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Belarus: History of preventive arests in Belarus before Ice Hockey World Championship

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AsKarabasBarabas, Jun 3, 2014.

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    Jun 12, 2012
    Original (rus)

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    May 25. Radio "point" every 2 hours to announce the great success of the World Hockey Championship in Belarus. Propaganda radio announcers excitedly paint as many foreigners arrived , broken record attendance and games , they say , the whole world is now looking enviously at Belarus - a sovereign independent state constitutional democratic and social course , - in general , all the parameters of the ideal state in modern international standards . The announcer goes on to tell that all the only good impressions that the Internet only positive reviews, but " dad " is the youngest and respected . I lay there , staring at the white ceiling , sometimes my glance at the orange- pink walls [ or rather their color can be had called only the word " ponosnogo "] and listen to these enthusiastic labyzaniya . On May 6, I had a choice of what to listen to , what to see, where to go , whom to meet and may even be a time to go into town to see for themselves as proletarians have fun on a specially authorized " hospitality areas " - such sites in different parts of the city , in the center including the Minsk city executive committee allocated to a philistine , forgetting the fact that wages are no longer raised , the dollar steadily creeping up for the third year , and with it the prices in the shops , in the service sector , in housing etc. , the police on the streets is becoming more, at the low intellectual and physical level is no longer a barrier for those who want to gain power over the imaginary surrounding society . According to the latest unofficial figures in Belarus, about 390,000 people work in law-enforcement bodies and various intelligence agencies . Given that the capital is home to about 2 million people , and in all the country does not reach the number of 10 million , and all the time is reduced , the findings can make every man , and someone has to remove rose-colored glasses and take a sober look at the reality . It is sober ! So what am I writing ? About " hospitality zones " where each worker would be able to rejoice in alcoholic stupor and lose the ability to think clearly. In the Roman Empire Caesar and the Senate acted in the same way : to build the arena, by which they drugged plebeians bloody spectacle that they were forgotten , lost all sense of reality and a sense of the misery of their situation.

    Of course I understand that this is just propaganda and ideological worth sifting this information and pass it by. I know that there is no talk about the 42 cameras in the detention Center [ CIP ] , about their opinion about all this sports bravado amid the economic collapse of the " Belarusian miracle." About 200 people with its own history , with its true, the opinion is not as rosy as we talk on the radio ideologues . These people convicted of Administrative object as I do. All these people have felt predchempionskie repression , the so-called "cleaning" , which was in the Soviet Union before the World Cup . They are not criminals , and many I do not condone . Here there are drunks and drug addicts with hepatitis -C , and prostitutes and rowdy , and vagabonds , who would not have been anyone , everyone has their own life story and this World Cup Hockey 2014 they will remember for a long time . There is another type planted on the day - this is how the local cops and called themselves " political ." Athletes , politicians , intellectuals, anarchists , social activists indifferent , ordinary people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. All they have committed no crime , but who were exposed to preventive arrests before the World Cup in 2014 . One of these I stood . Frankly, I think that under these millstones can get only the opposition , but to her, I am not by any side and never supported . But I was wrong .

    My story began on May 5 in 19.00 with calls from worried mother: " Sasha , came to our home inspector [ later found out that it busies ] and he wants you to meet with him and answered questions from some profiles associated with hockey World Cup . " This investigator waiting near the front door . She handed him the phone and my question " what, why , why," replied that he had a list in which I have a number [ something to do with football ] and we have to meet. My answer to him that to okolofutbol I have no relationship at all , and the stadium has never been [ because it is so in fact ] and invite him to act according to the law , that is, send me a summons stating the reason for the need of my appearance , please send me it to me at his residence and politely hang up. After 10 minutes, I got SMS from my mother's room , where was written by his personal mobile number and the name of Sergei. Like, call him , son, just answer his questions. I tried to explain to her that with such " questionnaires " plainclothes officers have come to other people a couple of days ago and just took them with him to the place of work , place of residence or simply tracked the street, and then writing a bogus claim of an administrative offense under Article .17.1 [ disorderly conduct ] or 23.4 [ resisting arrest ] , were also witnessed by the staff who participated in the arrest and court judge read out the sentence pattern . Wrote about this media is not the first year that this practice is carried out in Belarus. April- May is the same detention with harsh sentences - from 10 to 25 days. Fortnight , plucked from life for a crime he did not commit. The so-called preventive detention .

