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Audios and infos on the uprising in Slovenia

Discussion in 'Anarchism and radical activism' started by Data, Mar 7, 2013.

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    Mar 7, 2013
    In Slovenia, a social uprising is taking place since November 2012. There are a lot of demonstrations, open assemblies in smaller and bigger cities and much more. On the 9th of March there will be a large demonstration with a hopefully huge anticapitalist block (see: http://www.a-federacija.org/2013/03/01/ ... -na-ulice/).

    The Berlin based Anarchist radio group made an interview in English with Ramona, a member of FAO (Federation for Anarchist Organizing), the Anarchist Federation in Slovenia, that also forms part of the International of Anarchist Federations (IFA): http://archive.org/details/TheUprisingInSlovenia2012

    Therein, she describes the background, the start and the nature of the social uprising that began in the end of November 2012, and also answers questions on similarities to Occupy, on the repression taking place and the perspectives of the movement.

    Based on this interview and other information, two versions of an audio show have been produced: one in German (http://aradio.blogsport.de/2013/02/08/d ... en-201213/) and one in Spanish (http://aradio.blogsport.de/2013/03/07/a ... enia-2013/). Both with music from Aktivna Propaganda :thumbsup: