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Chile In Turmoil

Discussion in 'Anarchism and radical activism' started by butcher, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. butcher

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    Sep 8, 2009
    There's been huge mobilisations by the students for a couple a months now. Also, there's just been a 48 hour national strike by the CUT and lotsa other big unions. Not sure why I've not posted on this before, there's a bit on the Spanish sub-forum here on (kinda a derail from stuff about the 14a).

    Anywayz, Chile's next top model:


    Recent news:
    Some Context:

    There's been solidarity rallies here in Aus in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.
    Here's the letter of solidarity we (LASNET - group I'm in) delivered to the Chilean Consulate during a rally last friday:

  2. Bentheanarchist

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    Dec 10, 2010
    Re: Chilean Student Stuffz

    Chile is still a dictatorship. It is just hides it's dictatorship with fake democracy like The United States or Mexico, or Russia. Chile's ruling party right now is called National Renewal, and it is very Neo-Liberal.
  3. butcher

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    Sep 8, 2009
    Re: Chilean Student Stuffz

    fucking pig scum have murdered a kid, see:
    reports i've read say he was watching the protests with his disabled brother when a police patrol cam past and fired three shots (proper bullets, not rubber bullets as some media is claiming), one struck Manuel Gutiérrez in the chest, killing him.
    also reported is: "Three other minors were also shot last night in the same overpass where Manuel died, they are in hospital in a serious condition. As well, students from two "occupied" schools in the same sector were detained by police and accused of making molotov cocktails; plastic soft drink bottles were taken from the school and filled with paint thinner in a crass frame-up. The students were released after almost 24 hours in custody, and are now awaiting trial."
  4. Bentheanarchist

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    Dec 10, 2010
    Re: Chilean Student Stuffz

    The police kill people all the time especially during protests and revolution. The Police should be punished for their crime, but most times they get away. That's why the world doesn't need Police to protect Capitalism and murder people with their weapons handed to them by the state.

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    Aug 11, 2011
    Chile Day 1: A timeline of nationwide strikes sweeping Chile

    2:12am According to information from Radio Bio Bio, police clashed with masked protesters in Population Pincoya Huechuraba, where one police officer was wounded on one of his hands from a gun shot from the crowd.

    6:10 Incidents at Irarrázabal and Vicuña Mackenna Avenue: hooded strikers set fire to barricades in the middle of the street preventing the passage of vehicles. Carabineros (local police) not yet on scene.

    6:28 The Santiago Metro reported that train service is operating normally in all stations.

    6:30 Police said the bomb alert in the Central Post was a false alarm and did not find any explosive devices at that location

    6:34 Police are working to normalize traffic on Avenida Vicuña Mackenna with Irarrázabal and remove barricades set up by hooded strikers.

    6:35 Av Matta, Augustine, Santo Domingo are some of the streets that have been taken over by barricades. Carabineros are working to normalize the traffic and break the barricades.

    6:40 Barricades in Bellavista, Pio Nono and Santa Maria Av are cutting off traffic on both sides. Students stop light vehicles with large barricades. Carabineros have not been present at the site.

    7:15 A lot of traffic congestion in Alameda caused by barricades outside the USACH. The Metro reports that the ULA station access is being controlled due to incidents in the suburbs.

    7:20 At the intersection of Esperanza Romero a vehicle was burned out completely. Also in Providence with Eliodoro Yanez, barricades impede traffic.

    7:25 Buin, on highway 5 South towards Santiago there is a barricaded of burning tires. High congestion in the area.

    7:28 There are barricades at the intersection of Alameda and Pajaritos. Transit with caution.

    7:30 – 11:00 Rotonda Atenas, Las Condes, Santiago. A small group of students were shouting and banging cazerolas (pots and pans) by the roundabout throughout the morning. This was accompanied by a heavy police and neighborhood security presence.

    7:35 Manuel Gutiérrez Molina, 62 years was hit by Transantiago bus #207. In addition, they found “miguelitos” of different sizes in central Santiago.

    7:40 Traffic on Av. San Diego is being diverted by Tarapacá, because of disturbances in the underpass of Allegiance.

    8:20 Santiago’s International Airport remains open and functioning normally. A large number of police are in the area.

    8:38 Barricades remain outside the headquarters of the University of Chile. Masked protesters pelt policemen with stones and sticks.

    8:40 The Undersecretary of the Interior has made a positive statement of the first hour nationwide strike. He said that public transport remains normal and where there were barricades the situation remains under control.

