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Cadenaxo - Lenguas Podridas Lp - 2020 (Mexico)

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by punkmar77, May 1, 2020.

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    Nov 13, 2009
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    Lenguas Podridas, by Cadenaxo


    Track List:

    1. Manual Policiaco 1:37
    2. Mundo Restringido 1:18
    3. Figuras Oscuras 1:12
    4. Son Veneno 1:56
    5. Tortura Mental 1:46
    6. Máxima Autoridad 0:56
    7. Sin Dios 1:02
    8. Incompetencia 1:33
    9. Fachos A La Verga 1:28
    10. Indestructible 1:28

    "10 spicy hardcore truths, sharp and simple like a bean Tlacoyo, with a good salsa guajillo and fresh nopalitos on top. Cadenaxo is just another intense flavor you can find in the streets of the big Tenochtitlan, Mexico. This monster of a city full of surreality and contrasted universes, has so many secrets, scenes, bands, characters, so many worlds in its self, makes anyone feel lost, disconnected and overstimulated in the noisy daily struggle. A band swinging from the outskirts of this saturated reality, Cadenaxo rule the place with their manic sound without knowing it, they bring people together, people listen, people slam. Hard workers like no others in town, Cadenaxo is known for their no bullshit mentality, extremely good riffs and spicy sing along vocals. This Maxi single has been many years in the making; finally it comes out on the 12” format for your immediate consumption. Now, would you want that for here or to go?"
    -Eduardo Vaca
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