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BCT #11 Bad Compilation Tape - Brain Of Stone - 1984 (U$A)

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by punkmar77, May 26, 2015.

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      External download. Please report any broken link by posting a reply to this thread.


      External download. Please report any broken link by posting a reply to this thread.





    A01 –Razor Blades- Precipice
    A02 –Razor Blades- Fascist Fantasy
    A03 –Razor Blades- Another Victim
    A04 –Disrespect- Bekamp Systernet
    A05 –Disrespect- Schliiter Jugend
    A06 –Flare Xøde Panrere- Married To A Murdered
    A07 –Flare Xøde Panrere- A Little Boy
    A08 –Not Moving- Untitled
    A09 –Accused- Civil Defense
    A10 –Accused- In A Death Bed
    A11 –Accused- God Drives A Blue And White Car
    A12 –Accused- The Right
    A13 –Schlong- Am I Right ?
    A14 –Wallflowers- Rubber Room
    A15 –Toxin III- Hardcore Win Ding
    A16 –Toxin III- No Knees Please
    A17 –Toxin III- Arrested
    A18 –Toxin III- Calculation Risk
    A19 –Toxin III- Supply And Demand
    A20 –Snufflex- Shut Up And Gimme
    A21 –Snufflex- Scenic View
    A22 –Love Canal- Untitled
    A23 –Diet Of Worms- Hate The Cold
    A24 –Diet Of Worms- Deep Down Inside
    A25 –Power Of The Spoken Word- Power Of The Spoken Word
    A26 –Power Of The Spoken Word- Convulsion
    A27 –Power Of The Spoken Word- Now Listen To This Bitch
    A28 –Wild Hairs- Freedom
    A29 –Wild Hairs- Everybody Humps My Baby (But Me)
    A30 –Wild Hairs- Stupid Cat

    B1 –Wild Hairs- Blood Poisoning
    B2 –Bill Of Rights- Decide
    B3 –Mental Crisis- Wasted Time
    B4 –Mental Crisis- Your Lies
    B5 –Mental Crisis- Think Before Your Act
    B6 –Killing Children- What I Am Gonna Do
    B7 –Killing Children- Quincy Chips
    B8 –Killing Children- Campus Life
    B9 –Killing Children- Boring
    B10 –Happy Flowers- Mom, I Gave The Cat Some Acid
    B11 –Youthinasia-I Hate
    B12 –Youthinasia- Manamana
    B13 –Youth Korps- Crime
    B14 –Youth Korps- 1969
    B15 –Youth Korps- Get A Fun
    B16 –Youth Korps- Sick Of Pain
    B17 –Youth Korps- No Nothing
    B18 –Cancerous Growth- Stupid People
    B19 –Cancerous Growth- Choice Is Yours
    B20 –Cancerous Growth- Heart Failure
    B21 –Cancerous Growth- Corporation Vegetable
    B22 –&*!!%- Die Regel
    B23 –&*!!%- Kummer
    B24 –Äni(X)Väx- Münster
    B25 –Äni(X)Väx- Amisong
    B26 –Kanalkotzer- Peter Alexander
    B27 –Kanalkotzer- Alles Ist Scheiße
    B28 –Kanalkotzer- Untitled
    B29 –Vicious Circle- Public Minister
    B30 –Kanalkotzer- Legale Schweinerei


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    Brain Of Stone
    Release Date : 1984

    C-90 tape with booklet.

    Label - Bad Compilation Tapes

    US punk/hardcore cassette label, mainly active in the 1980's. Also listed as bBCT/b or bBorderless Countries Tapes/b.

    In later years the label became able to produce also vinyl records and the name changed to BC Tapes & Records.
    All releases that bear this name/logo should be submitted under BC Tapes & Records.
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    This was a 90 minute comp. If we'd thought about it we coulda made it a stronger release if we'd made it a 60 but a buncha songs were pretty good and we didn't really wanna not release 'em. One of my favorite songs on BCT is here, HAPPY FLOWERS Mom, I Gave the Cat Some Acid. There's a coupla versions of that song on You Tube but this is the best version, to my ears. It's like a cousin of HC. Maybe psychoHC or something. 'Don't tell dad!'. About the only fully mixed tape comp on BCT of U.S. and European and even an Australian band (VICIOUS CIRCLE). Released 12/84. This could be posted here at part 1 and part 2. 58 songs in 90 minutes. Always a good sign. The tape sleeve pic shown here was never used by us. Didn't mean not to. I actually prefer it to what we did use. We had like 27 punx around the world who distributed BCT tapes and I'm sure some modified sleeves or something. I didn't realize this tape sleeve made it out till I posted it on my facebook page last year. I rated this A- compared to how it sounded when we first released it.