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ANTILLECTUAL newsletter November 2009: WINTER BREAK

Discussion in 'Music, punk scene & subcultures' started by antillectual, Nov 19, 2009.

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    Nov 19, 2009
    ANTILLECTUAL newsletter November 2009: WINTER BREAK

    This is the end of our winter break. Behind the scenes a lot of stuff has happened for us the last couple of weeks. And it’s about time to get out again. First of all “us” isn’t the same people anymore. Second of all: despite that our ambitions are bigger than ever. Third of all: please read on below:

    - NEW bass player
    - NEW tours
    - NEW merch and web shop

    NEW bass player
    Maybe you already read it somewhere but Yvo has decided to leave Antillectual to focus on his family. You can read his statement on our website. We are very sorry for this loss and we respect and understand Yvo’s decision. But in the mean time we haven’t sit still. Therefore we are happy to announce our new bass player: Tom. He is a long time friend of the band and better known as the singer/guitarist of the late Smash the Statues. Yvo’s farewell show, which will coincide with the Smash the Statues farewell show, will take place at the Onderbroek in Nijmegen (NL) on January 23, 2010.

    NEW tours
    Tom has been working hard to learn our set and the newly written songs. To get both our new bass player and the new songs kicked into perfect shape we planned a run of shows close to home:

    * Nov 21 NL Sevenum, OJC Walhalla w/ The Real Danger, This Is Cowboy Poetry
    * Nov 28 NL Breda, Kraakkroeg Voorerf Benefiet Klimaat Actie Kamp. w/ Blame Coca Cola, Rat Label
    * Dec 4 Bel Antwerpen, de Koevoet w/ Kingterror, Bitedown, GBO
    * Dec 5 NL Tilburg, Little Devil Shield recordings 5 year anniversary party. w/ Smash the Statues, The Real Danger, Argetti
    * Dec 19 NL Emmen, Huize Spoorloos w/ Barley Wine
    * Dec 24 NL Meppel, Cafe Clouso Xodus Kerstpunk. w/ Smash the Statues, Ravens, Omission, The Hunger, The Arrangement, Knekelput
    * Jan 16 NL Barneveld, Villa / Stedsj
    * Jan 23 NL Nijmegen, De Onderbroek Yvo & Smash the Statues Farewell show w/ Smash the Statues, In-sane, The Acoustic Alarm

    After that period we embark on a European tour and record the new album. Below you find the tour schedule. As you can see we are still in need of shows. Please help us out if you can!

    * Jan 29 Fr Valenciennes, Available
    * Jan 30 Fr Lyon, Available
    * Jan 31 Fr Toulouse, Les Pavillons Sauvages w/ Ivan Rebroff’s Armpits, Messieurs de Fursac
    * Feb 1 Sp Barcelona, Available
    * Feb 2 Sp Zaragoza, Available
    * Feb 3 Sp Madrid, Sala Barracudas
    * Feb 4 Sp Burgos, TBC
    * Feb 5 Por Lisboa, Available
    * Feb 6 Por Porto, Available
    * Feb 7 Sp Vigo, Available (or Por)
    * Feb 8 Sp Giyon / Oviedo, Available (or Por)
    * Feb 9 Sp Bilbao, Available (or Fr)
    * Feb 10 Sp San Sebastian, Available (or Fr)
    * Feb 11 Fr Bayonne, TBC
    * Feb 12 Fr La Rochelle, La Barbarella
    * Feb 13 Fr Paris, Available
    * Feb 14 Fr Lille, La Chimère

    NEW merch and web shop
    Since we are almost out of shirts, patches and zippers and we have new touring plans we ordered some new merch. For the first time we will be doing girly zippers. Don’t let us down girls! If you pre-order our news designs you will get 2 free extra posters, 2 buttons, 2 stickers and 4 samplers, not a bad deal I assure you. Check out the designs and let us know what you think. Zippers come in 2 fancy colors, shirts and girlies in 3 colors.

    In case this didn’t lead you to our site yet, please reconsider, since we have a completely new merch store, which makes it even easier to get what you want.

    That’s it for now. Because of the winter people are looking for HOT stuff. And we’ve heard twitter and facebook are HOT. So if you want us to feel appreciated interact with us on Facebook and Twitter. In the next issue of your favorite newsletter you will find some news about our new album, and more new touring plans. We hope.

    Thanks, you made it, friends ‘til the end!
    Antillectual: Riekus, Tom and Willem