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Camp Betty Sydney 2011

Discussion in 'Australasia' started by audryagitprop, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. audryagitprop

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    Apr 16, 2011
    Camp Betty Sydney 2011
    Queen’s birthday weekend 10 – 13 June 2011

    A festival celebrating and unpacking sex, sexuality & gender against a backdrop of radical politics and DIY action!

    everything a radical political festival on sex, sexuality and gender could wish for and then some! From discussions of theory to sleeves-up-gettin’-dirty-how-to workshops and everything in between, with a pile of awesome peeps as the glue that holds it all together.

    ‘cos Camp Betty Melbourne (2007) ROCKED!
    And it’s time to revitalise that energy with the festival reborn since the Melbourne crew voted to pass the baton onto Sydney.

    As with Camp Betty 2007, Sydney 2011 also aims to make “..gender and sex radicalism central to our politics and our understanding of the world today...Betty's aim is to create experiences of struggle, sex and fun where we don’t just talk about the lives we want, but live them.” (Camp Betty 2007)

    Camp Betty Sydney is about creating spaces to reflect on queerness, politicising spaces and issues, creating connections between communities and individuals. And it's about having fun and making noise and making stuff!

    More info about Camp Betty 2011 will be updated on our website as it happens: http://www.campbetty.org
    post away! tell your friends!

    The website also has info about the 2007 festival and the history behind it all if you want more of the back-story.

    DIY - Do it yourself. The festival aims to be as open, decentralised, and as DIY as possible while still respecting Safer Spaces, taking responsibility for yourself and looking out for each other.

    Queen's Birthday Weekend (NSW), 10-13 June 2011. Save the date! Tell your friends!

    Festival hub at the Red Rattler, Marrickville with various other awesome locations around the Inner West of Sydney - Midian, Dirty Shirlows and Plump Gallery all confirmed so far!

    WE NEED:

    · enthusiastic people to join the organising collective (and sub-collectives)

    · people willing to donate their skills in relevant areas in the lead-up to and during the festival (eg PR, event co-ordination, practical and technical skills and know-how, etc etc) – show us your skills!

    · expressions of interest for contributions to the conference reader/program – regardless of what your writing style is we’d love to hear from you. Anything from theoretical academia through to graphic artistry is welcome for consideration.

    · expressions of interest for workshop facilitators and other activities* – if you have a great idea or activity, tell us about it! Fill in the form on our website here: http://campbetty.org/2010/?page_id=4

    Or, email the Camp Betty Collective on [email protected] to let us know what you can offer.

    *For potential contributors/facilitators: we have three broad streams for activities, if you need some inspiration:

    · Oppression & Privilege

    · Celebration & Empowerment

    · Navigating Systems, Language and Institutions (or, How To Fuck With The System – Safely!)

    There will be plenty of other fun stuff going on over the weekend too if you need time to chill out and/or party on.

    Stay tuned for more information and keep an eye on our website: http://www.campbetty.org

    We're up to our elbows planning panels, parties, performances and inviting all your favourite people. We want you to be there.

    So far on the program:
    - [insert pecha kucha new name and description]
    - panels full of the latest thinking on the politics of sex and gender
    - workshops on everything from sex worker activism to hula hooping
    - parties
    - films
    - bands
    - a diy art and zine fair
    - recovery picnic
    - and lots we're still finalising

    And yes, there's still room on the program for your ideas too. Check out our website to submit a proposal.

    Spend the long weekend with us! Book your tickets now... they're cheaper.
    We'll have billeting so you don't need to worry about where you're gonna sleep.

    And get in touch. You can email the organising collective: [email protected] or check us out at:

    * http://campbetty.org
    * http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/grou ... 607&v=info
    * twitter.com/campbettysydney

  2. audryagitprop

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    Apr 16, 2011
    Hey this is a call out for a workshop (or even a panel) that I've tabled for Camp Betty (http://2010.campbetty.org/) around sex work and activism.

    Basically I want to discuss experiences of, and strategies for, forms of activism on the job. Some examples that I am wanting to speak to would include
    * doing consciousness raising sorta stuff, aswell as advocacy and unpacking priviledge inside of work, including talking about sex worker rights, racism, queerphobia, capitalism, etc could be either in the brothel or out on calls or on tha street
    * offering clients extra time for free or heavily discounted in order to do this kinda stuff (foot, or dick, in the door so to speak)
    * affirmative action and/or ethical pricing (offering heavy discounts for other sex workers, disabled/disadvantaged clients) and (preemptive) screening of clients i.e. - no racists, no uniforms, etc

    I can go into much more detail and there are other practices and approaches that i can talk about aswell. But I cant do this alone. I'm aware that there are issues of privilege in my ability to do activism on the job, in that I mostly get calls for white male top doing outcalls. But I also know there are other punk whores out there, with different bodies, backgrounds and services, who are doing different forms of activism, that intersect with their work, and that manifest on the job. Remember that the forms that i've put here dont cover everything, there are other ways that we affect change and contribute to our clients lives in unique and proactive ways. If you have any ideas, experiences, opinions, etc then please get in touch and get involved. Any contributions and collaborations will be greatly appreciated! JOIN ME!

    *whore hugs to everyone*