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Antillectual to release album “Start From Scratch!”

Discussion in 'Music, punk scene & subcultures' started by antillectual, Aug 18, 2010.

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    Nov 19, 2009
    Release Album “Start From Scratch!”

    After recording, mixing and mastering our new album in February, March and April, attracting labels to help release it up to now, time has come to announce our new album and promote the SHIT out of it. From today you will be able to listen to the new stuff!

    In this edition of your favorite newsletter:

    * Stream new songs
    * Release
    * Shows


    Stream new songs

    As of today you can listen to the new songs on our website. Every Monday we will post a new song accompanied by the lyrics and liner notes. On top of that we will post a contribution to each song from people that helped recording the record, wrote songs, did guest vocals, designed the artwork; but also from people who helped the band the last couple of years: supporting us on tours, behind the scenes or on stage. Go to our site, listen to “Every Crisis Is a Moral Crisis” and read what Greg from High Five Drive wrote about it. Below you can find the track list.

    * Every Crisis Is a Moral Crisis
    * Buyer's Remorse
    * The Hunt Is On
    * America’s Worst Role Model
    * Cut the Ground from under Our Feet
    * "Kraken gaat door!"
    * Some of My Best Friends Are Meat Eaters
    * Chinese Takeover
    * Our Hearts
    * The New Jew
    * Classic Themes Never Get Old
    * So Much More


    The official release of “Start From Scratch!” is planned for November 1st, pre-orders being taken before that date. For the release we will be getting help from several labels throughout Europe and the USA. More labels to be announced soon. From now on these are our best friends:

    Discos Rayados Records (Spain)
    Effervescence Records (France)
    Infected Records (Portugal)
    Lockjaw Records (United Kingdom)
    Shield Recordings (Benelux)
    Square of Opposition Records (USA)
    No Reason Records (Italy)
    5 Feet Under Records (Scandinavia)


    After the release we want to play the SHIT out of our new album. We will be touring everywhere and anywhere. If you want to help us get shows, let us know! Our confirmed shows so far:

    * Sep 5 NL Tilburg, 013. w/ Uncommonmenfrommars, SMN
    * Sep 17 NL Zeist, De Peppel. w/ The Real Danger, Scheisse Minelli
    * Sep 18 NL Tilburg, Incubate Festival

    * Sept 29 AVAILABLE!
    * Sept 30 AVAILABLE!
    * Oct 1 SWI Lucerne, Treibhaus. w/ Dead To Me, Face the Front
    * Oct 2 AVAILABLE!
    * Oct 3 AVAILABLE!
    * Oct 4 BEL Zele, 't Verdriet

    * Oct 8 NL Goes, Café de Vrijbuiter BoemTikFest 2010. w/ The Real Danger, John Coffey, more
    * Oct 16 GER Wemelskirchen, AJZ Bahndamm. w/ For Heads Down, Falling Steps, Venturas
    * Oct 23 NL Houten, Enter. w/ Note to Amy, Overgrown, The 101's, Smokin' A Pancake, Sidewalk, Make it Last
    * Dec 11 NL Zwolle, Popfront
    * Jun 17 SK Cadca, Bagdad Mosh Festival

    Please check our webstore if you want to support our band, or simply need clothing. We now also have linen bags in blue and black! In the next issue of your favorite newsletter you will find some news about our new album and more shows, shows and shows. And tours.

    Thanks, you made it, friends ‘til the end!
    Antillectual: Riekus, Tom and Willem