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Battalion Of Saints - Death R Us (U$A)

Discussion in 'Other downloads' started by punkmar77, Dec 6, 2010.

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    Nov 13, 2009
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    Track List:

    01. Hell's Around The Next Corner
    02. Through With You
    03. Fighting Boys
    04. I Wanna Make You Scream
    05. Modern Day Hero
    06. E/B
    07. Witch World
    08. My Mind's Diseased
    09. Animal In Man
    10. Right Or Wrong
    11. Holy Vision
    12. Buddies And Pals
    13. No More Lies
    14. Second Coming
    15. Beefmaster
    16. No Time
    17. Too Much Fun
    18. Inter Course
    19. Solidarity Is Fun
    20. Fair Warning
    21. Doomed World
    22. Ace Of Spades
    23. Head Banger
    24. Cops Are Out



    Death -R- Us
    Release Date : 1995

    Tracks 1 and 2 from S/T 7" (Battalion of Saints A.D. - 1995). Tracks 3 to 6 from Fighting Boys EP (1982). Tracks 8 to 22 from Second Coming LP (1984). Tracks 7 and 24 are compilation tracks. Track 23 is previously unreleased.

    Battalion Of Saints Biography

    Hardcore punk band from San Diego

    Band members: George Anthony (4), Mike Vega, John Hatfield, Michael Cantrell (2), Matt Vicknair
    Band ex-members: , Terry Roberts (2), James Cooper (3), Ted Olson, Dennis Frame, Chris Smith (19), Travis Davidson, Gregor Kramer, Chris Squire (2), Joey Maya, Kenneth Ortman, David Lloyd (10), Barry Farwell, Richard White (23), Mike Klinger (3), Ronnie Shivers, Nate Javier, Jason Graham (12)

    The Battalion of Saints were one of the most legendary bands of San Diego's early Hardcore Punk Scene. Their songs were nonstop blasts of adrenaline and raw power. The Batts were one of the most furious and nihilistic bands in all of Southern California in the early to mid 80's: in 5 years the band accomplished unforgettable performances leaving a deep impression and influence on the Punk Rock scene. The original band broke up in 1985. The mainstay of the band is the singer, George Anthony. In 1995, George reformed the band with his friend Terry Bones (Discharge, Broken Bones, UK Subs). They put out a few records and toured through the late 90's.

    In 2002 Battalion of Saints reformed, the current line-up includes San Diego Veterans Matt Anderson (Heroin) on bass, Scott Bartoloni (Heroin, Clikitat Ikatowi) on guitar, Steve Gearhardt "Gearbox" (Total Chaos) and Mario Rubalcaba (Clikitat Ikatowi, RFTC, Hot Snakes) sharing duties on drums, and enlisting old friend and partner in crime Londis Kues "TK" (Crucified Youth, TOF) on guitar. The original Battalion of Saints lineup put out the "Fighting Boys" 12" EP, and the "Second Coming" LP, plus numerous compilation tracks. Most of this material has been re-released on the "Death-R-Us" CD available on Taang! Records. The line-up with Terry Bones put out one EP and the "Cuts" CD also available on Taang! Records.


    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Taang! Records

    Record label founded by a956936 during 1983 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. By 2019 the label had released over 200 titles.
    Taang! is an acronym for “Teen Agers Are No Good!”

    Early signings include : Gang Green, DYS, Bullet Lavolta, The Lemonheads, Moving Targets, Jerry's Kids, Slapshot, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Swirlies & The Bruisers. As well as releases by SSD, The Freeze, The Proletariat, F.U.'S & Mission Of Burma.

    Taang! is also known for releasing crucial records of the UK Punk scene from a variety of bands that reformed : The Boys, Adicts, Spacemen 3, Cocksparrer, The Exploited, Slaughter & The Dogs.
    As well as bands from all over the planet : Reverberation from France, Dicky B. Hardy From Yugoslavia, Hard Ons from Australia

    By basing themselves in San Diego, California by 1995, the label released titles from the Dickies, Nip Drivers, Rat City Riot, Buck-O-Nine, Battalion Of Saints, Part Time Christians & Attitude Adjustment.

    Most recent releases in 2016 are : Negative Approach from Detroit & Killer Of Sheep From Pittsburgh.

    The label plans to release a series of Compilations in 2020 as well as 50 titles on VINYL in the next 5 years including unreleased material from its bands as well as Box Sets.
    In paying tribute to Boston 2020 will have a retrospective history of record label favorite Boston Band La Peste with a box set that takes us from their first studio session in Revere, Massachusetts with Me Curt pre single as well as the Intermedia Sound, Boston 1978 sessions as well as the Ric Ocasek sessions.
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    Dec 4, 2010
    Damn good band
    This has more sound quality than the one that i had early :)