    8:51 A small group of hooded men cut off traffic on the Alameda in front of the headquarters of the University of Chile and clash with police.

    9:00 Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport. Airport workers are protesting with music and dance at Chile’s main international airport.

    9:05 The Transport Minister Pedro Pablo Errazuriz asked via Twitter to the CUT and Arturo Martínez to “condemn the barricades which are affecting thousands of workers in this country.”

    9:20 Minister Laurence Golborne tweeted: “Inspecting the Santiago airport operation. So far so normal. Thanks to the workers who make it happen.”

    9:23 Government spokesman Andrés Chadwick has said that everything is working in “very normal terms” but we do not want people to be put at risk.”

    9:35 The Santiago Metro (@metrodesantiago) reported that its network is operational #paronacional

    9:48 Police clashed with masked protesters outside headquarters of the University of Chile

    9:52 The Santiago Metro has reported no one is being allowed to enter at the Santa Rosa on Line 4A because of disturbances outside the station.

    10:08 The president of CUT, Arturo Martinez refutes the government saying that they are trying to show normalcy “When the whole country knows that the country is not normal today.”

    10:18 Bellas Artes, Santiago. A small group of people waving banners, shouting and honking walked down Merced Av. towards Plaza de Armas. No buses were reported in the area.

    10:18 Police officers used water cannons and tear gas to disperse a group of about 200 people at the intersection of Santa Rosa with Amerigo Vespucci, after they blocked traffic. Carabineros diverted the flow of vehicles going from west to east by Amerigo Vespucci south on Santa Rosa.

    10:25 Police with tear gas had to face a group of 20 masked men who threw stones from the Architecture Building at the University of Chile, on Portugal street. Many of them were located on the roof of the building which features a canvas that says “Strong to the end.” Civilian passers-by were affected by tear gas fumes.

    10:28 A policeman was slightly wounded after being bitten by a dog while facing those responsible for the barricades near the main Emergency Hosptial.

    10:38 In Maipú, at least 300 workers at the Institute of Social Welfare (former INP) and others are conducting a march on the road east of Gladys Avenue Marin.

    10:48 - Chile’s national carrier, LAN Airlines, has said its flights were operating normally during the day, but as a preventive measure called for passengers of international flights to arrive to the airport three hours before their schedule departure time and two hours for domestic travelers.

    11:07 Approximately six people have been arrested by GOPE (Special Operations Police officer) in the operation to restore traffic in Santa Rosa and Avenida Americo Vespucio.

    11:09 Copiapó–students maintain an occupation of various streets in the city and have been clashing with police since 7:30.

    11:27 University and secondary students march on Macul, blocking traffic.

    11:40 Sub-secretary Rodrigo Ubilla, says the government has realized a new balance of the security situation in the country.

    11:41 Another group is marching from the south on Macul to Altura de Grecia according to the CUT.

    11:48 CUT president Martinez says that the points of reunion this Thursday are Plaza Italia, Central Station, Mapocho Station and San Diego de Placer.

    11:50 The transport operation authority reported that another march is heading north along Americo Vespucio Av. to Presidente Riesco Av. and through Pajaritos as well. There have also been disturbances reported in Alameda Av. by Irene Morales area.

    11:55 Martinez says that the success of the strike shows that the workers have reason to protest.

    12:00pm Grecia Av. with Macul Av., Santiago. Confrontations between protesters and carabineros (local police)

    12:00 Plaza Baquedano, Santiago. Approximately 150 protesters, primarily students and workers, march down the streets towards the West along Alameda Av. Some scuffles with carabineros have been reported, but otherwise the protest remains calm.

    12:04 Sub-secretary of the interior Rodrigo Ubilla, says that 35 people were detained and 11 injured during CUT strike. Nine injured were policemen 2 were civilians.

    12:08 “The citizens have shown today that they do not support the paralysis of the country, as many have gone to their respective jobs today,” the president of the Workers Commission, Felipe Salaberry, said today.

    12:11 The vice president of the ex-pedagogic student federation cited more than one thousand protesters in Grecia Av.

    12:14 President Piñera states at a press conference today, “The instrument is wrong (…) It’s one thing to strike, it’s another to paralyze a country… When the country is paralyzed no one wins, everybody loses.” He further stated that the government is fully aware that there are many problems still to be resolved.

    12:17 Plaza de Armas, Talca. A group of protesters are holding peaceful strike actions.

