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    1 - vocˆ nÆo tem consciˆncia.mp3
    10 - rotina.mp3
    11- grito de guerra.mp3
    12 - cabe‡a quadrada.mp3
    13 - oper rio padrÆo.mp3
    14 - anarquizando o sistema.mp3
    15 - moradores de rua.mp3
    16 - ilusÆo.mp3
    17 - exclu¡dos da sociedade.mp3
    18 - prolet rios.mp3
    19 - autodestrui‡Æo.mp3
    2 - desespero.mp3
    20 - onde n¢s estamos.mp3
    21 - restos de guerra.mp3
    3 - nÆo haver  sobreviventes.mp3
    4 - mundo desumano.mp3
    5 - fome.mp3
    6 - por que o mundo ‚ assim.mp3
    7 - crian‡as abandonadas.mp3
    8 - decadˆncia social.mp3
    9 - somos todos inocentes.mp3

    DZK Biography

    There are two artists with the same name.

    (1) USA rapper

    (2) A punk band from Brazil

    (3) Polish rapper

    DZK is also the next step in the evolution of Hip-Hop music. He offends the religious population, and makes no apologies. His original and daring song-writing is one of the few guilty pleasures in life that won’t kill you, unless you swallow his CD or get hit by his tour bus. He is an Atheist rapper, one of a small number (including Greydon Square).

    DZK (real name Andrew Jackson) is an underground rapper from Vienna, Virginia. He founded War Lab Records (which seems to be defunct, as of 2013), on which fellow rapper, Canibus, released his album "Melatonin Magik". DZK used to to be fairly prolific, but hasn't released a new album in years. Mr. Jackson seems to have retired from the rap game, aside from partaking in, and losing in the second round of GRB Rap Battles in 2013.

    DZK is a brazilian punk band from Santo André, São Paulo. The band had a hard beginning, always changing line-up.
    They recorded a track for the legendary brazilian punk festival "O Começo do fIm do Mundo", in 1982, still in the name "Decadência Social".
    The name DZK appeared for the first time in the compilation "Ronda Alternativa", which was a compilation from a radio program from Santo André with the same name.
    They split up again. Only the drummer Makarrão remained from it's ashes.
    After some adds in journals, music stores and stuff he found Barata, ex-vocalist from the band Desespero. They gathered forces to form a band with the same ideals.
    Charuto called their attention because of his will to play and joined as bassist.
    Things went harder for a guitarist. In 1992, they recorded two discs having Barão as guitar player. In the next year they transformed those songs in the first full length "De Geração para Geração, Eternamente Punk", which included six new songs with the guitarist Chileninha.
    In 1994 Chinelinha left the band and Flexa, who was already a fan of DZK, came to fix the line-up
    They followed In 1997 releasing their LP in CD with more seven new songs and then launching in 2000 the CD "imperialistas".
    In 2004 Flexa left the band and is replaced for Boka, from the band "Paranóia Nuclear".
    From 2000 to 2005 DZK participates in various compilations including "Aviso Final", a compilation which they contributed with two new songs.
    In 2006 they release "Fui Punk…"
    Boka left the band and again DZK follow searching for another guitarist. They got some temporary musicians till the return of Flexa in 2007.
    The last release of DZK was in 2008 with the CD "Tributo ao DZK". Yeah! A tribute!
    It started by the band "88Não!" together with the "Cooperativa Cobain", a cooperative that helps people in the ABC region of São Paulo teaching class to the poor and workshops with some hardcore and punk bands.
    The CD brought 27 bands plus a new song with DZK.

    Line Up:
    Barata (V)
    Charuto (B)
    Flexa (G)
    Makarrão (D)

    (3) Lame Polish rapper, that even Polish people don't want to listen to.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.



    Calibre 12

    Restos de Nada

    Fogo Cruzado