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Catharsis - Live @ The Land Of The Dead

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    Live In The Land Of The Dead / Arsonist's Prayer
    Release Date : 2010

    Black Label Bootleg comes in fold out cover with black and white cover of the original releases on each side and original lyric sheets on the inside. Side A: From the final session before the LP. Recorded on 8 tracks by KevUnsettled "Patches" Davis (On Palm Sunday, 1997, under a full moon, during a lunar exclipse) at Studio V in the remotest forests of wild North Carolina Side B: on-site aud

    Catharsis Biography

    Catharsis was an anarchist hardcore punk band from Greensboro, North Carolina, releasing their albums through the CrimethInc. collective. Their singer, Brian, was editor of the political hardcore punk fanzine Inside Front and later went on with other ex-members of Catharsis to form the band [a=Requiem (8)].

    Band members: Jimmy Chang, Alexei D. Rodriguez, Matthew Miller (2), Brian Dingledine, Ernie Hayes (2)
    Band ex-members: , Daniel Young, Sammi Curr, Stef Teleski, Mark Dixon (2), Jon Ridenour, Jonathan Raine, Christopher Huggins

    There are several different artists under this name:
    1) metalcore band from USA (1994-2002)
    2) Russian power metal band (1996-present)
    3) French art band
    4) US technical power metal
    5) Deathcore band from Wiscasset, Maine
    6) Polish Technical Death Jazz metal
    7) Band from Moldova
    8) UK Heavy Progressive Rock
    9) Israeli deathcore
    10) French death industrial/dark ambient
    11) Kansas rapper
    12) Indonesian Technical Death Metal
    13) Drum & Bass and Dubstep producer
    14) Death/Thrash metal band from Belgium (1998-?, split-up)

    1. Catharsis was an influential American metalcore band from Chapel Hill, North Carolina that was active from 1994 to 2002. Catharsis were known for writing extremely lengthy songs (sometimes broken into multiple parts) with complex title names and unusual time signatures. They were related to anarchist collective Crimethinc..
    After a couple of releases, vocalist and studio guitarist Brian D began releasing the band's albums through the anarchist decentralized collective [http://www.crimethinc.com]Crimethinc., with which he was heavily involved. Several members of the band went on to join or form other notable bands such as Zegota, Paint It Black, Requiem, 3 Inches Of Blood, Trial, Neptune, Undying, Walls of Jericho and Cathode.
    Catharsis briefly reunited in January of 2013 for a series of four shows and to issue the definitive Catharsis box-set "Light from a Dead Star".
    Catharsis took appreciable influence from Integrity, Neurosis, His Hero Is Gone, Breakdown, Starkweather, Amebix, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Diamanda Galás, GISM, Refused and the early demo recordings of Belgian hardcore band, Negate. The dark, reggae-styled song, 'Deserts Without Mirages' on the album, Passion, is perhaps a reflection of the singer's appreciation for Peter Tosh. The song's lyrics borrow from the spoken word passages in the Godspeed You! Black Emperor song 'The Dead Flag Blues'. Passion album also samples from Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man.

    2. Catharsis, a russian power metal band that releases their albums in two editions: in russian and in english, was founded in Moscow in 1996. In early works their sound was more similar to doom metal, but in their second album, Febris Erotica, they turned to the style of symphonic power metal. In 2002 Oleg "Mission" Mishin, experienced guitar and flute player, joined Catharsis and became their main songwriter in next albums: "Imago"(2003) and "Wings"(2005). Many lyrics on this albums are written by Margarita Pushkina, a poetess who writes lyrics for metal bands such as Aria, Kipelov, Mavrik.
    In 2006 Catharsis was awarded Russian Alternative Music Prize as Best russian metal band.

    3. Catharsis was a French art band who released albums during the 1970's. Their first album, "Masq" (1971), was a mixture of formless chanting, hypnotic melodies, prominent percussion, Arabic styles, and experimental songcraft. They would release 4 more albums, with the latter 3 exploring slightly different sounds.

    4. Catharsis the Americal technical power metal band was formed in San Diego CA in 1992. They signed to Nordic Records and released their debut album "Pathways to Wholeness". Although it was critically acclaimed they never became popular and faded into oblivion leaving only that one album as their legacy.

    5. Catharsis was a Deathcore band from Wiscasset, Maine (now Periodic Plague). Their myspace is www.myspace.com/periodicplague

    6. Catharsis was a Technical Death/Jazz metal band formed in Poland (Tychy) in 1992. They released a 6-song demo named "Your Truth" in 1993 and a full-length album "Bitter Disdain" in 1995. Now the bass player/singer Adam Mamok has some plans to make a band reunion.

    7. Band from Moldova, with 2 members, known from songs like "Vino" and "Fata draga".

    8. Catharsis are a band from Derby, England who play Heavy Progressive Rock

    9. Catharsis are israeli Deathcore band.

    10. Catharsis, a French death industrial/dark ambient project by Pascal Bourdon, probably best known for the split CD with Drape Excrement, "Homo Homini Lupus", on Malignant Records' Black Plagve side label.

    11. Catharsis is a young rapper from Prairie Village, Kansas whose raps relate his high school years.

    12. Catharsis is an Indonesian Technical Death Metal formed in January 2010, Catharsis gradually transformed into a serious musical concern, fusing grindcore and metal inclinations into an eclectic, indefinable musical soup. With their totally different musical background they decided to make a Metal band. They will bring you the most unholy trinity of audio violence to hear. So just wait and see! http://www.myspace.com/catharsisindo

    13. Catharsis is a Drum & Bass and Dubstep producer from South West London, as well as the managing director of Lifestyle Recordings.

    14. Catharsis was a death/thrash metal band from Belgium. During the bands lifespan they recoded a single demo, "Souvenirs of a Past Existence " which was released in 1995.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Wicked Witch Records

    Dutch punk & hardcore label.