    12:18 The transport authority announced that peak hour for the Santiago metro will be brought forward for 16:00. More trains will be frequenting the metro lines as is normal for 17:00, but the tariff will not be raised for this period.

    12:22 Copiapó. Radio Cooperativa reports that the family of an 18 year old man stated that he was arrested on his way to the hospital for his child’s birth. Police believed him to be part of the students who were throwing rocks at a nearby school.

    12:34 Atacama. Manifestations have been reported in the Atacama region, primarily in Antofagasta.

    12:38 La Serena. Protest have been reported, but no significant incidents have occurred.

    12:54 According to CUT a large line of people is marching to Gran Avenida, to the north, past Américo Vespucio.

    12:54 Viña del Mar. A peaceful march has been carried out by workers and students from the main plaza in Viña del Mar. Aside from disrupting some traffic, no incidents were reported.

    13:39 The Health Ministry reports that only 6% of a work force totalling 100,000 people have participated in the strike.

    13:39 The Chamber of Commerce reports that the strike has had no effect on the metropolitan region’s business.

    14:00 The Governor of Santiago, Cecilia Perez announced the authorized sections of the city for tomorrow’s simultaneous marches. “Any other routes than those proposed by the Administration are not authorized.” The Governor reiterated the need to have dialogue in order to avoid disturbances. Approved Routes include: Exposicion to Almeda West, Estacion Mapocho to Balmaceda, and San Martin and Cumming.

    14:23 Hooded people launch molotov cocktails from the inside the University of Santiago.

    14:30 The Chief of the Metropolitan Zone José Luis Ortega, said that there are concerns about tonight. There will be a large deployment of personnel in all of Santiago with some areas already being identified.

    14:31 Carabineros shoot tear gas and water on Paseo Ahumada. The majority of businesses are closed.

    14:39 Rocks are being thrown at police from both bridges on Alameda.

    14:46 Sub-secretary of the Interior Rodrigo Ubilla says that the mobilization of the CUT was a huge failure and that the majority of cities are functioning normally.

    14:49 Traffic was restored on the roads north and south of Alameda.

    14:52 Metro Santiago reported that the metro will function as normal. At 16:00 hours the trains will increase and prices will remain as usual.

    15:00 Following the incidents in San Diego with Alameda police are facing protestors with water hoses and tear gas.

    15:34 Governors of Bío-Bío, Arauco y Ñuble announced a low turnout to the CUT strike. Trade and transport functioned normally in Bio Bio while only two percent of people adhered to the strike in Ñuble. Eight percent of people in Arauco participated. Most of the participants in Arauco were involved in health and human services.

    16:00 The four routes that have been approved by the Metropolitan Municipality will be open for marching starting at 9:30. All routes will converge at Calle Cumming and Alameda. Demonstrations will be allowed until 16:00 hours Thursday.

    16:07 The organizers of SANFIC reported that this afternoon’s events will be suspended at the GAM and Lastarria 90, because of the national strike.

    16:46 Transportation Minister, Pedro Pablo Errazuriz is touring several stops in Transantiago to understand the situation users face.

    17:00 Twitter users announce that several metro stations have serious operational problems, particularly at the Santa Ana station on line 5.

    17:14 CUT responds to Piñera’s statements by saying that social inequality damages Chile.

    17:30 Chile’s Ipsa index ended 0.1% lower today as investors got weary about the national 48-hour general strike.

    17:31 The president of the Federation of the Ministry of Public Service said that they will participate in marches tomorrow.

    17:45 The Health Minister is grateful that the students in Buin have ended their hunger strike.

    18:01 ANEF (the national fiscal employee’s association) says that 80% of public employees adhered to the strike.

    18:10 The Santiago Metro informs that all of its services are fully operational and there are no disruptions to transit schedules.

    18:28 CUT has been given permission to march on Thursday as part of the national strike. The march route will end in the area of Cumming and Alameda in Santiago.

    18:40 The operative unit for transit control in Santiago says that there is traffic congestion at Américo Vespucio Av. heading south to Tobalaba and Av. Kennedy.

    18:48 Youths holding a UDI campus persist.

    19:20 Speaking from La Moneda Palace government spokesman, Andrés Chadwick, reported on the first day of nationwide strike. According to Chadwick, so far 348 have been detained for public disorder. 19 policemen and 15 civilians have been injured nationwide. He said.”We feel very happy to see that the objective of the stoppage has not been fulfilled,”

    19:29 As the hours pass fewer cars are seen in areas of Vitacura and Las Condes.

