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ANDY T. - Live @ London 14/8/83

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by Anxiety69, Nov 23, 2009.

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    01 Get That Addict Habit
    02 phallic metallic
    03 man's life
    04 vivisection
    05 chamber of horrors
    06 exploitation
    07 follow the sheep
    08 big boys
    09 wasted life - no freedom in escapism
    10 sexuality
    11 blood stained glass


    The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld
    Release Date : 1991

    No mix titles are printed on the release for tracks 4 & 7.On some copies "double album" is not blacked out on the cover.On the disc face, all the tracks are under the heading "Lunar CD"Info from disc face: Lunar CD running time 70:41 BMI except 1, 4. BMI / PRS; 3. BMI / ASCAP; 6. BMI / GEMA; 8. BMI / PRS / ASCAP Made in U.S.A.Info on disc face & inlay: ℗ 1991 Wau! Mr. Modo / Big Life Rec

    ANDY T. Biography

    Long-running UK electronic group, originally formed by [a=Jimmy Cauty] (of [a3178]) and [a=Alex Paterson] in 1988, that grew out of a love of ambient music and dub, soundscapes and science fiction. Due to the early work in this style, The Orb became pioneers of the early-90's-born "ambient house" genre. The group's lineup has shifted over the years, with Alex being the only consistent member. Notable members include [a=Thrash] and [a=Thomas Fehlmann]. Though he was never officially a member, [a=Youth] (a.k.a. [a=Martin Glover]) was instrumental throughout the group's existence, and co-owned the label [l=WAU! Mr. Modo Recordings] with Alex (they had known each other since they were young, and Alex was a roadie for the group [a=Killing Joke], in which Youth played bass).

    Band members: Alex Paterson, Aki Omori, Michael Rendall
    Band ex-members: , Thomas Fehlmann, Roger Eno, Kris Weston, Lewis Keogh, Nina Walsh, Jimmy Cauty, Andy Falconer, Tim Bran, Paul Ferguson (2), John Roome, Nick Burton, Simon Phillips (2), Fil Le Gonidec, Andy Hughes (2), Keith York, Martin Glover, Eric Walker (5)

    Anarchist poet, released an EP, "Weary Of The Flesh" on Crass Records. Also had 2 tracks on the compilation "Bullshit Detector Vol. 1" Lp.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Big Life

    l100347 was formed in 1986 by the partnership of a384885 and a311308.

    Summers was previously involved in the development of the group a17641 and Parry was guitarist in the group a107230. The duo also formed Big Life Management and its publishing arm, Big Life Music, in 1987.

    l100347 was a creative platform for the late 80's and early 90's 'underground' dance movement. a946 were one of the bands with Big Life, featuring guest vocalist a1830, which helped her build her career on this native cult success and sell 11 million records worldwide. Big Life helped establish a diverse stable of talent, such as: a4970, a45031, a26522, a4091, Coldcut, James Taylor Quartet, a54286 and more.

    l100347 achieved over 50 top 40 UK hits before closing its doors after ten years. However, the self-administered publishing and management work of Big Life Music remains active in the industry, with a wealth of hits from their catalogue appearing in the UK charts. Summers became manager of a10359 and a21757 and has involvement with The Power Amp Music Fund.

    l21752, or Raw TV was a distributor, not a label, and used for catalogue reference - most notably on releases by The Soup Dragons.

    Exclusively distributed in the UK by PolyGram Record Operations starting June 1991.