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Anarcho-punk zine: PunkWay #7, 2012 (full english version)

Discussion in 'D.I.Y. - Creative section' started by Mihanick, Feb 20, 2012.

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    Feb 18, 2011

    Hello, reader/activist! The journal now probably will be published once in half a year, because each release is now required the involvement of lots of people and maximum work from each one, and doing it in shorter period of time would signify that we do not do anything else, but that’s not true.A huge number of events all over the world had happened recently, in which punks do nothing — well, just not allowed. I am glad that the amount of such events has increased, and whether or not the outcome please — is entirely dependent on our participation. We are talking in the abstract, because for everyone — it is their most essential, near and problems to worry about, and we will try to describe it our «News from the barricades». As usual, touch on the theoretical issues, we consider the motion in different countries, will provide reports on various events of the past time, the time to creativity and will load energy for new achievements. ;)To the release of this number of the journal PunkWay, the Russian version of the last numbers had been already downloaded about 2000 times, and the the English nearly 1000 times. Contact with other countries is improving, but still pretty slow. But as the movement in this plan exists — we do not expect to retreat and will continue to evolve in an international direction is calculated and for your help, wherever you may be.
    Do punk!


    01 - Introduction
    02 - Intro
    03 - News

    04 - Anti-fascism in Germany
    05 - Police against students
    06 - Libya under Gaddafi: economics and political system
    07 - Social and anarchist movements in Spain
    08 - The situation with movement. Spain
    09 - Duel free

    > Theme of the issue
    10 - FARCE
    11 - Elections
    12 - What is the lesson we learned from the elections on 4 December?!

    > Columns
    13 - Anarchists against Putin. But pro Hitler
    14 - When you see nothing further than you
    15 - Where are you?..
    16 - Express yourself, bro!

    > D.I.Y.
    17 - Poetry
    18 - Lyrics
    19 - Film about the punk movement

    20 - A report on the infotour to Poland
    21 - Anarchist congressin Voronezh
    22 - After (trip to germany)

    23 - Movies
    24 - Thank you!

    Download PunkWay #7 (full english version) (14Mb, pdf, 48 pages)

    Скачать журнал PunkWay #7 (русская версия) (16Mb, pdf, 52 стр.)

    ! Please, send your articles, thoughts, pictures, photos, comics, music, ideas, poems (preferably in English or Russian) to the email address: [email protected]
    Let’s tune up joint creativity and skill-sharing without any borders!