    19:38 Transport Minister, Pedro Pablo Errazuriz, noted that most Transantiago drivers did not adhere to call to strike.

    19:40 The Secretary of State announced that it has a contingency plan, including monitoring by the Task Force of Traffic Control (UOCT) and the Monitoring Centre Transantiago Buses to “apply quick detours “at roadblocks.

    19:47 The operator SuBus reported that “except for services that operate from St. Bernard (201-211-211E-201c-211c-201)”, the rest of the fleet “operates as normal.”

    19:51 The president of the Confederation of Workers, Arturo Martinez, acknowledged that three of the four paths proposed by the Metropolitan Municipality for the march called for tomorrow. The idea for the organization is at least one of the tours start at Plaza Italia and going down the Alameda to Ricardo Cumming.

    19:55 Some supermarkets in eastern Santiago decided to close their doors early to avoid inconvenience to their employees.

    19:59 Traffic on Av Colon, between San Ignacio and Las Heras, remains closed by roadblocks.

    21:45 Up to 500 people gathered at Plaza Ñuñoa banging pots (cacerolazo).

    21:56 One hundred people at Plaza Egaña are banging pots

    21:59 Protesters begin to install barricades at Villa Francia, west of Santiago.

    22:01 Metro station Santa Rosa closed on the line 4A due to protests on the surface.

    22:06 At Rotonda Athens and Tomás Moro, Las Condes, a group of about 20 people are banging pots.

    22:07 About 200 people in Victoria Square, Valparaiso bang pots, install barricades and attacked police with stones.

    22:10 A demonstration blocked the road between Concepción and Talcahuano, in Alonso de Ribera, in the Bío Bío Region.

    22:11 Transantiago reports three lines covering the area of Cerro Navia, 505, 510 and 513, have suspended services.

    22:14 Protesters armed with chains break street lighting in a large area of Pincoya, north of Santiago, where this morning a policeman was injured.

    22:18 A Hooded gang is surrounding a gas station in the area of Villa Francia.

    22:55 A member of the press was hit by a pellet during incidents in Villa Francia, an area of west Santiago. Police dispersed gang at gas station.

    23:12 A police officer was shot and wounded in the leg in the Pincoya area , north Santiago. In the same place, another policeman was injured by gunfire on Wednesday morning. The officer, identified as Christian Kunstmann, was taken to Hospital.

    23:18 Neighbors reported sounds of gunfire in the area of Tobalaba and Grecia. The public transportation is all but nonexistent.

    23:19 Shots heard in the community of El Bosque in the Los Morros, where police halted the attempted looting of a supermarket.

    23:37 A criminal element looted a Unimarc supermarket in San Bernardo in the area of Padre Hurtado on the 13,900 block, according to witnesses.

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    Aug 11, 2011
    Chile Day 2: A timeline of nationwide strikes sweeping Chile

    00:00am Neighbors reported attempts of looting of shops and homes in Villa Francia. SO far attempts haver been prevented by police.

    00:04 The public transportation is virtually non existant in many of the capital’s major areas.

    00:09 Violent clashes in the area of Lo Hermida area of Peñalolén, where hooded criminal elements disrupted traffic on avenida Grecia and threw Molotov cocktails at police services.

    00:25 Three supermarkets were looting by mobs in the Los Morros, San Bernardo, according to police reports. Four people were arrested at night.

    1:04 Hooded criminal elements threw Molotov cocktails in the area of Guerrero and San Bascuñán Isidro.

    1:28 Unknown criminal elements ransacked a bakery in municipality of La Florida.

    1:32 Chilean national newspaper (emol.com) has reported that three policemen have been injured by a bullets during disturbances late last night and this morning. Two of them were hit by gunfire during a shooting attack against the 54th Precinct in Huechuraba. The officers who were injured are: Christian Kunstmann, captain Claudio Barrios and a third officer, Sergeant Mora Ericson Borquez, who was hit by gunfire in Quinta Normal.

    1:42 Criminal elements entered the neighborhood of San Ramon, located on Avenida Américo Vespucio and Santa Rosa, where they caused havoc.

    2:02 A car set ablaze on the North-South highway in the area of General Velásquez with Los Penguins.

    2:03 Another shop looted on Independence Street in the area of Diego Silva.

    7:00 Barricades installed. at various locations throughout the country. At least three carabineros (police) were injured by gunfire.

