Light In The Darkness" EP (tracks B1-B6), compilations (tracks B7-B11), "Colossus" LP (tracks C1-D5), and a rare live track (track D6).

    Citizens Arrest Biography

    American hardcore band founded in New York City in 1989, and disbanded in 1991. Having reunited in 2010 with all original members, the band is fully active once again.

    Band members: Ted Leo, Daryl Kahan, Joe Martin (3), Janis Cakars, Derik Moore
    Band ex-members: , Patrick Winter

    Citizens Arrest was a hardcore punk band from New York, USA that existed from 1988-1990. Their music catalog consists of some comp tracks, an EP (A Light in the Darkness) followed by an LP (Colossus) released shortly after the group had disbanded. According to the former members, a discography CD is said be be coming out soon. The band consisted of Daryl Kahan on vocals, Janis Cakars on guitar, Joseph Martin on bass, and Patrick Winter on drums. Influences by bands like Siege, Negative FX, and SOA, Citizens Arrest played numerous times despite being around for only a couple years. Their music was a mix of hardcore bordering on thrash complimented by gruff vocals that made them sound like they were a Japanese band like S.O.B. or Gauze.
    Considered one of the seminal bands of the late 80's N.Y. hardcore scene, many wonder what might have been if internal band conflicts wouldn't have torn the band apart so early.Members went on to play in Taste of Fear, HellNo, Moses, One Sided War. and Forced Expression.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Cell