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Caustic Christ - 2002 - Caustic Christ (7'')

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    Aug 7, 2009

    Caustic Christ - 2002 - Caustic Christ (7'')
    • 01-Caustic Christ - No Love-Gf.mp3
    • 02-Caustic Christ - Fear -Gf.mp3
    • 03-Caustic Christ - Blood Sucking Fiends-Gf.mp3
    • 04-Caustic Christ - Dead To The World-Gf.mp3
    • 05-Caustic Christ - Destructive And Desperate-Gf.mp3
    • 06-Caustic Christ - Strangled By Progress-Gf.mp3


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    Caustic Youth
    Release Date : 2002

    1st Press Yellow Cover 1000 pressed 900 black (This) 100 Gold/Smoke2nd Press Orange cover 300 pressed

    Caustic Christ Biography

    Hardcore Punk band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    The band members often credit themselves as follows on releases:

    The Oftenly Mistaken Ukla Von Upenstien - Bass (Corey Lyons)
    GenEric Christ - Vocals (Eric Good)
    Bill Christ - Guitar (Bill Chamberlain)
    Archie Punker - Drums (Greg Mairs)

    Band members: Bill Chamberlain, Greg Mairs, Eric Good, Corey Lyons

    Caustic Christ is a hardcore punk band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They are on Havoc Records. In late 2000, Bill Chamberlain (best known as the guitarist for The Pist) quit his band React and moved from Connecticut to Pittsburgh to start a band with guitarist/vocalist Eric Good and bassist Corey Lyons of Aus-Rotten. While Aus-Rotten's split resulted in vocalist Dave Trenga forming the heavy, deeply political crust band Behind Enemy Lines, Caustic Christ was more in the vein of '80s hardcore a la Negative Approach and Black Flag and surprisingly didn't often cover politics as a topic. Together with drummer Ron Wingrove, Good and Lyons began to practice in Corey, Eric and Bill's basement, played local shows and a few weekend tours, and recorded a demo. During that time, Aus-Rotten broke up and Bill also formed a band with their drummer and singer, Behind Enemy Lines. Sadly, in the spring of 2001 Ron was struck by a car and sustained brain damage that rendered him unable to play drums. After a hiatus, the band replaced him with Greg Mairs of Submachine. This was supposed to be a temporary solution while the band found another less busy drummer, but 5 years later Greg is still an integral part of the band.

    With Greg, they recorded their first 7", which was released on Havoc Records, as were all of their releases from then on. They have toured the entire United States extensively over the years with bands like Subhumans and Municipal Waste, and have been interviewed in Maximum RocknRoll, HeartattaCk, Suburban Voice, and numerous other punk zines. They are local favorites, greatly admired in the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia scenes, and playing at the Roboto frequently.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Behold, The Youthquake!

    Hardcore Punk label from Umeå, Sweden, run by Christoffer Jonsson.