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German Circle Of Sig-Tiu - Feuer + Asche - 1985 (German)

Discussion in 'International anarcho-punk downloads' started by Spike one of many, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. Spike one of many

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    Aug 14, 2012
     South Africa


    Click on the link above to download the file



    01 Im Namen Des Volkes
    02 Folge Nicht Den Lebenden Toten
    03 Blutsauger
    04 Hell On Earth
    05 Alles Fällt
    06 Chaos Zeichen Der Zeit
    07 Schwarze Raben
    08 Unter Einer Falschen Fahne
    09 Lebendig Begraben
    10 Saat Des Verderbens
    11 Kein Ruhen In Frieden
    12 Feuer Und Asche


    The cover, the aesthetics of the band (which included elements of provocation against Nazi pigs), the name of the band (with a theme of runes, Viking gods and stuff), and letters, make CIRCLE OF SIG TIU and this album a fucking duty. A great punk band that incorporates elements hardcoretas later the same current that had been going on (what did the Idiots, Challenger Crew, HOA, Spermbirds, Combat Not Conform, Skeezicks, and a long long etc..) And reached to participate in the LIFE IS A JOKE comp., along with having released a handful of albums.
    Truthfully I do not know the history of the band. I have understood that you are 84 and this is the first thing you take off. It is a 12 track vinyl LP with good exposure of cutting punk rock harder.

    (google translated from Spanish http://crucifiedforyoursins.blogspot.com/2009/08/circle-of-sig-tiu-feuer-asche-1985.html, it sucks but I couldn't be bothered to try to correct it :p ) Album is missing 1 track!
    I searched far & wide to find this album as almost all links are broken.


    Feuer + Asche
    Release Date : 1985

    Recorded and mixed may 1985 at Musikbox Studio Stadecken. Produced for Sonic Records.

    Circle Of Sig-Tiu Biography

    German Punk Metal band from Bingen, R.F.A.

    Band members: Dirk Mohr, Dennis Raymond Plummer, Holger Düchting, Styk Thriller, Siegfried Grampe, Hüsseyin Eksi, Nick Mertens
    Band ex-members: , Josef K.

    Circle of Sig-tiu was the band that was formed after Aus 98 was dissolved. Formed in the mid 1980ies, the band was made of three core members who stayed in the lineup during its tenure: Josef Klumb (then Jay Kay) as the vocalist, Raymond P. on rhythm guitar, and Siggi Grampe on lead guitar.

    Over the years, others would join Circle of Sig-tiu also. The band saw three drummers: Steffen B. in 1986, Dirk Mohr in 1987, and Thomas auf dem Berge also in 1987 (Thomas would later join up with Josef K. again in the band Weissglut). Two bass players were added over time: Nick in 1986, and Hüsseyin Ekzi in 1987.

    Inititally, Circle of Sig-tiu started off as a darker punk band, but as time progressed, the band evolved into other genres embracing gothic metal and new wave aspects.

    The first Circle of Sig-tiu album was entitled Feuer + Asche, which was released in 1985. Surprisingly, two tracks off the album, Alles Fällt and “Schwarze Raben” were Aus 98 tracks.

    1986 saw the release of their next vinyl album Signs of Time. A 7 EP vinyl was released in 1987 called Signals on Tiusday. This vinyl contained 4 tracks, 2 of them being live recordings from a gig in Geislingen from that year.

    The final Circle of Sig-tiu release was a twelve track album in 1988 called We Come with Love but not for Peace.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Sonic (2)

    German label.




    Hitler SS


  2. Grobi

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    Jul 2, 2014
    First vocalist Josef K is a bloody fascist and runs a small ebm-electro-dark wave label ( http://www.vaws.de - in German). There he also sells one of Circle of Sig Tiu's albums. Have a look at the 2 postcards being sold, making use of Nazi symbols (symbols the Nazis 'borrowed' from pagan runes). That stuff spoiled it for me. :ecouteurs:
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