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Anarcho-Punk.net : projects for 2010

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anarcho-Punk.net, Dec 1, 2009.

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    Aug 7, 2009
    So now that we got an active and still growing community, it might be the time to start talking about big projects involving the community

    Here are our projects and others ideas for anarcho-punk.net during the next year.

    #1 - Finish the compilation

    I'm sorry if the compilation project seems to be at a dead state right now, but it isn't! I'm just really busy and i don't have much time to spend working on the project right now (i'm also working on 2 other compilations at the same time so it doesn't help). But the first compilation WILL be released in 2010 and it will be one of our top priority.

    #2 - Encyclopedia of anarcho-punk bands

    We already talked about it previously, and we still want to concretise this project. We already did the same thing on 2 other sites and it's working greatly.

    The "encyclopedia of the anarcho-punk scene" would regroup the biographies and all possible informations about bands of the anarcho-punk scene.

    The most interessing feature is that the bands name would be auto-linked in the posts.

    For example, if we have an encyclopedia entry for band "Propagandhi" then every time someone use the word "Propagandhi" in a post of the forum, "Propagandhi" word would be automatically converted to a link to Propagandhi's biography in the encyclopedia.

    Another interessing feature is when you move your mouse pointer over "propagandhi" word, a small window would appear showing you something like this:
    Get it?

    This will be a very big project since the script will have to be written from scratch, so it might take time and require a beta-test phase.

    Of course, anarcho-punk.net members would be allowed to submit new biographys

    #3 - interviews
    Working together with the encyclopedia system, the interviews would be a new feature to anarcho-punk.net

    The goal is to regroup the most possible interviews about the most possible bands.... Interviews would automatically be linked to the band's entry in the encyclopedia, so biographies interviews and all the other stuff would be grouped together

    It would also be possible for anarcho-punk.net members to realize their own interviews with bands of their choice, then post it in the interviews section (and even get featured interview)

    Of course, anarcho-punk.net members would be allowed to submit new interviews

    #4 - webzine

    We talked about a webzine previously. If it still interest the community there is no problem in setting up a webzine. The news could be displayed on the main page and members would be allowed to submit articles

    For these projects we will also need your help and we will need you to get involved ! We will need moderators to validate new encyclopedia and webzine entries, and members to help us filling up the database with biographys, interviews and articles!
    When the time comes, we will also need to talk about the features of each of these projects. There is some things we will need to clarify, for example the question about the webzine being multilingual or not, how we will organize the biography section, etc...

    So 2010 should be a big year for anarcho-punk.net !

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    Nov 13, 2009
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    count me in