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BCT #17 Bad Compilation Tape - Raw Power Live in U$A 1984 - 1985 (U$A)

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by punkmar77, May 27, 2015.

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    Track List:

    01. Power
    02. Police Police
    03. Destroy
    04. Raw Power
    05. Fuck Authority
    06. Don't Let Me See It
    07. Hate
    08. Bastard
    09. 321
    10. Burning The Factory
    11. A Certain Kind Of Killer
    12. Politicians
    13. Nihilist
    14. State Opression
    15. You Are The Victim
    16. Army
    17. Police Police
    18. Destroy
    19. No Card
    20. Start A Fight
    21. Joe's The Best
    22. Bastard
    23. A Certain Kind Of Killer
    24. Power
    25. Police Police
    26. Destroy
    27. Our Oppression
    28. Raw Power
    29. Fuck Authority
    30. Don't Let Me See It
    31. Politicians
    32. State Opression
    33. Joe's The Best
    34. Bastard
    35. Burning The Factory
    36. A Certain Kind Of Killer
    37. Politicians
    38. No Future
    39. Corrosive Water
    40. Our Oppression
    41. Chicken Song
    42. Joe's The Best
    43. Nihilist

    Tracks 1 to 3: live in Cleveland, Pop Shop, September 7, 1984;
    Tracks 4 to 16: live in Cincinnati, Jockey Club, September 4, 1984;
    Tracks 17 to 23: live in Pittsburgh, Electric Banana, September 6, 1984;
    Tracks 24 to 33: live in Chicago, Tut's, August 24, 1984;
    Tracks 34 to 38: live in Philadelphia, college campus, August 3, 1984;
    Tracks 39 to 43: live in Boston, July 29, 1984.

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    Live In The U.S.A. 1984
    Release Date : 1985

    Similar to other versions listed here, but this version does not read "$3.00" and has a four panel paper j-card type insert, with two of the panels being connected with clear tape.Tracks A1 to A3: live in Cleveland, Pop Shop, September 7, 1984; Tracks A4 to A16: live in Cincinnati, Jockey Club, September 4, 1984; Tracks A17 to A23: live in Pittsburgh, Electric Banana, September 6, 1984; Tracks B

    BCT #17 Bad Compilation Tape Biography

    Italian hardcore punk band formed in Poviglio (Reggio Emilia) in 1981 originally with the name Off Limit.

    Band members: Mauro Codeluppi, Marco Massarenti (2), Gianmarco Agosti
    Band ex-members: , Helder Stefanini, Giuseppe Codeluppi, Davide Devoti, Fabiano Bianco, Alessandro Paolucci, Sandro (4), Alessandro Ronchini, Maurizio Dodi, Silvio Stefanini, Andrea Cavani, Niccolò Bossini, Tommi Prodi, Paolo Casali, Emanuele Castagneti, Sergio Simonazzi, Roberto Colla, Luca Carpi, Max Pieri, Fabio Ferrari (2)
    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Bad Compilation Tapes

    US punk/hardcore cassette label, mainly active in the 1980's. Also listed as bBCT/b or bBorderless Countries Tapes/b.

    In later years the label became able to produce also vinyl records and the name changed to BC Tapes & Records.
    All releases that bear this name/logo should be submitted under BC Tapes & Records.
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    We, BCT, me and Dave, were just a coupla punx doin' a living room tape label cuz we couldn't afford to press vinyl. When we first heard RAW POWER who was one of the bands sent to us at the behest of Syd, the vocalist of CCM to Roberto Schavio who then sent us like a 60 and 2 90's of Italian HC bands in 1983. We made those tapes into #2 and #4. RAW POWER stood out and somehow we heard from someone in Italy that they wanted to tour the U.S. Up to that point the only non U.S. HC bands to tour the U.S. had been from England, GBH, DISCHARGE, EXPLOITED probably also COCKNEY REJECTS and a coupla others. Me and Dave just went to local and some L.A. shows. We didn't know nuttin' about doin' a tour but we said yes. I was 30, pretty old compared to most punx of the day. The band came over with Mauro vocals 23; Guiseppe his brother (RIP) rhythm guitar 27; Dode bass 26; Elder drums just 17 and their original guitarist who also did the screaming vocals for about 4 of their songs including Raw Power and F. Authority couldn't make it so Davide took his place 20. We had the greatest time, 20 gigs in 40 days. No internet to help us do it. I just contacted every punk I could think of around the country in the cities New York to L.A. and back. We had the big show, 5,000 punx, 5 slam pits, at the Olympic Auditorium put on by Goldenvoice, the International show with SOLUCION MORTAL and SNFU and BGK who was the only other band along with RIISTETYT to not come from England to tour the U.S. that summer. The first 3 songs are from the Cleveland show, the last one of the tour on 9/7/84 at the Pop Shop. 4 thru 16 are from Cincinnati (actually Lexington, Kty across the river) at the Jockey Club on 9/4, soundboard. 17-23 are from Pittsburgh 9/6 at the Electric Banana. Side B of the tape is Chicago 9/24 songs 24 to 32 at Tuts. Songs 33 to 37 are Philadelphia 8/3 at some college like 2nd show of the tour. It was video taped by Mr. Video. He showed it to us afterward. All chaotic. If you know him have him send us a copy will ya? African American. Finally songs 38 thru 43 are from the first show of the tour Boston I think the Paradise theater with PSYCHO on 7/29. We had a D.C. show that we were working on but it never happened. Bummer. That day was nothing so we stayed at some punx's parent's home deep in the woods of Connecticut. The awesome cd HC revival label Grand Theft Audio released this with an added 5 minute interview I did with the band literally on the road near the end of the tour. gf RAW POWER were and are the greatest guys, classic Italian punx, a lotta laughs and a lotta talkin' and jokin'. While at the Indianapolis show we were there another day and that day with Paul Mahern of the Zero Boys RA POWER recorded Screams from the Gutter lp in one afternoon. Paul's friend video taped about 15 minutes of it. If you know him have him send us a copy will ya? USELESS PIECES OF SHIT in Tucson also made a video of the Tucson show. The Indy show was near the end of the tour so the band had honed it chops so they banged out the lp. One of my favorite memories of my life, that tour, those guys, those shows, seein' all those different scenes and my own country.