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BANDS and LABELS: How to remove your albums from our website

Discussion in 'INFORMATION' started by Anarcho-Punk.net, Aug 8, 2009.

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    Aug 7, 2009
    Here at ANARCHO-PUNK.NET we believe that free downloading isn't theft, what is the real theft is the propriety like Proudhon said.

    We believe the internet is a great way of sharing music and reaching a larger audience, and we believe it necessary for the underground scene to create our own sharing platform. The phenomenon is already spreading, tons of music is already available through peer2peer or on shitty blogs infested with ads. ANARCHO-PUNK.NET is an autonomous platform that is a collective product of the community itself. We think it is better to share albums within our own community rather than having to download them on blogs that will make money for big companies.

    Like described in the "who are we" text, we don't want to be a nuisance for bands, our goal is to help the bands and the scene.

    And this is why, unlike other places, we accept requests from bands or labels who have a legitimate reason to disallow free sharing of their products. We also understand that not everyone is shares our ideas on propriety and free music sharing and that we can't impose our views on the scene we are part of.

    Contact anarcho-punk (at) anarcho-punk (dot) net

    - Give us as much information as you can about yourself, your position, your band or your label, and your products. Please understand that we sometime receive fake requests and that without precise information we will not be able to determine if the request is legitimate or not.

    - Always include the links to the albums you want us to remove on anarcho-punk.net. Also clearly state which albums must be deleted and which albums can be keep online.

    If you don't provide us the required informations (proof you really own the material and proof that you really are who you pretend to be) and/or if you don't send us the links to the infriging material, we will be unable to fill your request.

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