    7:20 According to the latest information, there are 348 detained people throughout the country, 19 injured police officers and 15 injured civilians.

    8:04 Barricades impeded traffic flow on Av. Vicuña Mackenna and Matta.

    8:40 Government spokesman, Andrés Chadwick, stated that the government would not restrain themselves from applying the law if protesters become unruly during today’s marches.

    9:06 The Transantiago coordinator, Raimundo Cruzat, announce via Twitter that at 8:30 this morning there were 5211 buses circulating through Santiago and that they were operating at 98% capacity.

    9:50 Traffic was interrupted for more than half an hour along Av. San Miguel which connects the Talca and San Clemente communes. This was due to students from the Universidad Católica del Maule took the road and installed barricades and started fires.

    9:57 Hundreds of students gather at USACH in Santiago, occupying the south of Av. Alameda. Police diverted traffic from the area.

    10:00 A group gathers in San Diego and Placer Av. to commence their march.

    10:10 Santiago Metro says that all lines are fully operational, with exception of the Cal y Canto station where the access to Mapocho is closed.

    10:15 Arturo Martínez, president of CUT, is at Plaza Italia to participate in the march.

    10:30 The UOCT informs via Twitter that western Providencia Av. is redirected for traffic towards Eliodoro Yáñez/Puente Arzobispo (bridge Arzobispo).

    10:32 n Concepción, protesters are circulating along Puente Llacolen 9Llacolen bridge) towards the city.

    10:33 The march from Mapocho station begins. The crowd is estimated at 20 thousand people.

    10:44 According to reports, only Gloria Negrete had been maintaining an active hunger strike among the students who announced the end of their hunger strike yesterday.

    10:48 Thousands march along government approved routes.

    11:14 Traffic blocked at the Arturo Prat and Aldunate intersection in Santiago.

    11:15 Traffic along Plaza Italia has been restored along the northern lane of Alameda Av.

    11:22 The groups have converged at Cumming Street.

    11:24 At midday the general director of carabineros will go to the hospital to visit those who have been injured in the past few hours.

    11:26 According to “Radio Bío Bío” Minister Longueira has affirmed that “if i couldn’t pay for my children’s education I would also be marching.”

    11:28 Access is being controlled at station Santa Ana and San Martin.

    11:30 A group of women identified as prostitutes have joined the march.

    11:37 The secretary general of the UDI, senator Víctor Pérez, says that “the only people that have gained anything from the paralysis are vandals and delinquents.”

    11:37 people living in building 860 on Curicó Street throw confetti to show their support.

    11:37 About 7,000 people march in Valparaíso. The group is mainly formed with workers and university students. They will meet in Plaza Sotomayor and advance to congress from there.

    11:45 64 detained in the Metropolitan Region for the disorganization yesterday. 44 of them are underage.

    11:46 The march is moving down Street Paicaví and Bulnes in Concepción. near the center of the city.

    11:49 Street 18 is blocked by police buses

    11:58 On Alameda and San Martin there is a large contingent of Police personnel with water hoses and tear gas mounted on cars.

    12:00pm Police call for calm through loudspeakers and redirect the march toward the routes approved by the government in Alameda and Cumming.

    12:03 Parliament coalitions and the leaders of CUT begin a march in Plaza Italia on the authorized route of the Government.

    12:20 The metro is functioning as normal. Places where they suffered the most damage have been fixed. La Moneda station is closed.

    12:21 In the middle of the march a couple dropped to the ground and started kissing which captured the attention of all involved.

    12:25 The routes around Providencia/Alameda are redirected around Miraflores (buses) and Mac-Iver (cars) access from Lord Cochrane to Santa Isabel is closed.

    12:34 The attorney for Buin Liceo A-131, Marcos Aránguiz, demanded the government dismiss the Minister of Health Jaime Mañalich.

    12:35 Carabineros started to install fences in the sector of Calle San Martín (street), where 3 of the 4 columns of protesters will meet up.

    12:35 Close to 5 000 people participated in the march of the city of Copiapó. They met near City Hall.

    12:40 People continue to arrive at Alameda, the demonstrations are allowed until 14:00 hours.

    13:00 The Mayor of Santiago, Pablo Zalaquett, said to CNN “I would’ve liked it if the CUT had chosen a central place for the event because it seems dangerous to keep the people marching.”

