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Chaos UK - The Chipping Sodbury Bonfire Tapes (1989).

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    Track List:

    01. Intro
    02. World Stock Market
    03. Indecision
    04. Kill!
    05. Uniform Choice
    06. No Tax!
    07. Think
    08. Rise From The Rubble
    09. Brain Bomb!
    10. Too Cool For School, Too Stupid For The Real World (Let's Form A Band)
    11. Courier
    12. Farmyard (Cider House Mix)

    Chaos UK began its long journey in 1979, with a lineup consisting of vocalist Simon, guitarist Andy, bassist Kaos, and drummer Potts. They eventually signed with Riot City Records and released two 7" records in 1982. That same year, they released an eponymous LP with a slightly different lineup. Kaos had moved to vocals, and new members Spot and Nige took over on drums and bass, respectively. They left the label soon after and disappeared until 1984's Lawless Britain, also known as Short Sharp Shock, which came out on Children of the Revolution Records. They also had a new lineup at this point, now featuring singer Mower, drummer Chuck, guitarist Gabba, and Kaos. An interesting minor controversy would result from this album, as Michelle Shocked would release an album called Short Sharp Shocked with virtually the same cover art, much to the band's dismay. The lineup actually lasted to the next album, 1986's Radioactive Earslaughter, which came out at the same time as a split disc with Extreme Noise Terror. Without any real reason, they went into semi-retirement almost immediately afterwards, staying out of the music scene until 1989, which saw the release of Chipping Sodbury Bonfire Tapes on their own Slap Up Records. The title was a dig at Shocked, who had an album titled The Texas Campfire Tapes. Mower would soon leave the band, bringing Kaos back to vocals and bringing in Beki on bass. The Live in Japan album was recorded in 1991 (although it came out three years later), but after their tour of the east they would lose Chuck and replace him with Devilman. They also added a second guitarist, Vic (ex-Reagan Youth). This lineup would release the Making Half a Killing album soon after (the title is a play on another Extreme Noise Terror split disc). 1993 saw the release of One Hundred Percent Two Fingers in the Air on Century Media Records. New drummer Phil Thudd and new bassist J. signed on for King for a Day (1996), Morning After the Night Before (1996), and Heard It, Seen It, Done It (1997), but Devilman was still in the band and even played on the albums while Beki had since left. Members of the band began to start side projects, including A.D. Rice and the Wuzzuks, but they still released Total Chaos in 1999 and Chaos in Japan in 2001. ~ Bradley Torreano, All Music Guide


    The Chipping Sodbury Bonfire Tapes
    Release Date : 1989

    B7 is an untitled track which ends in a locked groove.

    Chaos UK Biography

    UK Punk band from Bristol.
    Formed in 1979 with an initial line-up of [a831047] (vocals), [a831048] (guitar), [a1923823] (bass) and [a2132922] (drums).

    Band members: Gabba, Mower (2), Andrew Briggs, Phill Thudd, Fran Fearon
    Band ex-members: , Chuck (9), Simon Greenham, Andy Farrier, Devilman (2), Beki (3), Nige, Victor Dominicis, Adrian Rice, Marvin Gauntlett, Richard Potts, Ram Raider (2), J. Cloth

    Chaos UK is a hardcore punk band formed in 1979 near Bristol. Consisting of Simon on vocals, Andy on guitar, Kaos on bass, and Potts on drums (although the band has been through many different line-ups over the years with Kaos as the only consistent member). Their lyrics deal with topics such as unemployment, economic recession, drinking, infanticide, distrust of government, the police, and authority in general.

    After what can be described as the first or classical period, in which the band released two 7inch EP's (1982), contributed to the 'Punk and Disorderly' (1982), 'Riotous Assembly' (1982) and UK/DK (1983) LP/Video samplers and released a self titled LP (1983) Kaos remained the only member.

    The second LP, titled 'Short Sharp Shock' (1984), and the 'Radioactive' (1986) split LP which introduced Extreme Noise Terror to the world on Earache Records saw Mower on vocals, Gabba on guitar and Chuck on drums. This line up is considered the most hard-hitting and most productive and remained more or less unchanged until the late eighties/early nineties, with first Chuck and later Mower leaving. Gabba and Kaos/Chaos (now on vocals) remained at the core of the band.

    In their more than 20-year career Chaos UK toured the world (including several Japanese tours, the first of which produced the Live in Japan album) played with bands such as Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Oi Polloi, The Exploited, Swingin' Utters, Misery, and many others. They also released over 20 LPs, EPs, singles, splits, and live albums.

    They split up in 2007, the members moving on to other projects, like A.D. Rice and the Wazzucks, FUK and Sick on the bus. They are still living in Bristol drinking cider, a favorite subject of several songs throughout the band's history.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Slap Up Records

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