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Capitalist Casualties - 2005 - Years In Ruin [APN]

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    Aug 7, 2009
    Capitalist Casualties - 2005 - Years In Ruin.zip
    32 files (54.64 MB)

    01 Your Fake Generation.mp3
    02 Walk A Straight Line.mp3
    03 Rumor Mill.mp3
    04 Parents Of The Devil.mp3
    05 Fornicators.mp3
    06 Sprawl.mp3
    07 Game.mp3
    08 Guang Xi.mp3
    09 Dope And War.mp3
    10 Potemkin Village.mp3
    11 Mouthfed.mp3
    12 Dishrag.mp3
    13 Tract House.mp3
    14 Voter Burnout.mp3
    15 Controlled Burning.mp3
    16 Suburban Defect.mp3
    17 Map You.mp3
    18 Hate Criminal.mp3
    19 How We Are Portrayed.mp3
    20 Propane Punks.mp3
    21 Time For Smack(Bad Posture).mp3
    22 Ignorant(Urban Waste).mp3
    23 School Shooting.mp3
    24 Prayer Meeting.mp3
    25 Planned Community.mp3
    26 Penitent.mp3
    27 Total Enclosure.mp3
    28 Incontinence.mp3
    29 Dark Circle.mp3
    30 Doubting Thomas.mp3

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    Capitalist Casualties Biography

    Capitalist Casualties are a hardcore band from Santa Rosa, USA. They've been around since 1986 and are still active today. They've had an extensive amount of splits over the years.


    Nuclear National Park demo (1988)
    The Art of Ballistics EP (1991)
    Disassembly Line LP (1992)
    Raised Ignorant EP (1993)
    split EP with The Dread (1993)
    split EP with Discordance Axis (1994)
    split EP with Millions of Dead Cops (1994)
    Live Butchery EP (1994)
    split LP with Man is the Bastard (1994)
    split EP with Slight Slappers (1995)
    split EP with Ulcer (1995)
    4-way split LP with Cripple Bastards, Masskontroll and Warpath (1995)
    split EP with Stack (1996)
    A Collection of Out-of-Print Singles, Split EPs and Compilation Tracks CD (1997)
    Dope and War EP (1997)
    Dark Circle EP (1999)
    Subdivisions in Ruin LP (1999)
    split EP with Monster X (2000)
    split EP with Unholy Grave (2000)
    Planned Community EP (2000)
    split EP with Macabre (2001)
    1996-1999: Years in Ruin CD (2004)
    split LP with Hellnation (2008)
    split EP with Lack of Interest (2010)
    split EP with Straight Edge Kegger (???)
    split EP with Floorpunch (2011)
    split EP with Human Trade (2013)

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.