    13:00 Chilectra reported that 59,000 clients were affected by partial interruptions of service affecting some of the 12 communes of the Metropolitan Region during the first day of the strike.

    13:03 Protesters climbed some bars located in the Palace Ariztía, headquarters of the Chamber of Deputies in the capital, in the area of Plaza Los Heroes.

    13:04 Protesters set fire to a float on Manuel Rodriguez in Alameda.

    13:10 The President of the FEUC Giorgio Jackson, called on the government to “put aside their ideological positions and give way to a position that appears to be a popular opinion in the country.””

    13:12. The Metro station Los Héroes on line 1 continues to be open to the public to help with the quantity of people in the area for the march.

    13:16 Leader of CUT, Arturo Martinez, said to radio Cooperativa that he didn’t know how many people were in the streets but said what was important was to know that the streets of Santiago were full and that people should take notice of this.

    13:17 More than 10,000 people fill the streets of La Serena.

    13:18 The artistic protests on Cumming Street take place peacefully.

    13:30 According to radio Cooperativa, an unknown group threw stones at cars and buses that entered Constitución during the morning.

    13:33 The National director of Security and Public Order of carabineros, Aquiles Blu said that 6 people in uniform were injured by a projectile in “one of the most violent nights in recent history.”

    13:44 In San Martin and Alameda Av. a group of protesters made a human chain with their arms up to prevent hooded protesters from throwing lemons at the Police Special Forces for this action they were thanked via loudspeakers.

    14:10 At the moment that some protesters have left, hooded people start to appear on Cumming.

    14:11 Minister Matthei said that a little over 9% of laborers that could’ve participated in the strike today actually participated.

    14:20 A small group of hooded people begin to throw stones at police officers who are blocking the way to La Moneda.

    14:23 A protest causes injuries on San Martin and Alameda.

    14:26 Barricades are burned in front of the high school, Los Salesianos, on Cumming.

    14:38 Across the loudspeakers on Tucapel Jiménes Street and Alameda the Colonel of the Police Special Forces asked that “people who are acting in a violent way need to stop their actions and those who are acting peacefully should help us to control them. Helping us does not detract from maintaining a peaceful form of protest. As people are thankful that this march has been authorized in order to control people.”

    14:46 A person is injured in the eye on San Martín and Alameda Av. Hooded protesters break the traffic signal and carabineros start to launch tear gas.

    14:47 The protesters disperse to the other side of La Alameda.

    14:49 Due to the clashes outside of the metro station Los Héroes, it’s only open for passengers to leave. According to Metro Santiago the rest of the metro is operating as usual.

    15:00 The disturbances also occur on Alameda with Manuel Rodríguez street where a group of violent people are attempting to move east. Carabineros act.

    15:01 On France Avenue and Brazil in Valparaíso there are barricades and confrontations with Police. The same is occurring on Errázuriz, another of the principle avenues of the region. According to police the march drew 40 000 people in Valparaíso.

    15:07 New confrontations are reported on Alameda and Cienfuegos in Santiago.

    15:10 Police shoot water hoses at the hooded protesters and the peaceful protesters applaud.

    15:11 The metro station at República, part of line 1, is closed because of the protests outside. It is only open for passengers to leave.

    16:10 Access to Valparaíso is stopped. Buses are impeded at the city port.

    16:13 An anti-socialist group attack the neighborhood of República and begin to loot. Carabineros haven’t arrived yet.

    16:16 The metro station at La Universidad de Chile is being controlled at streets Ahumada and Nueva York.

    16:24 Businesses in the whole of the Alameda area and the surrounding neighborhood of República are closed.

    16:30 Although criminal activity has decreased the metro stations. Los Héroes and República are being permanently controlled.

    16:32 Hooded protesters tried to loot the bank Santander in the area of Alameda and República. But noticed a police presence inside and stopped.

    16:33 The bank has broken glass all over the floor and chairs are being burned. The security camera captured the hooded figures on tape.

    16:40 Certain sectors of Alameda have re-established vehicular transit.

    16:44 Protestors maintain obstacles to transit with barricades on Colón Avenue and Rodríguez, in Valparaíso.

    17:21 Arturo Martínez, the leader of CUT, said that more than 600,000 people mobilized in all of Chile today.

    17:35 Carabineros (police) are distributed along commercial properties on Alameda Av. Traffic is running on both sides of the street though stone tossing and the application of tear gas continues.