    The next day, from 8.30 am to one of the SIM cards I started phoning the hidden room. When I woke up , it was already 6 unanswered calls. I certainly smeknul who takes such overbearing and took the phone sim card . Evening of May 6 again rang from my mother , and not so calm her voice told me that I immediately contacted with this sledakom that all serious and there will be problems . I tried to explain over the phone , that people in a way no reason to close the "day" and I'm not going to make contact with the police , because any illegal acts not committed . May 7. Calls from indefinite rooms on the second SIM card . Tube removes girl later that lingered with me, Kuchta Anastasia . From the tube then asked Vick , the light , then we say "hello , Sanya ." " Ugorayu " - I thought about cops . Even then I could not think that they will deal with my search, because the policy I have no relationship. So they prozvanivatsya my location . And we have a woman walking along Independence Avenue right in downtown . I disconnected and a second SIM card to us they do not interfere . It took about 30 minutes. Someone in civilian clothes [ 3 people ] clasp my hands and quietly saying " go quietly into the machine " trying to lead me to a halt at the edge The old " Lada " unmarked police signs. I will not say that I did not understand who they are . Of course it was obvious that in the city center have tracked these cops and mayhem trying to take away me . That lawlessness , because nobody seemed , no markings , no explanations " detention" . I started to hang back legs and try to escape from these "embraces" the unexpected , and the girl started screaming at them. Realizing that voluntarily in the car I do not sit down, civilian knocked me to the ground in a flower bed and handcuffed , thrown into the back seat of the car. Woman also dragged inside. Passing cars honked , probably knowing what was happening in the center of chaos , and became one , and went to find out what's wrong and help . He was shown the card and he left. Sledak said still to rewrite the number of his car. Apparently , then to him and make problems for the fact that he took citizenship.

    Before the car started , disguised cops began to take our mobile phones . The girl managed to make a call to a friend and shout into the phone , " we were detained ." A distinctive feature of the Belarusian cops - complete secrecy . They are afraid from posting their illegal actions , and probably "get it in the neck " from his superiors in the KGB. We drove into the lane at sledaka was holding my picture . There pomarinovalis 30 minutes , they could not decide who will carry us further. From their conversation , we realized that we were driven to the police department of the Frunze district. It just happened. We were taken as the two worst criminals [ handcuffs to this day , I have never " took it " , and indeed was not in the police department ] . In the police department to us were drawn to st.17.1 and 23.4 and spent the night in a stinking cell in the police department , along with drug addicts , rowdy drunks . Inform relatives , where we did not allow anyone to say , but to get to the toilet, had to knock on the door in an hour and wait for the "mercy" duty cops. Camera in the police department - a square concrete room with no windows and ventilation , smelling of urine, vomit and fume . At 10 o'clock in the morning after a sleepless night long finally taken to the court of the Frunze district. Typically, the court held in that area of the city where you sit in the police department . I Nastya had different judges . Her trial lasted no more than 10 minutes without witnesses [ the testimony of two witnesses were cops in writing as evidence ] and lawyer. Me on the court time to bring a lawyer due to the fact . Nastya had time to warn the friends that we have bred . Therefore, the court I lasted 40 minutes. Both witnesses were also in the courtroom and spoke with his testimony . Of their story, I walked around with a girl home on Kalvaryjskaya 56, two of them (!) Were on duty there and saw us , heard swearing and came to make a point . Posing and warned us that we are violating public order , the cops allegedly asked to accompany them to the police station , since we did not hear them and continued to swear . After that I refused to go with them, they used physical force and then put handcuffs on me and took the car, which was 150 meters (!) From the place of detention , which already delivered immediately to the police department for a protocol .
    Kalvariyskaya 56 - this address is selected by them probably no accident : there no surveillance cameras , with which one could make a video to prove that they're lying under oath.
    Ta taaam judge passes sentence : " 20 days of arrest ." In shock, there was even a security guard . Girl given 17 days (!) .

    After everyone had gone , one cop told me that we still do not meet again . It sounded like a threat ..

    After 3 hours in front of us wearing the high fence with barbed wire and white four-story building ple , where we were brought to punishment . In fact, this building temporary detention facilities [ ITT ] , which temporarily located DRC due to the fact that the building is being renovated ple .

    Describe these prison conditions I will not be here. They are designed for survival. After 17 days of freedom left Nastya , and after three days and I must go . I have taken 2 hours earlier Tipala civilian car from the police department of the Frunze district. From a conversation on a cell already colonel in the police department I realized that I have taken in advance so they do not want publicity , and under ciple I met friends and press.
    At 21.50 I was driving home in a taxi ..

    Summarizing, we want everyone to read this story realized in what situation we are forced to live . Some would say that he is guilty again detained and it is unlikely that it's all just so . Convince such people only when such a calamity will come to their "home". It is ignorant people , which acts indoctrination who get their information only from state media and TV, you do not care at all , except himself . They do not want to understand that Belarus is not important who you are , the opposition , athlete, activist , alcoholic, just vigilant citizen. This machine will throw anyone into a millstone repression , when the order. We can only support each other, be not indifferent to each other, talk to each other , to be united with each other, talk to each other . We - the ordinary citizens of this planet , regardless of beliefs and shortcuts. His decrees state wants to sever all to individually suppress consciousness in each of us , to live according to the scenario to make home-work - home .
    This story made ​​me stronger. Stronger than I did all those people who supported from the moment of arrest until the time when I was home . It's the mother who forced to suffer such cases turns ; that drivers who honked and stayed during that as we spun in the city center ; it's the guys who had to hire a lawyer ; it's the guys who wrote the letter , though not all come down to us ; it's the guys who helped collect peredachki every 3 days ; it's the guys who met and were generally indifferent . This solidarity and support needed for every political prisoner . Tomorrow they can become you already !

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    May 12, 2014
    Horrifying. I will spread the word. Keep safe.
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