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Anarchism as being the source for all workers reform is this country

Discussion in 'Anarchism and radical activism' started by Libero-mente, Apr 26, 2010.

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    Dec 24, 2009
    I don't know If anybody else seriously contemplated this,, but check this essay I have been writing( early stages so try and read pass the errors)

    Paper on anarchist and socialist trade unionist and how it influenced Upton Sincliar's THE JUNGLE

    1860 was a time when it seemed like there was no hope for the common man. The very system that he stupidly and pitifully followed had become drunk with power, due to his lack of cynicism, and blind faith. He no longer could walk down the streets of his America and feel proud. He was but a shackled wage slave. A commodity for capitalism (In a parasitic relationship) being extorted in a system that was rapidly inflating like a balloon crushing the people who gave nearly all their oxygen to do so. In the book “The Jungle,” social Activist Upton Sinclair, writes a story of oppression and greed, and while the story itself was fictionalized the, the events itself were rooted inseparably with the issues of slave labor. In this paper I will explain to you the why the Anarchist movement is the backbone of workers rights today, and how the influence of the first unions (promoting direct action) inspired Upton Sinclair to write his most famous novel.

    The year 1860 signifies a date in history( 18 years before Sinclair was born) when workers could bear no more of the oppressed conditions they faced. To alleviate the problems although out the early sixties, tiny strikes, and the beginning of primitive forms of unionizing began to take place. In 1963: we have the one of the first unions, notably the first railroad union; The B.L.E.( Brotherhood of Locomotive engineers, formed in 1863) National Labor Union(1963), Finally The Knights of labor(1969) notably the most Important union of the 19th century. All these groups displayed lengths of radical activism___ some violent, others non violent, and it is important to also understand that all previous non violent strikes had for the most part been met by vicious militaristic quelling.

    What makes this such a significant moment in history, is the era of major" working place rights" reformation ushered in by the activism of these unions. Without this moment in history, the individual rights that we take for granted everyday, would have never been implemented. The next thing I'm going to tell you that, may also shock you is the bulk of trade unionists of the "Knights of labor and other key labor groups, were Anarchists, Syndicalists, and Socialists of all kinds. As ironic as it is people who are labeled today as terrorists, are responsible for treatment of workers today which most americans would credit as the best in the world. But you would probably ask, what does The Jungle have to do with all this?

    Really the Knights of labor was the first real organized union, and most importantly the most influential one and they were all Anarchists and socialists, even Upton Sinclair who wrote the Jungle which was solely responsible for the creation of the meat inspection act was a socialist utopianist( anarchist in practice.) Hell he even used the money from the book to create a commune.

    also read this Britancica's listing under Uriah Smith Sephens the Founder of the Knights of Labour.

    American utopian reformer who was instrumental in founding the Knights of Labor, the first national labour union in the United States.

    Stephen's wanted to become a Baptist minister, but family financial reverses (largely brought about by the Panic of 1837) led him into an apprenticeship to a tailor. After working as a tailor in Philadelphia from 1845 to 1853, Stephen's traveled to California by way of the West Indies, Central America, and Mexico. When he returned to Philadelphia in 1858 he became caught ... (100 of 411 words)

    All this information proves that we are responsible for all of this. Anyway fellow anarchists tell me what you think.