    17:38 20 to 30 individuals attempted to break through the doors and gates of a McDonalds in the República neighborhood in Santiago. They tried to escape with food and they scratched the walls of the locale.

    17:49 According to radio Cooperativa, sales in Valparaíso came to practically zero due to the protests.

    18:05 The national commerce, service and tourism committee (Cámara Nacional de Comercio, Servicios y Turismo de Chile) declared that business throughout Chile today operated positively. Relative normality in markets was noted in most major cities.

    18:16 Carabineros dispersed protesters from the Universidad de Chile along Ahumada Av. with tear gas emitting vehicles.

    18:17 Around 200 people have realized incidents in Plaza Perú in Concepción.

    18:21 The Minister of Energy, Rodrigo Álvarez, announced at Chilectra that service has been restored almost to its entirety to the 12 communes which were affected earlier today.

    18:45 ANEF states that more than 80% of public workers participated in the national strike today.

    18:50 Government spokesperson, Andrés Chadwick, thanked everyone who did not participate in the protests today and for keeping the country going. He further called for a “night of peace” and renewed his invitation to the respective organizations for dialog.

    19:12 Hooded protesters attack Iglesia Gratitud Nacional (national gratitude church) in downtown Santiago, setting the doors on fire and throwing paint and stones. It is a historical monument which was being repaired from damage from the earthquake in 2010.

    19:23 Andrés Chadwick remarks that the national strike did not paralyze the country.

    20:30 Barricades reported in Temuco, Valparaíso and Hualqui.

    20:50 The governor of the Province of Concepción remarks that, according to estimates made by local police or carabineros, there are about 25 thousand protesters.

    21:10 About 80 people gathered to start cazerolas (making noise with pots and pans) at Rotonda Atenas (roundabout) in Las Condes, Santiago. Carabineros are keeping an eye on the protesters.

    21:15 About 500 people have gathered at Plaza Ñuñoa in Santiago to participate in cazerolas.

    21:18 Small groups of protesters attempt to interrupt traffic in downtown Santiago. They were repelled by police via water cannon.

    21:40 Fires interrupt traffic on Grecia Av. and Las Parcelas, Santiago.

    21:45 Residents of La Pincoya to the north of Santiago have begun a cazerolaso (pots and pans protest) near the place where they had been attacked by carabineros ealier. No incidents reported.

    22:00 About 30 students perform a cazerolaso at the occupied Casa Central (central house) of Universidad de Chile in Alameda, Santiago.

    22:02 Several protesters confront carabineros, throwing rocks at bus stop 25 in Santa Rosa Av. in the south of Santiago.

    22:18 Electricity cuts are reported in Puente Alto, Santiago.

    22:20 There are reports of barricades installed in the communes of Independencia, Recoleta and La Pintana.

    22:25 Plaza Italia, Plaza Brasil and Plaza Ñuñoa represent the points of Santiago where the greatest number of people have gathered to perform cazerolasos (pots and pans protest).

    22:30 Up till now there are 210 people detained throughout the country for multiple reasons, 140 of those are from the Metropolitan Region.

    22:41 Three women are detained in Chiguayante in the Biobío Region. They are accused of setting up barricades on Manuel Rodríguez Av.

    22:42 Protesters clash with carabineros in Amanecer, Temuco. Cazerolas are reported throughout the city.

    22:43 About 50 students continue to occupy the Universidad del Mar campus in La Serena.

    22:45 Approximately 300 protesters are in Colón Av. in Valparaíso in front of the Eduardo de la Barra school. They attempted to march from Plaza Victoria to the National Congress.

    22:46 In Villa Francia, an unidentified group of people set up barricades and confronted carabineros. Another grou0p attempted to sack a nearby service center. Gunfire was heard in the area.

    22:50 Barricades block traffic on La Florida Av. at the intersection with Walker Martínez. Hooded protesters throw rocks at cars and buses and are charging a toll, threatening drivers if they do not

    22:58 Gunfire has been reported by residents of various locations in the capital, such as in Villa Francia, Recoleta, Puente Alto and Ñuñoa.

    22:59 Small businesses and kiosks are being set on fire in various parts of the capital.

    23:11 According to news reports, students who had been occupying the San Joaquín campus of the Universidad Católica have decided to leave the premises peacefully.

    23:30 Gunfire continues in Villa Francia, it has not ceased since it started.

    23:40 Violent incidents reported in Peñalolén, including clashes between protesters and police and setting a school bus on fire, firefighters could not intervene due to barricades.

