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Spanish & Portuguese (BRAZIL) OPERAçãO 81 - 2002 - EXPRESSãO SONORA ANARCHOPUNK

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    (operação 81) - 01 punx do terceiro mundo.mp3
    (operação 81) - 02 frente Única antifascista.mp3
    (operação 81) - 03 ponto de vista.mp3
    (operação 81) - 04 mc corporation.mp3
    (operação 81) - 05 sharon assassino.mp3
    (operação 81) - 06 vandalismo.mp3
    (operação 81) - 07 o brasil É um circo.mp3
    (operação 81) - 08 herói sem amanhã.mp3
    (operação 81) - 09 ações drásticas.mp3
    (operação 81) - 10 a guerra esquecida.mp3
    operação 81 - expressão sonora anarchopunk (incomplete lyrics).doc
    operação 81 - expressão sonora anarchopunk.jpg

    OPERAçãO 81 Biography

    The Operação 81 band started in January of 2001 in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil, formed for Anarchopunks with intention to keep living creature the spirit “Do It Yourself”, expressing the same through the punk culture. Of one it forms politics, engaged refuting and, the band tries to subvert through the art and of its daily standards, dogmas and systems conservatives who in are pushed by the capitalist society in way to the exculpatory neoliberalism, in a market dictatorship, consequently, generating few sincere spaces for the arts and feelings. Inside of this chaotic picture we develop our life and our daily fight. For way of these problems and these splinters, the creativity, the hate, the love appears, the poetry and because also not it, the punk. For supporting anti-authoritarian, antifascist, anticapitalist position and anti-globalization diverse... The band also finished bothering and having some problems with groups of extreme-right and with the agencies of repression of Brazilian state. Members of the band had been accused unjustly to have placed a bomb in a Mcdonalds store in the city of Rio De Janeiro in the year of 2001. It did not have enough tests, exactly because it would be idiotism, after having organized a pacify act to this same store some days before the terrorism against one. Remembering that this could even though have been, a strategy used for groups of extreme-right to incriminate anti globalization groups. They are not these problems that will go to make with that our art, our plea and our fight stop. Up the Subversion! The proposal of the band is to pass libertarian messages using itself of the Anarchopunk Expression Sound. The Operação 81 band, possesss this name due to the tension moments that had crossed two people in the understood period between 1981/82 years, the English and the Argentine, in whom it came to call the conflict the Falklands war.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.