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Japanese Antisexy - La Vita Fa Schifo Poi Muori - 2006 (Italia)

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    Track List:

    01. PxDxMx
    02. Asociale
    03. Freddy
    04. Killer Seriale
    05. Cinico e Spietato
    06. Apparenza
    07. Fight For
    08. Partecipazione
    09. Thug Boy
    10. Oltre Per Te Non C'e' Niente
    11. Expectation

    http://www.punk4free.org/testi/605-anti ... muori.html

    (from their myspace)

    We started up in december 2005, with members from Fight For(california style punk hc) Still Burns (new york school hardcore) and MiliziaHC (play-fast-or-die militant hardcore). The total lack of interest for life in general and the nicely antisocial attitude to other human beings brought the band to focus only in writing and playing, leading to the recording of the full length cd 'la vita fa schifo poi muori'( = 'life sucks then you die') in april 2006. In december we recorded the new songs for the cd-r split with Singapore thrash-grind trio Endless Struggle. The split was produced by French d.i.y. label Cut My Balls and released in the spring of 2007... After that we had a bit of a change in the line-up with Stefano coming to play drums. We recorded some new tracks which are gonna be released in a 4-way split soon enough. Unluckily, Stefano was bitten by a curvaceous vampiress recently and now happily shares a coffin with her. He is not in the band anymore because we decided we were not ready to join the armies of the undead quite yet. Actually, we were just scared shittless but whatever, we got another drummer - Enri Junior... Due to a deep mystical revelation the band experienced during rehersal last autumn, we are now only concerned with writing songs shorter than 30 seconds. It seems a rather simple decision to make but don't be fooled, my friends - there are severe implications including the apocalypse, the second coming of j.c., the hollow earth and a talking dog called Jimbo. Anyway 0:30 is our new dogma and that's it... At the moment we are getting our shit together once again (we're getting pretty good at starting up with a new drummer over and over again) and we'll soon be ready to hit the road. We've got some new songs, all of them definitely mtv material, and we're adding up to them with a good pace. An album would be nice in early 2009, we figure. Just wait and see, folks... We still firmly believe that the best moments in life (or at least in our 'lives', which is quite a different thing...) are those spent sitting on our asses in cheap bars run by illegal chinese immigrants only to get kicked out for ordering one coffee and then occupying a table for three hours. Do try it, people, you'll thank us eventually.



    review: they are fucking crazy. \m/


    La Vita Fa Schifo Poi... Muori
    Release Date : 2006

    Track 11 originally performed by [a=Youth Of Today]

    Antisexy Biography

    Italian hardcore punk thrashcore band from Padova.

    Band members: Lorenz (10)
    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Accidia Hc

    AccidiaHC Autoproduzioni is a D.I.Y. Hardcore Punk label from Rovereto, Italy.


    Milizia HC

    Sbrokko Atipico


    death before work

    Tear Me Down