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Behind Enemy Lines - 2002 - Know Your Enemy

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    Behind Enemy Lines - 2002 - Know Your Enemy
    • [Behind Enemy Lines]01 - Behind Enemy Lines.mp3
    • [Behind Enemy Lines]02 - Setting Things Right Again.mp3
    • [Behind Enemy Lines]03 - American Made Death Squad.mp3
    • [Behind Enemy Lines]04 - Why Does She Stay.mp3
    • [Behind Enemy Lines]05 - The Cure.mp3
    • [Behind Enemy Lines]06 - Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind.mp3
    • [Behind Enemy Lines]07 - Devastated.mp3
    • [Behind Enemy Lines]08 - Murder At The G-8 Summit.mp3
    • [Behind Enemy Lines]09 - Voice Of Dissent.mp3
    • [Behind Enemy Lines]10 - Dogmatic Slumber.mp3
    • [Behind Enemy Lines]11 - Fucking Bastards.mp3
    • [Behind Enemy Lines]12 - The Growing Wealth Gap.mp3


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    Know Your Enemy
    Release Date : 2002

    Clear red vinyl edition housed in a six-times LP-sized foldout poster sleeve with lyrics and credits.Recorded, mixed and mastered at Anything Audio.Some copies include a 'Behind Enemy Lines' patch.

    Behind Enemy Lines Biography

    American hardcore / punk band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


    Behind Enemy Lines is an American crust punk band, formed in late 2000 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It features drummer Matt Garabedian and vocalist/essayist/political artist Dave Trenga of Aus-Rotten, and past members include Bill Chamberlain of The Pist and Caustic Christ. Behind Enemy Lines has released three albums so far. Though only enjoying a small fanbase of devoted punks and feminists, and they have been covered by the news for their anarchist political commentary. Thematically picking up where Aus-Rotten left off, Behind Enemy Lines offers even greater urgency fueled by their utter contempt for today's rotting political infrastructure and the ill-gotten spoils of war at the expense of humanity.

    Venturing into far heavier realms than Aus-Rotten ever did, Behind Enemy Lines fuses the best elements of punk and old-school metal into brief yet undeniably powerful bursts of sonic anger. Drawing inspiration from bands such as Conflict, Crass, Icons of Filth, Discharge, Motorhead, and Amebix, among others, Behind Enemy Lines worked relentlessly to write and record what evolved into their first release, "Know Your Enemy", released through Tribal War Records in 2002. However, soon after its completion, Behind Enemy Lines faced the loss of bassist Matt Sachs, who relocated to New England. Rather than lose momentum, Behind Enemy Lines recruited bassist Mary Bielich and guitarist Matt Tuite, known for their work with Iron City's doom metal veterans Penance, to fill the vacant spot as well as adding a second guitar to the mix.

    Soon the newly-revamped Behind Enemy Lines began writing what would evolve into their second release. Recorded in the Spring of 2003, literally as the invasion of Iraq commenced, "The Global Cannibal" is a call to arms for those who are disgusted by the current political travesty inflicted upon the nation by George W. Bush and his cohorts. Most importantly, this release serves as a poignant contemporary commentary on the problems facing both the United States and the world on many levels. From religious zealotry to oil-fueled murder in the name of "terrorist cleansing", "The Global Cannibal" leaves no stone unturned, an ugly yet realistic soundtrack to a self-inflicted apocalypse.

    Their latest release titled One Nation Under the Iron Fist of God (ONUTIFOG) extends their political criticisms even further. ONUTIFOG condemns Christianity and its influence amongst right-wing politicians, going as far as to call it "Gutter Religion."

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Tribal War Records

    Independent punk rock label run by a1638885 that was originally based in New York City and later relocated to Portland, Oregon. Over the years the label has released music from bands such as The Casualties, Aus-Rotten, Dirt, Mankind?, Final Warning, Oi Polloi, Harum Scarum, Anti-Product and others.

    The label and distro ceased to exist in 2010.