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Actions VS repression - english subtitles (russian police repression)

Discussion in 'Documentaries & Movies' started by ungovernable, Jun 25, 2010.

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    Aug 21, 2009
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    Transfer from the creators of the documentary "Antifascist Attitude"

    A film about the repression that the police authority and apply to the population of Russian Federation, and the protests against this outrage. Short video from various protests and explanatory commentary. Also in the film tells about Russian ABC (Anarchist Black Cross) - an international support group for political prisoners. This film is interesting because it shows just about the situation in Russia and shows the obvious social problems of RF as well as any political system and the methods of protection from reprisals by the state.

    Actions vs. repressions Produced, directed and filmed by Anarcho-art group "Children of Bakunin" and Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow

    The short film Actions vs. repressions gives a voice to Russian anti-authoritarian activists from the Autonomous Action groups in St. Petersburg and Ufa, Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow and St. Petersburg and Vsevolod Ostapov, who got brutalised by Police in April of 2007 and whose case became a rallying cry for a significiant campaign against police brutality in Moscow during last two years.

    The movie was originally produced for the European tour of Russian hardcore band What We Feel in the autumn of 2009. In the beginning of February 2010, the band announced that it will soon break up, due to having reached everything it could artistically and due to increasing repression against the band by government authorities.


    SUBTITLES: click on the small icon on bottom right of the page and then click on "english"