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Anarcha feminist child raising

Discussion in 'Documentaries & Movies' started by THEBLACKNOVA, Aug 11, 2011.


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    Aug 11, 2011
    What does Anarcha feminist child raising look like? What is the difference between permissiveness and raising free children? How do anarchists discipline their children? What are the concerns of anarchist/radical parents and how can our child free allies support us?

    in 4 parts n 35min

    PART 1


    PART 2


    PART 3


    PART 4


  2. gravity

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    Feb 23, 2011
    I really enjoyed this talk. I'm not a parent and I don't know that I ever will be, but parenting is fascinating to me and it is great to hear bits of an anti-oppressive, anarchistic approach to it. I believe that kids have a lot to remind us about ourselves and about being human and respecting ourselves and our environment while at the same time maintaining curiosity about the world that we live in. The speaker presents good principles to use as guidance for ourselves and the children in our care while maintaining respect for their needs as well as our own. It would be really interesting to see results of this type of parenting in older children.

    I also realized that my parents, knowingly or not, followed some of these principles in raising me. They by no stretch identify as anarchists, but have a grasp for the importance of allowing their kids to discover the world for themselves, to have freedoms while of course providing guidance and structure to keep us safe when we really might not know better.