    23:43 26 carabineros (police) are reported injured so far.

    23:53 Carabineros inform that two 16 year olds have been detained for driving around in a stolen car along Vicuña Mackenna Av. in Santiago.

    00:00am In Quilicura, a group of people took advantage of disturbances to vandalize the Juan Luis Undurraga Aninat school.

    00:05 Serious clashes reported in front of the Ñuñoa Commission. Carabineros have asked for support from the PDI.

    00:07 Students who had taken the Faculty of Humanities at the Universidad Católica have been removed after less than 4 hours since their take over.

    00:20 Residents in La Pintana are reporting that a local supermarket is presently being looted.

    00:31 According to social networks, gunfire is being heard in parts of Quilicura, Cerro Navia (hill) and Estación Central (central station).
  7. butcher

    butcherExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Sep 8, 2009
    Re: Chilean Student Stuffz

    Cheers blacknova, but can I haz dates (assume is the dayz of the 48 hour strike) and sauces (i assume its some media's live blog or something?) ?

    THEBLACKNOVAExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Aug 11, 2011

    THEBLACKNOVAExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Aug 11, 2011
    Re: Chilean Student Stuffz

    Why are we fighting? (English) - Free Education in Chile


    THEBLACKNOVAExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Aug 11, 2011
    Failed Education Reform in Chile Prompts Protests

    Failed Education Reform in Chile Prompts Protests


    THEBLACKNOVAExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Aug 11, 2011
    Chile protests turn violent, a boy is killed


    THEBLACKNOVAExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Aug 11, 2011
    Chile in two day strike


    THEBLACKNOVAExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Aug 11, 2011
    Chile leader wants talks; 1 dead, 1,400 arrests

    Chile leader wants talks; 1 dead, 1,400 arrests

  14. metalhead

    metalheadMember New Member




    Aug 29, 2011
    Re: Chilean Student Stuffz

    espero ke la mesa de dialogo sirva y lleguen a un acuerdo los estudiante y el gobierno del sr piñera lo uniko ke kiera mas dinero para ellos y los pobres ke no tendran derecho a estudiar menos mal ke mis hija tendran educ. pero tendre ke trabajar mucho pero la idea es la educ. primaria gratis x ke los niños tienen el derecho a estudiar y la educ. superior no subirles mas los aranceles espero ke todo esto termine pronto ya ke mis hijas tienen derecho ala educacion como la tuve yo o sino tendre ke salir a la calle x defender la educ. de mis hijas . El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido sr piñera !!!!!!!! \m/

    THEBLACKNOVAExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Aug 11, 2011
    Camila Vallejo, the Face of Chile’s Student Revolution

    Camila Vallejo, the Face of Chile’s Student Revolution

    Published at 2:19 pm, August 29, 2011


    THEBLACKNOVAExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Aug 11, 2011
    ‘It's like we're back to the Pinochet era’

    ‘It's like we're back to the Pinochet era’

  17. butcher

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    Sep 8, 2009
    Had seen this Guardian article before.
    Seriously, what sorta fucking pissweak reformist sorta communist is she anywayz?
    Oh wait, a fairly typical one...
    How long till the CONFECh succeeds in selling the students out i wonder?

    oh and this:
  18. nike

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    Jun 19, 2011
    cute little evita p. - any source on confech in english?

    THEBLACKNOVAExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Aug 11, 2011
    Hunger is not bread: On political institutions and the plebiscite

    Hunger is not bread: On political institutions and the plebiscite
  20. butcher

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    Sep 8, 2009
    Convergencia Estudiantil mention them in passing towards the end here:
    although this has kinda been outdated by events (it was written Dec 2010), regardless, the CONFECh is still the usual union deal ("negotiate from the top and back to the students"). A numbers of the more autonomist-y type folks seem to be constantly posting stuff about France 1968, obviously there is the (fairly well founded) concern that this may degenerate it something similar, namely a union negotiated reform (a pay rise, some student debt relief, etc). There are rather more aggressive criticisms of the CONFECh in some of the more insurrectionist @ and commie press, none of which is in English but...

    The expat members of the Chilean CP are coming outta da bunkers down here, and they're planning to translate information into English for us ignorants, and of course, the only stuff of any interest is Camilla's speeches... So maybe in a few dayz, they'll have more info here:
    auschileeducation[dot]wordpress[dot]com (talking shit about them may cause some issues here, hence broken linkys)
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