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Choking Victim - Live Choking Victim 911 2005

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    Choking Victim - Live Choking Victim 911 2005
    • Choking Victim - 01 - Choking Victim
    • Choking Victim - 02 - History Of Cv And Tsp
    • Choking Victim - 03 - You Ought To Die
    • Choking Victim - 04 - Money
    • Choking Victim - 05 - Apple Pie And Police State
    • Choking Victim - 06 - Infested
    • Choking Victim - 07 - Shame On The Police And Fuck America Story
    • Choking Victim - 08 - Fuck America
    • Choking Victim - 09 - 911 Theory
    • Choking Victim - 10 - Corporate Trash And War Story
    • Choking Victim - 11 - Hate Yer State
    • Choking Victim - 12 - Money Changes Everything
    • Choking Victim - 13 - 500 Channels
    • Choking Victim - 14 - Born To Die


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    Choking Victim Biography

    Choking Victim was an American punk band from 1992 to 1999, formed in New York City. The band became notable around "C-squat," in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, where they squatted and continue to inhabit and organize shows for their music, which blended ska punk with Black Metal, and Anarchist lyrics.

    They also became known for Satanic imagery and numerous references to the vagrant lifestyle, such as crack-smoking, shoplifting, and squatting. They also, like many other bands in the punk scene, have violent anti-police sentiments in their songs. The band prides itself on its Atheist stance, often making sardonic references to Satan, for the sole purpose of being offensive.

    Choking Victim broke up after the first day of recording for their one and only album, but the recordings from that one day were enough to make a solid album. After they broke up, Stza and Ezra Crack formed the band Leftöver Crack, and Skwert and Ezra formed INDK. Sascha has spent the last several years organically farming in upstate NY.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.