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Armistice - Various Albums/ Releases (USA)

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by radioactivebear, Nov 20, 2014.

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    Oct 10, 2010
    We put up an assortment of different tracks we've done over the years. Here's some info on them (any questions just ask!)

    Uncontrolled Nuclear Power (Originally done by Long Beach peace punk band Body Count)
    Blind Faith (appears on our 1997 S/T release)
    Endless Struggle (also appears on 1997 release)
    Final Words (released on our 1991 demo)


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    Armistice Biography

    There are more than one band in last.fm called Armistice.
    1. An Australian synthpop/indie band.
    2. A long running anarchist crust punk band
    3. A Canadian supergroup composed of Coeur de Pirate, Jay Malinowski, and Mariachi El Bronx
    4. A short lived influencial British Punk band.
    5. A German thrash metal band.
    6. An American acoustic band started in 2003 by singer/song writer/guitarist Kyle Enz
    7. An American crust band from Los Angeles, California. formed in 1990.. & though it states that the band is a female fronted band, sources have disclosed the high pitched vocals are actually done by a male..they were prominent in the early '90s anarchocrust scene & one of the remaining bands still existing from that era..They are heavily influenced by classic thrash metal and early '80s, Discharge style anarcho-punk. they have released 4 demos ,2 EPs, a split LP & are on many compilations,most notable for their track on "the aftermath" LP/CD on Profane Existence records... this band gained noteriety as a band whose records were banned in germany, for using a bear in their record art (1997 EP) that beared resembled to winnie the pooh with a mohawk... semi discography is out on the long beach label despotic records & surprisingly, as of 2011, they are still an active band, never once splitting up since the formation in 1990......

    2. Armistice is the collaboration between Beatrice Martin (Coeur de pirate) and Bedouin Soundclash frontman, Jay Malinowski. With music and lyrics written, the pair headed to Los Angeles late last summer to record the album at Big Game Lodge with El Bronx. The EP was produced by Jay Malinowski and Joby J. Ford (The Bronx) and mixed by Jeff Chestek (The Roots, Justin Timberlake).

    Martin and Malinowski first worked together artistically when Beatrice lent her voice to the track, "Brutal Hearts" on Bedouin Soundclash's fall release, Light The Horizon . The song was proclaimed a highlight of the album by critics and the public alike. Out of this came the idea to join forces to create Armistice. They enlisted the help of legendary Los Angeles hardcore punk band, The Bronx. The Bronx, best known for their heavier side, has been busy releasing music with a mariachi flare under the name of their alter ego, El Bronx. Armistice set their sights on El Bronx, knowing that their songs of love and war would be best against a mariachi backdrop.

    3. Armistice was formed in 2005 by teenagers Vincent Graham and Adam Taylor formerly of The Great Snakes. Both shared a love of rock n roll and the energy of classic punk meshed with the melodies of Nirvana. That band enjoyed local aclaim before the band folded in 2007.

    4. A German thrash metal band from Munich, Germany. They released 5 records and were founded in the year 1992. Their homepage: www.armistice.de

    5. Armistice is an acoustic driven band that hails in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. After nearly four years of preparation, Armistice was formed in 2003 by singer/song writer Kyle Enz in Canton, MI, a suburb of Detroit, MI. After playing in several other bands including the short lived comedy rock band "Warning 86", Kyle Enz decided it was time to get serious about music; and more importantly, the music he was making.

    In April 2003, Kyle made a small splash in the Canton music scene by having three songs on the "Midflight Defiance/An Uncertain Timing (original band name) ep by having three songs released on the ep. As more demos sold, Kyle decided to make a demo album and decided on the name "An Uncertain Timing". The first official album, "...And Then He Hit The Pavement" was released in June 2003.

    In November 2003, "There's Light At The End Of This Tunnel" was released as the first official album. Both albums from 2003 are currently out of print.

    August of 2004 saw the release of the long awaited follow up, "The Empty". This was released under the second band name "A September Farewell". Kyle has explained that he had changed the name to mark the month that he left MI and returned to his hometown of Crystal Lake, IL. Due to a change in living, the album sold rather poorly, and thus saw a brief absence of music from Kyle Enz.

    In May of 2005, after several months of writing and recording, "The Sea Falls Back", the first album under the now and final band name, "Armistice" was released. The album did explosively well selling over 100 copies in it's first week. Kyle played a few shows in the fall to support the album.

    Over the course of the next year and a half, Kyle took time off from music to work and spend time with his then girlfriend. He began writing the follow up album, "With Arms Open" in December of 2006. Recorded in March of 2007 and released in April of 2007, "With Arms Open" is perhaps the most mature piece of work that Kyle has ever recorded. The album has even sparked some label attention.

    2008 saw another departure for Kyle Enz and music, suffering from massive writer's block Kyle put his guitar down for almost eight entire months. In the Spring of 2009, after months off from music, Kyle picked up the guitar again and wrote perhaps his most mature and dark album ever, simply titled "Your Suburbia Is Dead". Dealing with personal problems and a bad break up, "Your Suburbia Is Dead" is an "f*** you" letter to anything and everything related with relationships. The album spawned four of Armistice's biggest singles, "Snake Woman", "Your Suburbia Is Dead", "Unbinding My Chains" and "Alone". The song, "Dragging the Lake" was also quite big. The album did quite well being the biggest Armistice release seeing more then 500 downloads in the first month alone. The album was released for free on Myspace.

    After the success of "Your Suburbia Is Dead", Kyle has since decided to continue to release his music free of charge on Myspace, with older albums backlogged and accessable by emailing him directly at: [email protected]

    The fall of 2009 saw Armistice quietly release the first extended play in a series that is based on Bram Stoker's 1897 novel masterpiece, "Dracula". The series, entitled "The Unholy Desire" is a yet unknown in length series that involves characters, themes, and overall plot elements from "Dracula". Part I, "The Guest", was released on November 3rd, 2009 to success.

    Since the successful year that 2009 was for Armistice, Kyle released a statement stating that from now on all music he writes and records will be under the Armistice name. Since then a few songs have appeared that have shown growth in the Armistice sound, using the sounds of keyboards and synth, and even full - on electric guitars.

    On February 23rd, 2010, Armistice will release the second part in "The Unholy Desire" extended play series, titled "Voyages & Feedings". The single, "The Sharpness of Teeth" was released on February 3rd to much surprise, showcasing a new direction for Armistice. Kyle has also stated several times that after this extended play he is taking a break from this project to focus on his new album, "Sketchy Deaths". One song has been released for the album, titled "The Killer". The album will be the darkest recording that Armistice has ever released. No release date has been said, other then "when it's done, it's done."

    Also, a b-side of "Your Suburbia Is Dead" titled "Retribution" is set for release sometime this fall.

    Kyle also has a side project band named "This Burning Obsession".

    Drummer James Conti (of "The Vineyard) appears on a few Armistice recordings.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.


    Jay Malinowski

    La patère rose

    Marie-Pierre Arthur

    Tricot Machine

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    Good stuff.... cheers!