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Black Flag - 1983 - The First Four Years [APN]

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    Aug 7, 2009
    Black Flag - 1983 - The First Four Years.zip
    18 files (23.26 MB)

    Black Flag - 01 - Nervous Breakdown.mp3
    Black Flag - 02 - Fix Me.mp3
    Black Flag - 03 - I've Had It.mp3
    Black Flag - 04 - Wasted.mp3
    Black Flag - 05 - Jealous Again.mp3
    Black Flag - 06 - Revenge.mp3
    Black Flag - 07 - White Minority.mp3
    Black Flag - 08 - No Values.mp3
    Black Flag - 09 - You Bet We've Got Something Personal Against You.mp3
    Black Flag - 10 - Clocked In.mp3
    Black Flag - 11 - Six Pack.mp3
    Black Flag - 12 - I've Heard It Before.mp3
    Black Flag - 13 - American Waste.mp3
    Black Flag - 14 - Machine.mp3
    Black Flag - 15 - Louie Louie.mp3
    Black Flag - 16 - Damaged I.mp3

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    The First Four Years
    Release Date : 1988

    Glossy picture sleeve.Tracks A1 to A4 are from the "[m=28683]" 7" EP Tracks A5 to A9 are from the "[m=28670]" 12" EP Track B1 is from the "[m=255831]" compilation LP Tracks B2 to B4 are from the "[m=28692]" 7" EP Track B5 is from the "[m=28744]" compilation LP Tracks B6 & B7 are from the "[m=28677]" 7" single© 1978-1983 Cesstone Music (BMI) ℗ 1983 SST Records.

    Black Flag Biography

    Black Flag was one of America's first hardcore bands. They emerged from Southern California to gain international prominence, touring enough to become a major attraction in virtually every city where a scene existed and undoubtedly inspiring others to get in the game. Via the band's SST label, Black Flag played an essential role in the development and popularization of American punk. Through countless revolving-door personnel changes — which spawned numerous spin-off bands along the way — Black Flag persevered until 1986, finally dissolving after locating and exploring the zone where punk and heavy metal intersect and overlap.

    Guitarist and songwriter Greg Ginn founded Black Flag in 1976 along with vocalist Keith Morris. They were intially called Panic, adopting the Black Flag moniker a few years later. Ginn remained the only constant member in the band until their split in the summer of 1986. In 2003, Ginn resurrected the Black Flag for a couple shows to benefit cat rescue organizations. These shows featured contributions from some old members as well as new players and reactions were mixed. In January 2013, Ginn announced that he was relaunching the band with vocalist Ron Reyes (the second of 4 vocalists to pass through the group in its initial run) with the intention of extensive touring and recording new material. At the same time, Keith Morris and one-time bassist and SST Records co-founder Chuck Dukowski launched Flag, which also featured former members Bill Stevenson and Dez Cadena as well as Descendents/ALL guitarist Stephen Egerton, to perform the music of Black Flag.

    Band members: Greg Ginn, MIke Vallely
    Band ex-members: , Bill Stevenson, Keith Morris, Dez Cadena, Kira Roessler, Anthony Martinez (2), Henry Garfield, Ron Reyes, Gary McDaniel, Gregory Moore, Brian Migdol, Emil Johnson, C'el Revuelta, Charles Montgomery (3), Roberto Valverde

    Black Flag is an American hardcore punk band formed in 1976 in Hermosa Beach, California, United States, largely the brainchild of Greg Ginn, the guitarist, primary songwriter and sole continuous member through multiple personnel changes.
    nKeith Morris was their original lead singer. He left the band suddenly in 1979 to form the well-known band, Circle Jerks. Ron Reyes was the second singer for the band, but decided to leave the band not too long after. Dez Cadena would be their next singer, but switched to second guitar when they found fourth and final singer Henry Rollins in Washington D.C. in 1981.
    nWhile Black Flag were - and remain - very respected among their underground culture, their music has not been the stylistic model one might expect, in spite of their formidable reputation. Rather, their influence was seen primarily in their tireless promotion of a self-controlled DIY aesthetic. They're often regarded as pioneers in the movement of underground do-it-yourself record labels that flourished among the 1980s' punk rock bands.
    nOver the course of the 1980s, Black Flag's sound, as well as their notoriety, evolved in ways that alienated much of their early punk audience. They were part of the first wave of American West Coast punk rock, are considered a key influence on Punk culture band, and are especially important in the creation of hardcore punk. Their later sound, however, was often reminiscent of proto-heavy metal bands such as Black Sabbath.
    nThe band broke up in August 1986, when Greg Ginn decided to quit.
    nThrough seemingly-constant touring throughout the USA and Canada, and occasionally Europe, Black Flag established an extremely dedicated fan base. Many other musicians would follow Black Flag's lead and book their own tours, utilizing a word-of-mouth, grass-roots network.
    nOn January 25, 2013, it was announced that guitarist Greg Ginn and vocalist Ron Reyes would reform Black Flag, joined by Gregory Moore on drums, and 'Dale Nixon' on bass (Dale Nixon is a pseudonym sometimes used by Ginn, most prominently as the bassist on My War). The band will tour as well as release a new album, their first since 1985's In My Head. In March of that year, it was announced that Screeching Weasel bassist Dave Klein joined the band. On May 2, 2013, the band released a new song entitled "Down in the Dirt" through their website.
    nAround the same time, it was announced that the lineup that played at GV 30, Morris, Dukowski, Stevenson and Egerton, would tour performing Black Flag songs, under the name FLAG. It was later announced that the lineup would be joined by Dez Cadena.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - SST Records

    SST Records is a record label formed in 1978 in Long Beach, California by Greg Ginn. It was originally an electronics company called SST (Solid State Tuners) Electronics (one of the employees was Black Flag's bassist Chuck Dukowski); Ginn converted it to a record label so he could release Black Flag's Nervous Breakdown EP. The label was a prominent figure in the L.A. punk scene around 1980 and 1981, releasing more albums by Black Flag as well as Minutemen, Descendents, and Stains (3), and has since remained a major symbol of the city's underground culture. SST quickly branched out in its early years to release albums by bands outside of the southern California area, notably Soundgarden, Meat Puppets, Hüsker Dü, Bad Brains, and others.

    December 1992 saw the opening of the SST Superstore situated on the corner of Sunset And Larrabee in West Hollywood.

    In March 1996, the label moved its operations from the Sunset Strip to Long Beach.

    In 2007, the label relocated to Taylor, Texas.
    bLabel Code: LC 46616/b


    Circle Jerks

    Minor Threat

    Bad Brains

    Dead Kennedys

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    Nov 16, 2013
    from 80-90years i like black flag-_henry rollins
    even today i like this sound
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