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BCT #1 - First Strike VA - 1983 (U$A)

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by punkmar77, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. punkmar77

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    Nov 13, 2009
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    Click on the link above to download the file


    Track List:

    01 - Clitboys - Time For Another War
    02 - Clitboys - Have Faith
    03 - Clitboys - I Hate The Ku Klux Klan
    04 - Clitboys - Apathy Rules
    05 - Clitboys - So Funny
    06 - Clitboys - Rat Race
    07 - Clitboys - Third World War
    08 - Clitboys - We Don't Play The Game
    09 - Future Ruins - New Alliance
    10 - Future Ruins - This Is Not The End
    11 - Future Ruins - Fascist Lies
    12 - Future Ruins - Any Salvation Left
    13 - Violation - No Swimming In This Pool
    14 - Violation - Bomb Threat
    15 - Violation - Ripping Up Go - Gos
    16 - Violation - Kill Kaos
    17 - Violation - Abc's
    18 - Violation - Smoke Pot And Die
    19 - Vatican Commandos - It's So Scary
    20 - Vatican Commandos - Point Me To The End
    21 - Vatican Commandos - Right Thing
    22 - Vatican Commandos - (Unknown)
    23 - Vatican Commandos - Housewives On Valium
    24 - Skoundrelz - Skz
    25 - Skoundrelz - Gnarly Davidson
    26 - Skoundrelz - In The Dark
    27 - Mrepp - Mohawk Man
    28 - Mrepp - Intellectual Fool
    29 - Mrepp - Jaded
    30 - Poison Center - Poseur
    31 - Poison Center - Typical Chick
    32 - Poison Center - Tylenol
    33 - Poison Center - Hosebag
    34 - Poison Center - Security Stud
    35 - Poison Center - Positive Charge
    36 - Poison Center - Twilight Zone
    37 - Poison Center - Pencil Pusher
    38 - Eat The Rich - Eat The Rich
    39 - Eat The Rich - Traffic Problem
    40 - Eat The Rich - If You Ain't Rich
    41 - Eat The Rich - Don't Be A Fuckup
    42 - Eat The Rich - You're A Waste Of Human Space
    43 - Eat The Rich - Innocent By Reason Of My Brain
    44 - Eat The Rich - Bored
    45 - Cultural Breakthrough - Leave Me Alone
    46 - Cultural Breakthrough - Lament
    47 - Accused - Civil Defense
    48 - Accused - In A Death Bed
    49 - Accused - God Drives A Blue And White Car
    50 - Accused - The Right


  2. punkmar77

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    Nov 13, 2009
     United States
    fresh links!
  3. Chrisbct

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    Jan 4, 2015
    San Diego United States
    I like the review here. Learned a coupla things. Me and Dave met cuz we were both doing some punk articles for the local zine Noise for Heroes. We quickly figured out we both liked exactly the same music for U.S. HC. We differed on UK sometimes. What little non UK euro HC we heard we also agreed on. We talked about doing BCT for about a year. We loved comps, an excellent way to hear a track or a few from bands that were otherwise hard to get hold of given there was no Internet, no computers, no mp3, no cds. The tape comps Charred Remains, Chainsaw, the San Jose comps, No Core and Raw War all impressed us. We couldn't afford to release vinyl. And we learned from hearing a buncha comps that it's just ridiculous to release songs that suck. Also the labels Dischord, SST, Happy Squid (the URINALS) and the tons of zines all motivated us. We each put in about 30 hours a week on BCT from about 1983 to about 1986 tho we kept selling tapes through 2000. Dave worked full time most of the time and I worked off and on and had gotten married and, for some reason, my then wife (yea, tho we have a great peaceful divorce) tolerated my plunge into punk activity. We sold the tapes for $4 (Velved still does!) $4.50 for 90 minute tapes, $5 for on chrome (and on chrome for free for punx who wanted to distribute BCT tapes from their part of the world, about 27 guys) any 5 for $17; any 10 for $32 and all 27 for $109 on chrome. That's virtually $3 each. Like most punk ventures, we weren't making a living at it so we could sell at cost. In fact, I got legal and registered BCT for taxes and after like 3 years they told me to go away kid, yer no company, you ain't made any money. Pretty funny. We called this First Strike cuz we knew we were going to be releasing several other tapes. We didn't know it'd be 27 at the time. Some of the best of punk is how we level ourselves, not a lot of 'I'm rich and famous so you suck' stuff. So we had CLIT BOYS and VATICAN COMMANDOS on our first tape comp cuz they sent us a tape each even tho they had vinyl out and were awesome sounding. One of the things BCT ended up doing was exposing a lotta U.S. punx to foreign HC and also everyone to a lotta little known bands. We didn't care about who a band was, what we cared about was if the songs punk rocked or not and if we did, we used them. We never edited a song but we did not use some songs from some tapes cuz they didn't sound musically great. Kept the tape comps from sucking. CULTURAL BREAKTHROUGH was the band of my gf from the 70's. I'd turned him onto punk maybe 1980 or something tho he was like 14. He formed this band and I was happy to have him on it. He always said he'd be a lawyer. He was a smart kid. And he became one. I visited him in his office once and he handed me a CB t-shirt. Like decades later. Ha. This tape was released 10/83. I rate this A+ compared to the original tape release so I suspect this is from the 2002 cd re-issue. I'm kinda shocked that our first release wasn't earlier cuz memory tells me we started BCT in 1981. I guess we could look up MRR zines and see when the first BCT ad was in what issue. Cuz the ads, course, came before the tapes could be made. We're interviewed in MRR #18. The singer of EAT THE RICH drew Moe Hawk and we used that as our logo with his kind permission. To this day, I'm not sure why, but my favorite HC is mostly most of what's on BCT tapes. Partly cuz the 80's explosion of HC then which BCT just happened to exist right in the middle of that explosion and, as a result, BCT's 28 hours ends up being a musical time capsule. But it's useless being buried. It needs to be free and here it is. Thanks Dr Drunk and Mar and Dave and Christopher and Andy and 3rd Chris, Roberto Schavio, Syd, Antonio, Brian Walsby, Carrie, Nielz, Daniel, Jesse C, Jason Treager, GDHC, e.s.t., Vote Vasko, TJ punx, punk record stores and punk radio DJ's who've played BCT's, all 149 bands and all the punx who've ever had a BCT tape or record or heard one and all the punx who haven't hear of it yet and hear it yet and, now, still get to. One day maybe we'll release all (most) of the music on lps. We're workin' on it. Having trouble contacting the bands. If you know any or former members please send them our way. Thanks. And God bless ya, ya punx.

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