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christ! - will we always be blind idiots? - 2006 (United States of Amerika)

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by christ!, Mar 8, 2011.

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    Mar 8, 2011

    In 2006 a rough recording was released by a punk band from Chicago called christ! It was made up of dr. who, a 46 year old malcontented psychologist who wrote the songs and played the rhythm guitar; brian rudd, guitarist and mixing board master as well as owner of Chicago's amazing Discorporate Records label (http://www.myspace.com/discorporaterecords) and southside rich on drums. Whatever the state of the recordings, the songs remain powerful and inspiring songs that we hope you will enjoy all the same and inspire you to help create a world that stops damaging our planet, its animals and people, and our souls. Find attached the mp3s of all songs and the pdfs of the CD booklet in groups of 2 pages. You should be able to reconstitute the booklet using these pdfs. The anti-Iraq War song War To The Rhythm of W.H. Auden has been played on several punk radio shows around the world since 2006, although feedback from listeners suggests people think the better songs are the more psychological ones. We are tempted to record the 5 best ones for posterity... may or may not ever happen...

    1. War To The Rhythm Of W.H. Auden 4:09
    2. Ecology For The Profit Machine 3:50
    3. Alternative Rock 4:20
    4. Whole Paycheck 3:20
    5. Give God The Flick 2:25
    6. Fear Of Freedom 2:33
    7. Our Feelings 2:52
    8. A Real Holiday 3:14
    9. It's Not Enough 1:27
    10. Border Lines 2:41
    11. Alive 3:54
    12. Golden Rulers 1:52


    You'll find the album using this Mediafire link:


    It will allow you to download the zip file of the album and the CD booklet.


    Will We Always Be Blind Idiots?
    Release Date : 2006

    Christ! Biography

    Band members: 'Southside' RichA Chicago based punk band.

    Their album can be download for free from their website: http://www.christtheband.com/Album.htm.
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