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Active Minds - 1993 - Behind The Mask (7'')

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    Aug 7, 2009

    Active Minds - 1993 - Behind The Mask (7'')
    • Active Minds - Behind The Mask - 01 - Dead From The Neck Up.mp3
    • Active Minds - Behind The Mask - 02 - Very Bad Brains.mp3
    • Active Minds - Behind The Mask - 03 - A Step Further.mp3
    • Active Minds - Behind The Mask - 04 - Is Mankind Gonna Abolish War.mp3
    • Active Minds - Behind The Mask - 05 - Atheist Antheme.mp3


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    Behind The Mask
    Release Date : 1993

    Comes in 6 pannel foldout poster sleeve with 4 xeroxed pages insert.On label A is written"Compact Discs? No Thanks", on B side is written "Compact Discs? No Gracias".1st pressing - 3,500 2nd pressing - 500 3rd pressing - 500 4th pressing - 1,000Earlier pressings had the sleeve printed on a thinner, slightly shinier paper than later print runs.Track B4's title is misspelt on the sleeve as "

    Active Minds Biography

    UK hardcore punk band from Scarborough

    Band members: Set (6), Bobs

    Based in Scarborough, England.

    Active Minds were formed from the ashes of SAS in January 1986 and are still together. They have released four full length LPs, eight 7" EPs and a flexi disc, along with a number of split releases with other bands and numerous compilation appearances. Their last two albums are also available on CD.

    Much of their stuff is still available in its original vinyl format from their label, Loony Tunes Records (www.loonytunesrecords.co.uk).

    [NB. There is also another artist called Active Minds - a UK electronic act from the 90's who released a 12" single called "Hobson's Choice".]
    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Loony Tunes Records

    Loony Tunes is the record label and mailorder distribution of the band Active Minds (2). It began in 1986, and for the first two years was jointly run with Stu from Satanic Malfunctions, who then went on to create another label - Teacore. The label released records by a number of other bands in the late '80s and early '90s, before deciding to focus on Active Minds releases. From 2008 the label started releasing other bands records again with releases by Intro5pect and Left For Dead and posthumous releases by 80's bands Kulturkampf, Euthanasie and Godorrhoea. Loony Tunes is a vinyl only label.