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Brand New Band ~ Street Punk||Mathcore||Hip Hop Crossover

Discussion in 'New members introductions' started by xwherethewildthingsarex, Mar 5, 2019.

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    Mar 5, 2019
    Las Vegas, Nevada Canada
    xwherethewildthingsarex is an american punk rock band based in Las Vegas, Nevada, centering around the songwriting of front man Quinn "Lover Boy" Woods. We blend, to varying degrees, Pogo-style street punk energy, code-cracking mathcore theory and fabulous crunkcore flamboyance together to create a fresh, radioactive sound aesthetic that is aggressive and exhilarating yet sweet and colorful.

    Our primary artistic influences include: Social Distortion, Dance Gavin Dance, Lars Frederiksen, Pat "The Bunny" Schneeweis, The Doors, Ceremony, early Franz Ferdinand, Transplants, The Black Halos, Steven Crooks & Robin Kimball, A Wilhelm Scream, Hot Water Music, Bradley Nowell, Closure in Moscow, UK Grime

    We have a new EP coming out this spring which will be accompanied by a collection of new music videos.

    We have previously released two full-length homemade records and an EP under the name "Love Gothic" before switching to "xwherethewildthingsarex".

    All of our music is available for purchase on Bandcamp.com: xwherethewildthingsarex

    Other social media information:
    Facebook: ×wherethewildthingsare×
    Instagram: xwherethewildthingsarex (@wherethewildthingsare13) • Instagram photos and videos
    YouTube: wherethewildthingsare
    Twitter: xwherethewildthingsarex (@wtwta13) | Twitter
    Snapchat: wtwta13
    Bandcamp: xwherethewildthingsarex
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