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Japanese Chain Reaction - Gabbie EP - 1985 (Italy)

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    Track List:

    1. Cages
    2. Bloody Ways
    3. No Way Out
    4. Run
    5. Your Bloody War
    6. Personal Autodistruzione

    More obscure Italian hardcore band with a darker sound but still very much raging.


    Release Date : 1985

    Recorded at Bowler Studios, Bari, Italy. Includes a large lyric insert.

    Chain Reaction Biography

    The Chain Reaction were a group formed in 1982 in Bari, the encounter between Nicola Mariani vocals, guitar Edi Leo, Nicola Signorile on bass, and Giancarlo Verdoscia on drums, and after some changes, and some concerts, the formation is stabilized with the arrival of Nicola De Marinis on guitar, drums and Guido De Stisi, and between 1983 and 1984 were given in many Italian cities, even with the 'Youth Brigade', proposing a hardcore fast , and was extremely successful; kollettivo in assets that had been created in the city, the group members were among the occupants of the space called 'Giungla', and unfortunately their only job is the ep 7 "1985 'Gabbie' , released for the 'Belfagor records' album that contains six pieces really angry, voice screamed and fast-paced and relentless. It disbanded in 1985 but recently met with Eddy on guitar, Nicholas on bass and guitar, drums and Guido .

    Band members: Edi Leo, Guido De Stisi, Nicola Mariani, Nicola Signorile
    Band ex-members: , Nicola De Marinis

    There are 6 music acts named Chain Reaction, and one radio show.

    Musical acts:
    An Amsterdam based hardstyle DJ/producer
    An old school furious Italian hardcore from the 80s.
    An American hard rock band from the late 60s.
    A NWOBHM band from Kent (UK), formed in '83.
    A Polish metal band from Warsaw, PL, which was created in 2002.
    A young melodic hardcore band from Barcelona, Spain.
    A Canadian hip-hop artist from Calgary, Alberta.
    A heavy metal/hard rock band from the Netherlands.
    A hardcore band from South Korea.

    - Chain Reaction (DJ)
    Amsterdam based deejay/producer Chain Reaction stands for powerful uplifting hardstyle.
    Besides his excellent deejay skills he recently signed a record deal on Luna’s label Minus is More. His performances on Reset showed he’s no rookie behind the decks.

    Chain Reaction [PL] currently consists of 5 members:
    - Bartosz Szarek a.k.a. Barton (vocals)
    - Piotr Przygoda a.k.a. Wodzirej (guitar)
    - Daniel Lechmański a.k.a. Dani (guitar)
    - Michał Michalski a.k.a. Komandos (bass & backing vocals)
    - Łukasz Konarski a.k.a. Konar (drums)

    Among ex-members of the band:
    - Grzegorz Jarek (vocals & guitar)

    Chain Reaction started as two friends playing around for fun. Around 2002, these two friends, Piotr Przygoda and Grzegorz Jarek, met with their bass player and drummer, Michał Michalski and Łukasz Konarski. Official date of band's formation, 29th of November 2002 is also a date of their first rehearsal

    In 2003, this previously unnamed band adopted, after careful consideration, the name of "Chain Reaction". There was also the first unofficial show - Chain Reaction's first performance at drummer's birthday party. On July, Chain Reaction entered DBX Studio in Warsaw, Poland, to create their first demo, but the recording was interrupted after completing all the instrumental parts. During the last months of 2003, the band was joined by an unknown vocalist named Lucas.

    Chain Reaction's first official gig occurred on 13th of February 2004, along with polish bands Hekatomba and Gutter Sinners. Unexpectably, Lucas decided to leave the band next day. With Grzegorz Jarek as temporary vocalist, the band completed "Chain Reaction" and released it 9th of June 2004, during show in "Progresja" club in Warsaw. On 10th of October, Bartosz Szarek officially joined the band. Two weeks later, Grzegorz Jarek left it.

    During 2005, band's style was maturing. Chain Reaction played total of 9 gigs all over the country, with bands such as Horrorscope, Archeon, Frontside, Blindead or Corruption. 1st of April was also the date of their first radio interview for Radio Mazowsze. apart from live tours, the band kept working on new material, creating quite a lot of new songs.

    Another breakthrough in band's history took place in a time span of three months - April to June. During that time, Chain Reaction recorded the songs for their upcoming promo CD. The "id" is released month later. Despite sending the promo to numerous companies, the band remained unsigned. On September, band earned new member - Daniel Lechmański, guitarist of polish band Exlibris.

    During 2007, Chain Reaction kept working on a new, full-fledged album, playing gigs and even scored a country-wide performance in popular TV Talk show "Kuba Wojewódzki" (11th of April). Around September, they have finished recording and released "Vicious Circle" for press interviewers. Since the beginning of 2008, Chain Reaction has been touring all across Poland, playing gigs and selling their album (which was made available on 12th of April and can also be bought by mail).

    Their website (in Polish and English): http://chainreaction.pl


    Chain Reaction (Radio)

    Chain Reaction (nicknamed "the tag-team talk show") is a hostless chat show first broadcast on BBC Radio 5 in 1991, and then revived on BBC Radio 4 in 2005. Each week an individual from the world of entertainment selects someone that they would like to interview. This interviewee goes on to be the next week's interviewer.

    The first (revived) series comprised six episodes, with the following guests:

    * Jenny Eclair interviewing Jimmy Carr
    * Jimmy Carr interviewing Matt Lucas
    * Matt Lucas interviewing Johnny Vegas
    * Johnny Vegas interviewing Stewart Lee
    * Stewart Lee interviewing Alan Moore
    * Alan Moore interviewing Brian Eno

    The second series comprised six episodes, with the following guests:

    * Jo Brand interviewing Barry Cryer
    * Barry Cryer interviewing Mark Thomas
    * Mark Thomas interviewing Alexei Sayle
    * Alexei Sayle interviewing Lenny Henry
    * Lenny Henry interviewing Bill Bailey
    * Bill Bailey interviewing Simon Pegg

    The third series comprised six episodes, with the following guests:

    * Marcus Brigstocke interviewing Clive Anderson
    * Clive Anderson interviewing John Lloyd
    * John Lloyd interviewing Phill Jupitus
    * Phill Jupitus interviewing John Hegley
    * John Hegley interviewing Jack Dee
    * Jack Dee interviewing Jeremy Hardy

    The first episode of the fourth series, featuring comedienne Catherine Tate interviewing actor David Tennant, was recorded on Monday 26 March 2007 at London's Duchess Theatre, and was broadcast on Thursday 21 February 2008.

    The fourth series comprises four episodes, with the following guests:

    * Catherine Tate interviewing Doctor Who actor David Tennant
    * David Tennant interviewing Richard Wilson (Doctor Constantine in Doctor Who episode "The Empty Child")
    * Richard Wilson interviewing Arabella Weir
    * Arabella Weir interviewing Paul Whitehouse

    Chain Reaction (NL):

    They formed in 1993 and disbanded at an unknown point in time. They released one demo called Chain Reaction in 1993.

    Chain Reaction (SK)

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Belfagor Records

    Hardcore Punk label from Florence, Italy, active in 1985 and 1986; founded by I Refuse It! singer Stefano Bettini.
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