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BCT #24 Bad Compilation Tape - Car Crash Music - 1985 (U$A)

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by punkmar77, May 27, 2015.

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    Nov 13, 2009
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    Track List:

    01. Blood Lake - Negative
    02. Blood Lake - Fight To Survive
    03. Blood Lake - Inferno
    04. Blood Lake - Why Don't You
    05. Blood Lake - McMassacre
    06. Blood Lake - All Dressed Up
    07. Blood Lake - Battered
    08. Youth Quake - Stress Test
    09. Youth Quake - Right To Die
    10. Youth Quake - It Can't Happen
    11. Youth Quake - You're The Robot
    12. Fear Itself - Shadowman
    13. Fear Itself - Beast Within
    14. Fear Itself - A Living Hell
    15. Fear Itself - Final Conflict
    16. Utter Stench - Fear
    17. Utter Stench - Suicidal Race
    18. Maggot Sandwich - Abortion Debate
    19. Maggot Sandwich - Dead To My World
    20. Maggot Sandwich - Kaos
    21. Maggot Sandwich - Everything I Touch
    22. Maggot Sandwich - You're A Bum
    23. Like A Horse - Flat Black
    24. Like A Horse - Diary Of A Mad Soldier
    25. Like A Horse - Wild World Of Sports
    26. Like A Horse - Energy
    27. Like A Horse - Horse Theme
    28. Uptight - Violent Protest
    29. Uptight - Late Nite Death Ride
    30. Uptight - Emotions
    31. Uptight - Make It Happen
    32. Uptight - Not The Disgrace
    33. Uptight - Die Pig.
    34. Uptight - Supressed Agression
    35. Subterranean Kids - Cancion Bestia
    36. Subterranean Kids - Gente
    37. Subterranean Kids - Dime Porque Estas Tu Aqui
    38. Subterranean Kids - Straight Edge
    39. Subterranean Kids - Victima
    40. Subterranean Kids - Sexo Y Nada Mas
    41. Challenger Crew - Vomit Your Shit
    42. Challenger Crew - Words Are Useless
    43. Challenger Crew - Start...
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    Jan 4, 2015
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    We had some help from a coupla San Diego punx. One was Andy Social. He's in the room while we're listening to this completed comp. This and #27 were both put together by, I just remembered his name a few months ago. Flesh was part of the name of his small HC tape comp label in Berkeley, Oakland or S.F. Me and Christopher got burnt out in 1986, our last year of doin' BCT, making tape comps. We asked him to and he did this and #27, great job on both. So we're all sitting around, about 5 of us, hearing it for the first time and about half way thru Andy goes, 'Man, that's car crash music.' And I go, 'That's the name of the tape!' Some punk sent us this unsolicited drawing. It says B.C.T. on his t-shirt. So we were happy to use it for a tape sleeve. BLOODLAKE was from Vista, CA, north county of San Diego. FEAR ITSELF and MAGGOT SANDWICH I think sent their tapes in together, both from Florida as I recall and neither had song titles as I recall. Normally we made comps all from the same country so we have 2 from the U.S. and 6 from Italy with 2 other almost all U.S., 2 Brasil, 1 Spanish, 1 European then 24 and 27 with mostly U.S. but some European also.